Our Green Monster Needs to Be Torn Down


The GB Green Monster - May be finally cleaned up!

The vines and weeds along the soccer field fence have gotten a bit out of control.

At the most recent Property Owners meeting the vines and overgrown weeds on the soccer field fence were discussed with State Senator Marty Golden.

The Senator intends to contact the Parks Department to clean up that area as soon as possible.


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


A Slow Day - Only Two Buses

It has to be said.

Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Enough with the Garbage.

Despite artful messages the Gerritsen Avenue Soccer Fields are filthy! Why? Because our fields are growing more and more popular during the week with Day Care Camps. They come in by the busload and when they leave they don’t clean up after themselves!

These camps come in usually because Marine Park is filled and they come here to use our facilities.

Don’t get us wrong here we are all for having kids having fun but if they leave the place a mess it’s not worth it.

Who knows when Bergen Beach is coming back to clean it up!



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