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St. James Needs Our Support

Recently, St. James Lutheran Church mailed a letter to residents asking members to update their information and to attend services.

St. James, much like most churches and organizations, is struggling for members and funds. Back in January,the church was forced to let go of their full time pastor – Pastor Nebrasky. It was […]

Pastor Nebrasky to Leave St. James

Pastor Nebrasky Receiving Recognition Award from GBPOA – 2007

After 10 years as pastor and 20 years in the ministry, Pastor Nebrasky is leaving St. James.

Amidst the recent string of hardships facing religious institutions, St. James finds itself under financial stress.┬áNebrasky’s inability to work part-time has led to a mutual decision between […]

Events: Community Tree Lighting

The St. James Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony is this Saturday December 11th at 6:00pm.

Gerritsen Beach 9/11 Memorial Video

Christmas Tree Lighting Saturday!

Just a reminder there is the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association Christmas tree lighting this Saturday.

ST. JAMES LUTHERAN CHURCH Gerritsen Avenue between Florence & Gotham Saturday, December 5th, 2009 6 P.M

Rain Date:Sunday, December 6th ~ 6 p.m.

St. James X-Mas Wreath Application

It’s that time of year again. Time to purchase your wreaths for St. James!

More Pictures of the St. James Christmas Tree

So here are some better shots of St. James and the Christmas […]

St. James Christmas Tree Lighting

Photos by Janet

Saturday December 6th was the community tree lighting at St. James Church on Gerritsen Avenue.

Since the AOH can no longer hold a tree lighting because it sold its property, the property owners have been holding the annual tree lighting at St. James with varying results. This year seems likes […]

Property Owners Meeting Roundup

Last night was the last Property Owners meeting of 2008.

They elected their new board of directors:

George Broadhead – President Denise Williams – 1st Vice President Kevin Howard – 2nd Vice President Colleen Donnery – Recording Secretary Lillybeth Hanson – Correspondence Secretary

There are a few others that I missed.

I guess […]

Upcoming Event: St. James Christmas Tree Lighting

[Above: Last Year\

The St. James Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony is this Saturday December 6th at 6:00pm.

This year it will be a real tree in the courtyard! Which is awesome.

Volunteers are needed if you can spare some time at 10am. There will also be a flea market all day at St. […]

Picture of the Week – St. James

Picture of the Week – What’s she thinking?

Did I leave the gas on?

St. James Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The Photo Gallery

Because the AOH sold the property that contained the traditional Christmas tree, this year’s tree lighting ceremony was held at St. James on Saturday, December 8. It was also moved to 4 pm because no one was sure about what time the new solar-powered Christmas lights would go on.

The Property Owners asked Pastor Nebrasky if they could use St James as the location for this year’s ceremony. St. James and the pastor were more than happy to allow the community to use the yard. However, since the AOH display was elaborate and involved many lights, there was a concern that the electricity load would be too much because of the age of the church.

The Property Owners found a solution to the problem: solar-powered Christmas lights. They bought 6 strands of multi-colored 100 LED at $80 each.

On Saturday a group of volunteers helped to put up the lights and sponsor wreaths. Jane O’Flaherty, Donna Davis Cathy & Terrence Shea, Bob Banham, Janet Behrens, Danny Smith, and Kevin Howard were among the volunteers.

At the ceremony Lilybeth’s Little Big Players sang Christmas songs and the Gerritsen Beach marching band played some songs as well. Lew Fidler, Marty Golden, and Alan Maisel were all there to wish Gerritsen Beach a happy holiday and then went downstairs in the church to have some hot chocolate to warm up from the cold.

It was a good family fun ceremony…

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