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Victorias Changes its Menu

Since Benny of Victorias Pizzeria (2716 Gerritsen Ave)has been back he has been changing up the place, first starting with the menu, and he has future plans to renovate the place.

Most Notably Benny is introducing “Gourmet Pizza” which can be only ordered as a pie only.

With the new menu all of the […]

Benny’s Back!

Benny of Victoria’s Pizzeria is Back!

Buzz on the street is that you can see him on Sunday afternoons in the store, so stop in and say hello.

Victorias Closed for a Week

Victoria’s will be closed for the first week of the new year. January 5th – January 11th. So don’t call!

They should return on Monday January 12th

While they are vacationing check out this video of someone enjoying Victoria’s:


Victorias Pizza! :)

The time has come to show the world Victorias Pizza.

Victorias Pizza has been serving pizza to the Gerritsen Beach community since 1962. Victorias has since been a staple of the community, hosting: beach block party’s with sand on the sidewalks, the Gerritsen Beach Little League and donating time and money back to […]