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This is What is Happening With White Island Now

NYC Parks design is final and has been approved by DEC.

Now beginning in June they will start the actual construction which will take 18 months, completed around fall 2012

Currently there is about  150K cubic yards of sand, which is stockpiled in three locations at the top of the island. Once the […]

Public Service Announcment: White Island

Censorship. Sound Familiar?

Mau Mau

We have been trying to get more information on White Island (Mau Mau) to let our readers know EXACTLY what is going on and we are being ignored by GBCares, who held all of the meetings regarding White Island over the past year or two. After multiple phone calls, emails, face to face requests, a snail mailed request, and a public plea – we have been ignored.

But then we found this uplifting quote:

Some might think that because the newsletter is so good and filled with so much relevant and factual information, these people are using it to learn and inform others. But this is just not true. These people have something to hide, so they don’t want the general public to know the truth so that they can decide what their concerns or opinions might be.

That quote came from a GBCares Newsletter in 1998 referencing the war they had with the Property Owners. What happens when you substitute newsletter with website in that quote?

We cannot help but notice the massive amounts of irony after reading their article (below) and we know some will ask us “Why even release this?”.

Let’s quote GBCares since they said it best, in that 1998 Newsletter.

If you don’t know the truth, you can’t make an informed or educated decision, or even have an intelligent opinion on the issues that affect us all. This has to change and is changing, thanks to the many different people who are fighting the uphill battle to properly express the views of the entire community.

Well Said! We will warn you, you will have to strap in and READ. It should take all of 2 minutes.

Here is what we found:
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Apologies: White Island Meeting Minutes Denied

GerritsenBeach.net is again issuing an apology to our readers who were expecting to get an update on what is currently going on a with White Island.

Since May, We have been trying to get the meeting minutes from the White Island meetings and any information on White Island from GBCares. We requested this […]

White Island 75% Done

There was a recent meeting about White Island – This is What is Happening with Mau Mau Now

Lets backtrack a little bit with this project and clarify that are two separate projects with White Island Mau-Mau area going on right now. One is the White Island project which is a New York […]

White Island Spraying – Death to Phragmites

White Island is scheduled to be sprayed with round-out next week to kill the phragmites, that just won’t leave that island.

Coming in via Dennis Flynn, Project Manager, Brooklyn Capital Projects Division

As I am sure most of you are aware, the sand stockpiling on White Island is almost complete. We are happy […]

This Is Whats Happening With White Island Now

[Whole White Island Meeting at Property Owners Meeting]

Phase 1 is already semi complete, which was clearing all of the vegetation on the island (trees and fragmities)above the 10 foot contour, this was for survey purposes this was completed last July.

Now is the second phase which is the full redesign of the […]

White Island Meeting Roundup

The “public” “working” White Island Meeting

In attendance was GBCares, Alan Maisel, NYC Parks, NYS DEC, The Army Core of Engineers, a representative from Anthony Weiner and Representative from Marty Golden, surprisingly no Lew Fidler Lew was at the brooklyn dreams meeting, they were representing each other. There were also several community leaders […]

Apologies: Denied White Island Coverage

GerritsenBeach.net is issuing an apology to our readers who were expecting to get an update on what is currently going on and going to be happening with White Island.

Less than 24 hours after our post “White Island Meeting Thursday at Cort Club” I received a call by our Assemblyman Alan Maisel and […]

White Island Meeting Thursday at Cort Club

Alan Maisels office in conjunction with GBCares is holding a meeting (which anyone can attend) this Thursday 7pm at the Cort Club to discuss White Island.

They will be discussing the results of a NYC Parks report analyzing the pollution that is seeping from the original seal of white island.

Residents are […]

A Bridge Built to White Island

Its been a little while since we last checked in with white island. More or less the parks department is capping the island with sand.

What is being put there now is a temporary utility bridge so they are able to transport whatever they transport to and from Mau Mau.

Hopefully […]

This is What’s Happening with Mau Mau

Whats happening with Mau-Mau you ask? as previously reported it is being cleared out by heavy equipment but there is more.

Let’s start this off by saying there are two separate projects that have to do with Mau-Mau. One is a New York City Parks project mandated by the DEC and the other is a Gateway National Park project (federal). I have posted about the Gateway project in the past so this post will only have to do with the New York City Parks Project.

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Mau Mau Island Demolition Activity

A lack of a boat prevents me from taking my own pictures but there is heavy equipment on Mau Mau and they are clearing the island.

If you have any pictures or can take some of your own email me the pictures. If you cant email me get them developed and then find […]

Mau Mau Island is Killing Hundreds of Horseshoe Crabs

Coming in Via House Call :)

Mau Mau/White Island is surrounded by hundred if not thousands of black sand bags which are holding the entire island together. Most of these bags are completely worn out from weather, tides and time. Over the last few years, these bags have been killing horseshoe crabs. You […]

Picture of the Week: The $15 Million Dollar Bird, Henslow’s Sparrow

The back story is here: Say Goodbye to Mau-Mau Island