Sheepshead and Jemal Hit Hard

[Sailboat Banging The Footbridge]

Some sailboats broke free in sheepshead bay some of which sunk.

[Sunk Sailboat in Sheepshead]

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The Day After The Shooting

Area Precincts sent multiple Community Affairs officers to PS 194 this morning to explain what happened to whomever asked, as well as to be a presence to make people feel better.

D’Amato’s father, George D’Amato Sr., told the Post his son “had minor scrapes with the law, nothing serious.” He added: “I am retired law-enforcement myself. I know what it’s like. I can’t blame the officer. He did what he had to do.”

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[Facebook Group]

There is a Facebook group named “R.I.P. George!” up with friends exchanging kind words of remembrance.

Dine in Brooklyn: March 15th – March 25th

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Dine In Brooklyn:

$20.10* Lunch, $25.00* Dinner.

3 Courses. Quality food, no attitude on the side!

Over 175 restaurants. Call any of the participating restaurants to make a reservation and be sure to mention “Dine In Brooklyn.”(Availability is limited, so please cancel any reservations you can’t keep.) [*does not include beverages, tax, or gratuity]

Buckley’s Restaurant (Dinner)
2926 Avenue S

Michael’s (Dinner)
2929 Avenue R

Il Fornetto Restaurant Lunch and Dinner
2902 Emmons Avenue

Parks Arrests 80 Men for Sexual Acts in Plumb Beach


[The Plumb Beach Rest Stop is covered in used condoms]

Last August, as in last year, the National Park Service arrested & summonsed about 80 men for sex related crimes(either propositioning, in the act, etc.).

The NPS conducted undercover operations to entrap proposition people. Apparently it worked well.

In the process they also snagged a few fishermen, whom were there after hours, in the month long sweep whom are now in the process of defending themselves in court. There were many others who just paid a fine and/or accepted a deal.

Just to put this whole thing in perspective. The arrests may have something to do with the threat that the National Parks Service would lose its funding in our area. So to justify their existence they arrested more people in on month than they did all of the previous year.

Hopefully everyone there will all sing kumbaya when the Michael Sandy Memorial is erected.

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[Apparently they didn’t read the sign.]

Michael Sandy to get Memorial at Plumb Beach Rest Stop


Michael Sandy, a gay man, who died after Anthony Fortunato, John Fox, and Ilya Shurov lured him to the plumb beach rest stop to steal his money, is now going to get some sort of tombstone like memorial at the rest stop.

According to SheepheadBites, CB 15 voted unanimously to approve this memorial.

The plumb beach rest stop area is run by federal, state and city agencies. All of which do not want the responsibility of stopping the area from washing out to sea. The whole area is being held together by sandbags.

I’m not sure how this is possible. NYC Parks commissioner Spegial whom(im assuming) would be the one agency to have the final say if the memorial gets erected, has gone on record as saying:   “Parks should not be named after dead people” and “Parks are not cemeteries… no memorials allowed”.

That should be good news for us here in Gerritsen Beach, all of our tombstone like memorials in Larry Veiling field should be approved in no time. After all those people we memorialized died from the largest hate crime in history — 9/11.

Sheepshead May Be Saved by UFT

In protest of the DOE planning on closing our area schools the United Federation of Teachers’ (UFT)has filed a lawsuit to stop the closure of 19 city public schools including Sheepshead Bay HS, Dewey, FDR, and Grady.

Read more at Courier Life

Sheepshead Bay High School Going to Close


Sheepshead Bay High School, our High School, is going to close at the end of the year.

The DOE is citing graduation rates for special education and low-income students. More than likely the DOE is going to replace Sheepshead with smaller and/or charter schools.

3 other Brooklyn schools are going to close as well:

  • FDR High School at 5800 20th Avenue
  • John Dewey High School at 50 Avenue X
  • Grady High School at 25 Brighton Fourth Road

Sheepshead Mosque Brings Show of Force to CB 15


Residents in Sheepshead Bay have been opposing a mosque that is going to be built on 2812 Voorhies Avenue. The mosque plans to build as-of-right meaning they will build within zoning and not apply for any special variances.

