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So…What is this site?

First off, The image at the top of the site is the Point (end of Gerritsen Ave). Cool eh?

If you don’t know where Gerritsen Beach is. Click Here

This site is a blog. For those of you who don’t know what a blog is here is a definition: Webster’s definition of Blog is:”a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer”.

GerritsenBeach.net is more than that. We have user submitted stories and ideas which we post. It’s not just the opinion of one editor.

We don’t think of ourselves as traditional journalists but we do see ourselves as the next generation of journalism. GerritsenBeach.net covers hyper-local stories when traditional newspapers cannot literally afford to send a reporter and photographer.

Although we do admit we are still new media we still consider ourselves residents with too much time on our hands. We post what we see first hand. No second or third hand stories. Too many rumors spread that way. We will not become a rumor mill. Although we will have fun with stories.

Navigating this site is fairly simple. The home page has all of the stories in order of posting. There are Categories are on the right for easy viewing. There are also the archives on the right to go back to a specific month.

Gerritsenbeach.net strives to be an objective news site that was created with the intention of providing the residents of Gerritsen Beach with solid news and commentary on matters that are important to us. Gerritsenbeach.net also allows community members to voice their opinions and concerns and share events, questions and ideas. As with any news there will occasionally be a story which paints someone or something in a negative light, such as the Halloween mischief posts or the tire robberies. These situations can’t be helped, and I feel responsible to post both the negative as well as the positive for the sake of the community


Dan Cavanagh
info (at) Gerritsenbeach.net
(347) 948-6584