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Amazing GB Aerial Video

This was filmed with a method called First Person Video check it out.

Gerritsen Beach Vollies Brush Fire Video

WPIX: Brooklyn Neighborhood Taking On Graffiti Vandals


Channel 11 WPIX picked up on the graffiti story. Although their headline suggests that the neighborhood is taking on graffiti vandals, there are no current plans for any official neighborhood watch program.

Gerritsen Residents Dig Themselves Out Block by Block

Gerritsen Beach residents have been digging themselves out block by block as santation lags behind with their snow removal operations

In the video above, a group of stand up guys have been going around in what they are calling “the big dig” – rescuing ENTIRE blocks by shoveling out car sized paths.

It’s […]

Gerritsen Beach Time Lapse

Go to YouTube to watch in HD! A time lapse we created today, good first attempt!

May 27th, 2010 4:30am – 6:15am Rundown 4:30-5:00 was a shot every 30 seconds as a test 5:00-5:30 was a shot every 15 again as a test then 5:30-6:00 was every 5 seconds, which will make the […]

Tamaqua St. Patricks Day: The Videos

[Irish Dancers]
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St. Patricks Day Parade


Today was the First Annual St. Patricks Day Parade. It was put together by Jim Donovan in memory of his father Thomas G. Donovan who recently passed away.

The forecast called for heavy rains and increasing winds but despite that forecast a hundred or so people came down to march in the parade to march down Gerritsen Avenue. The weather was so bad everyone was drenched, hats were blowing away, flags were like parachutes blowing the flag bearers in every which direction. Everyone gathered after at the Hibernians where there was a good spread of Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Desserts.


The parade this year had to be held this year on the sidewalk only because the city is not issuing any new permits for parades and existing parades have to be cut by 25%. However, the 61st Precinct was kind enough to cooperate with the parade organizers to allow them to march on the sidewalk. They were also kind enough to provide an escort and assist in street crossings (maybe to make sure the parade didn’t stray onto the street) .

Complete Photo Gallery – Flickr
Complete Photo Gallery – Facebook


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Fundraiser Videos

Best Video Ever: Beacon Court Band @ Victorias Beach Party

This is by far the best video ever posted on GerritsenBeach.net as well as youtube!

Victoria’s beach block party was a staple of the community for a while. Although we are not quite sure how many years it ran for. I’m sure someone will comment below.

Video Description

Back in 1997 the Beacon […]

Video: Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U Carnage

City Bus Making a Left at Avenue U

10 Minutes of watching the corner. Watch how many near misses there are as well as people cursing out drivers.

Knapp at Gerritsen

Gerritsen Avenue Facing Knapp

Gerritsen Ave Looking South

Gerritsen Avenue Facing North

Gerritsen Avenue at […]

Brennan & Carr Video!

Recently, Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel featured Brennan and Carr!

Watch it above!

Broth 101 was a great feature.

Dingle Dangle – Least amount of broth, just the beef. Double Dip – Both sides of bread and beef. K.F.J. – Knife and Fork Job. Complete […]

Update: Gerritsen Ave & Ave U Pedestrian Island

The re-construction/re-painting of Gerritsen Avenue is fully underway.

Check out these drive through videos of Gerritsen Avenue traveling north ans south. You can see very clearly despite the rain how the new traffic pattern will not work out.


Annual Pagans/Women’s Charity Softball Game


The Annual Timmy “Tub” Girardot Pagans /Women’s Softball Game is a neighborhood tradition in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn for good reason. The game raises money for the American Cancer Society. Each year the proceeds are brought to the Prospect Park Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk by a group of Gerritsen Beach residents registered as Team Hope. Team Hope is the only non-commercial group on the American Cancer Society’s list of top ten Brooklyn fundraisers. The success is an example of how one small Brooklyn Community can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

This years event was held on Saturday October 3rd and although the day threatened rain a good crowd showed up. Team Hope honored Julia Dash, who is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. Team Hope presented her with 10 roses and a 10 year survivor sweatshirt.

She gave a touching speech. (Apologies for dropping the camera)

Although the event was eventually rained out, im sure everyone had fun.

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Dan’s 5k Fun Run Video

Click for more videos
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Hibernians Break In

On September 2nd 2009 a little past 10:00pm someone broke into the Ancient Order Of Hibernians, 2750 Gerritsen Ave. This person broke into the office and tried to open a cash register.

Here is the video of the break in: […]