Opposing Residents have been doing a few things to get their message across. First, they attended a plumb beach civic meeting where racist undertones were very apparent. Then there was an anonymous fliers circulating headlining “Say no to mosque at 2812 Voorhies Avenue.” It basically states there are quality of life issues such as parking, traffic and noise. It goes on to state that the mosque has a goal of establishing an Islamic state in America, has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and rejects Israel’s right to exist.


Which brings us to last nights CB 15 meeting.
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Roll-N-Roaster Scrooged P.S. 222 out of Money

After the recent ban on bake sales in New York City schools, parents associations across the city have been desperately trying to make up for the lack of funds. P.S. 222 in Marine Park is no exception to these cuts and had to find other ways to raise money. One popular fundraiser has been hosting nights at Burger King or McDonalds, which in turn gives 10% of profit during an established 3 hour period, typically bringing in $850 – $900 per event.

P.S. 222 reached out to the ionic Brooklyn eatery Roll-N-Roaster to arrange a similar deal, in an effort to support the local business while raising money for the 5th grade senior trip. Despite the food being more expensive, the Parent’s Association of P.S. 222 promoted the December 1st event with fliers, Facebook, and word of mouth and the restaurant was standing room only during the event. The event seemed to be a great success.

However, PA Representative Mardie Sheiken explained that Roll-n-Roaster promised them “the world” and failed to deliver. They agreed that Roll-n-Roaster would give 10% in the same fashion as Burger King and McDonalds. General Manager Ayet Karce insisted that Roll-N-Roaster owner Nick “Buddy” Lamonica was extremely generous, giving his employees Rolexs and regularly donating to charities. Because of his generosity, Lamonica promised that in addition to donating the 10% of profit, customers brought in by the event would receive a 10% discount and that Roll-N-Roaster would make a donation on top of that themselves. Roll-N-Roaster even boasts their generosity on the company website, which claims to have donated $300,000.00 to “Save the Children.”

When Maride and her associates went to collect the check at the end of the event, they were told to call back tomorrow. When they called back they were told to call back again, then again the next day. They went back and forth with Roll-n-Roaster numerous times for another two full weeks until Roll-N-Roaster finally called them to tell them their check is ready. They were issued a check for $471.00, which was far considerably less money that was expected given the size of the crowd and the cost of the food.

The Principal, Parents Association, and students are now disgusted with Roll-N-Roaster.

Here is what was sent out via Facebook after the check:

Just so you know the owner of Roll N Roaster DID NOT live up to his word of giving our school the 10% of what we brought in the night of our fundraiser!!! They made us wait 2 weeks and presented us with a check for $471.00….. It was a standing room only crowd for three hours straight… no way he only pulled in $4,710.00.

Please pass the word — they are not nice business people and clearly have no values! Although we all enjoy the food, my family will NEVER eat there again…. choose for yourself the next time you want to eat there…

More on this to come as Roll-N-Roaster will not speak with

Update 12-21:: Roll-N-Roaster spoke with SheepsheadBites who is also covering this story.

Speaking about the 10% off coupon/flyers:

“That was generous on our part. They never had that with other restaurants,” Karce said. “We were generous enough to do that and what they did was take advantage.”

“A lot of those flyers were flyers given to our customers,” said Karce. “I was told they were people who forgot about them. They thought we were idiots and would believe that.”

Karce claims he never gave permission to hand out flyers at the establishment, and he spotted PA president Maryann Locicero handing out flyers to customers.

Karce said the amount given was 10 percent of what came in from the flyers. Because of what he saw as “dishonesty,” the business did not donate more.

Karce said Roll-N-Roaster was reluctant to do this kind of event and won’t be doing it again in the future.

“This is a classic case of why we shouldn’t have done it, because it did interfere with customers who were complaining,” he said. “It was an inconvenience for our customers that came, which [the PA] solicited outside, stalking them as they came out of cars.”

Brennan & Carr Video!

Recently, Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel featured Brennan and Carr!

Watch it above!

