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UFO over Gerritsen Beach?

A strange object was flying over gerritsen Beach Sunday at around 5:30 in the morning, who knows what this is?

Odd Bread Breakdown on Gerritsen Avenue

In a bit of odd news a Peppridge farm truck broke down right in the middle of the avenue blocking traffic for a bit. The driver rushed to move his vehicle out of the way while taking all of the bread out of the truck to wait for (presumably) another truck.

It’s not […]

When is a Spot “Your Spot”? When it Snows! Of Course

Although we’ve covered this before, its worth saying it again:

A open parking space, is never your spot! Even if you have to walk UPHILL BOTH WAYS, against the wind, and in 12 feet of snow to get to your car. So, Get over it.

After this past weekends snow storm some in […]

The UA “IMAX” is not actually IMAX

The United Artist movie theater in Sheepshead Bay months back (somewhere around the star trek release) added I-MAX to its venue. The theater was opened in an attempt to draw more audiences and give Sheepshead Bay access to IMAX. The question is, “Is it the real I-MAX?”

Turns out…The screen is just slightly […]

Never Forget…

Im posting this for those who havent seen this yet.

It turns out that a Brazilian ad agency—DDB Brasil—tried to win the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s business with this ad concept. Then it actually was sign off on and ran.

Now there is a video the TV concept. It is below and we […]

Stupidty: “I Hate GBnet” Grafitti Arrested

[End of Cyrus]

At the most recent property owners meeting, it came out that whomever was spray painting “I Hate GBnet”, on Bus Shelters, and even on the Bargain Bow Wow, had been arrested.

Apparently, now they were caught in the act. A group of 16 year olds were hanging out at […]

Sewage Overflow Pictures

Remember that raw sewage that overflowed sometime last week that shut down many of the area beaches?

Well… the Department of Health website is kinda strange, the numbers don’t reflect the sewage overflow at all.

More strangely, during the days of the beach closures the DOH redirected all water quality reports to […]

Sheepshead Miss Russian Finalist: “Russian Girls are Just Prettier than Americian Girls”

[Click for larger image]


“RUSSIAN GIRLS are just prettier than American girls,” Anastasia Somchyk, a Russian beauty pageant contestant, told the Brooklyn Diary last week, matter-of-factly.

“That’s 100 percent,” she added.

Somchyk, a 22-year old advertising sales woman from Sheepshead Bay, is vying to become Miss Russian New York, a pageant […]

Loved by some….

Who are these “others” and how do we convince them to love GerritsenBeach.net

Senator Golden Town Hall Canceled

If you were planning on attending the Senator Golden Town Hall tomorrow, it just got canceled. Some pesky law got in the way.

Coming in via email: (next time learn to BCC)

Regretfully Senator Golden’s Town Hall Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, October 23, 2008 at Public School 207 at 7p.m. has been postponed […]

A Ton of Dirt on a Car

Its never a good thing when a ton of dirt is on top of your car.

According to witnesses T&T Industry was hauling away a full dumpster filled with topsoil on Burnett street, when the dumpster emptied onto the street and onto a parked car.

Workers were frantically trying to cleanup the mess […]

Big Al’s Arber Shop

This was sent in via AIM (Instant Message) and we just had to post it.

If you dont know why this is funny check out this previous post: Big Al Moving in to Mike and […]

Memories: 1951 Gypsy Town?

I stumbled across this 1951 aerial shot of Gerritsen Beach. What the hell is that in the soccer fields? Is that a gypsy town?

Look at the park in the upper left, that looks interesting. Does anyone know what this is or have any pictures of […]

Mysterious Nugget and Onyx Courts

Check out Nugget and Onyx courts on this city map but where is the “M” named court?

No Human Being Would Stack Monitors Like This

[Behind Mandee’s on Avenue U and Nostrand Avenue. In the Duane Reade parking lot.]

There had to be about a 1,000 old school CRT monitors in this tremendous mound. You could totally climb to the top and feel safe, whoever stacked these stacked them so they were all solid.

As Dr. Venkman would […]