Broth 101 was a great feature.

  • Dingle Dangle – Least amount of broth, just the beef.
  • Double Dip – Both sides of bread and beef.
  • K.F.J. – Knife and Fork Job. Complete saturation.

Travel Channel: Man vs Food at L&B and Brennan & Carr!

Man vs Food which airs on the discovery channel explores restaurants all over the county to find unique dishes and best traditional foods.

Premieres Wednesday, November 11, at 10 E/P

Host Adam Richman with Brooklyn Brough President Marty Markowitz

Brennan & Carr
Adam visits Brennan & Carr, where they put tender roast beef on top of a cheeseburger and call it the Gargiulo Burger.
Address: 3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

The UA “IMAX” is not actually IMAX


The United Artist movie theater in Sheepshead Bay months back (somewhere around the star trek release) added I-MAX to its venue. The theater was opened in an attempt to draw more audiences and give Sheepshead Bay access to IMAX. The question is, “Is it the real I-MAX?”

Turns out…The screen is just slightly bigger than the UA’s normal screens and NOT the usual standard huge 72 ft IMAX screen. This trickery is happening all over at Regal and AMC theaters.

If you don’t want the whole long story, there is this article that explains it. Basically IMAX is selling their brand name and trying to trick people. These new “IMAX” theatres are really just nice digital screens with good sound, but they ARE NOT IMAX, in that they don’t have the huge 72 ft gigantic screen which people would expect. However, they still charge $5 more for tickets as they would for the regular IMAX.

News 12 Picks Up on Plumb Beach Lockup

Plumb Beach Brooklyn News 12

News 12 recently picked up on the lockup story at the Plumb Beach rest stop, that broke.

News 12: Residents: Plum Beach rest stop lacks security

Plumb Beach Rest Stop No Longer Being Locked Up


The Plumb Beach Belt Parkway Rest Stop is no longer being locked on a regular 7 day a week basis. More often than not the Plumb Beach Rest Stop isn’t locked up at closing allowing it to be populated at the early morning hours.

It only took 2 and a half years for the police to start forgetting why they need to lock up the Plumb Beach rest stop.

The rest stop is infamous for the October 2006, Michael J. Sandy hate crime death. Where local teens Anthony Fortunato, 20, John Fox, 19, Ilya Shurov, 20, and Gary Timmons, 17, robbed and then caused Sandy’s death when he was struck by a car. They were all charged with Manslaughter, Attempted Robbery in the Second Degree, and Attempted Robbery in the First Degree, all counts were hate crimes. Three of the four were sentenced Anthony Fortunato (21), 7 to 21 years, John Fox (20), 13 to 21 years, Ilya Shurov (21), 17 1/2 years

The 61st precinct had assumed responsibility for the nightly lockup since that crime. Technically, they didn’t have to since the rest stop is the Parks Department responsibility. Parks either due to lack of man power or stupidity never locks up this rest stop.

Now, the 61st is no longer guaranteeing a constant nightly lockup.


The Background:

After exchanging emails about having sex, Fortunato arranged to meet Sandy at Plumb Beach, a rest stop and popular cruising location on Belt Parkway in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Shortly after Sandy arrived, witnesses saw two young white men approaching his car. At that time, Sandy was confronted by two of the young men, who began looking through his vehicle. Shurov pulled Sandy from the car and began punching him.

Attempting to escape, Sandy ran toward the highway. He appeared to be calling for help on his cell phone Two of his attackers caught up with him in the right lane of the highway. Shurov pursued Sandy across the guard rail, caught up with him in the right lane, and punched him. Sandy backpedaled into the middle lane, and was struck. One of the attackers dragged Sandy back to the side of the road. Shurov was seen rifling through Sandy’s pockets after he was struck.

Bulkhead Construction on $9Mil Knapp Lot

[Bulkhead Construction]

The lot which is currently on sale for $9 million, is currently undergoing bulkhead repairs. This is not the city repairing the bulkhead as some may have first thought, but the property owner. They have also repaired the entire sidewalk on Knapp Street adjacent to their property

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