Bay People to Protest Mosque

Demonstration March 2011

Dear Bay People supporters,

Please join Sheepshead Bay residents to show your opposition to the illegal Mosque/community center construction on Sunday March 13, 2011 from 1-3PM on Voorhies Avenue (Between East 28th and East 29th Street)

Do you want loud calls to prayer every day?
Do you want pedestrian and car traffic?
Do you want blocked sidewalks and driveways, no parking, constant police presence?

Department of Buildings “DOB” Continues to appease the mosque builders despite obvious violations of the NYC Building Code and NYC Zoning Regulations.

Most politicians and bureaucrats ignore community’s please for help!
Come out! Let your neighbors know! Our voices must be heard!

Bay People-We Stand United for Our Quality of Life!

Golden Gate Comes Down Piece by Piece


The Golden Gate Lettering came down this week to make room for the new Brooklyn Amity School.

Golden Gate to Become K-12 Academy


The Golden Gate was recently just purchased by the Brooklyn Amity School who plan on turning the building into a K-12 school.


Golden Gate Inn Closed For Good


The Golden Gate Motor Inn on the corner of Shore Parkway and Knapp Street has closed due to lack of business.

The owner Harshad Patel told the Brooklyn Paper “I’ve lost $4 to $5 million,”…. “People just aren’t staying here anymore since the economic downturn.”

This may be true but it was widely speculated that this hotel was only purchased to develop the property into something else. Possibly multiple apartment buildings, a supermarket, or even a luxury hotel. However, the community leaders were against any type of residential development. The consensus was that the community would support a zoning change of C8-2, which would restrict all residential uses, and would have allowed the developer to build as large of a hotel as possible. Some estimates were that the hotel could have been between 12 to 20 stories and accommodate up to 200 rooms.


Jordan’s Lobster Dock Holiday Fisherman


Disgusting Behavior in “Crap-Gate”



Dye Map - Courtesy of Brooklyn DA

Investigators used green dye to trace discharges and found that fecal matter and toilet paper from the movie theater’s septic system showed up in the creek as recently as this year.

These are the four individuals :


Craig Novoa (top left), David Matalon (top right), Simon Shin (bottom right) and Alex Spivak were hit with felony environmental crime charges.

Hynes said the four men and their companies, shared a sewage pipe that they were responsible for maintaining. “Their private sewer system regularly broke down, flooded the parking lot, created noxious odors and regularly deposited large quantities of raw sewage directly into the waters of Shell Bank Creek,” said Hynes.

The alleged polluters were warned repeatedly since  2003 that the pipes were leaking. Regal Cinemas repaired the pipe in 2009 and water quality improved substantially. TGI Fridays and the bagel shop are accused of dumping untreated waste grease and oil into the creek. Deauville Marina is also accused of dumping raw sewage from a outhouse into the creek.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of four years and fines up to $75,000 for each day the pollution was discharged.

Regal Cinemas lawyer Austin Campriello told City Room “Regal categorically denies any guilt,” “Regal spent close to $2 million to fix that leaky sewer line, and we believe it’s fixed.

Birds Eye Map-1

Arrests Made in U.A. and Fridays Dumping Raw Sewage


We all knew for years that Fridays and the UA were dumping raw sewage right into the creek and did nothing to hook up to the sewage system. Now something is finally being done. Arrests and criminal charges for all involved!

Years ago local Gerritsen Beach hero Buddy Dewitt with local orginazations discovered that Fun Time USA, Fridays, and the UA theater ALL were not connected to the sewage system. He discovered that they were ALL dumping raw sewage right into the creek. That was years ago and the city demanded that they hook up to the sewage system.

Apparently they did not – and now DA Hynes announced 8 arrests and citations for the corporations involved.

Regal Entertainment Group; Craig Novoa; Knapp Street Bagels and its manager, Simon Shin; and Deauville Marina and its manager, David Matalon, all face charges related to dumping untreated human waste into Shell Bank Creek. Knapp Street Bagels, Shin, and TGI Friday’s and its landlord, Alex Spivak, are also charged with dumping untreated waste grease and oil into the creek.

From DA Hynes Office:

The investigation began with complaints from residents, in 2009, of sewage and grease in Shell Bank Creek, which traverses the Sheepshead Bay and Marine Park neighborhoods near Gerritsen Beach and Plumb Beach, before emptying into Jamaica Bay and eventually, the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to bluefish, crab, striped bass and other fish, Shell Bank Creek is home to a marina with several house boats. The septic pipes from a nearby shopping center run along the creek’s bank, and if they leak, effluent runs directly into the waterway.

The area around the creek is not served by the New York City sewer system, and businesses operating there must maintain their own private wastewater lines, which connect to a city sewage treatment center nearby. However, beginning in 2003, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection served multiple notices on Craig Novoa, the Regal Entertainment Group manager responsible for the theater, that its sewer lines leaked and needed repairs.

The investigation revealed that, in spite of these notices, noxious odors, fecal matter and toilet paper from the movie theater’s septic system were present in the creek as recently as this year. Using green dye, investigators traced discharges from the movie theater’s septic system and determined that the dye entered Shell Bank Creek. Other businesses charged with using the damaged sewage pipes included Tae Young Deli Corp, known as Knapp Street Bagel, TGI Friday’s and 49 Holding Corp., known as Deauville Marina.

Regal Entertainment Group; Craig Novoa; Knapp Street Bagels and its manager, Simon Shin; and Deauville Marina and its manager, David Matalon, all face charges related to dumping untreated human waste into Shell Bank Creek. Knapp Street Bagels, Shin, and TGI Friday’s and its landlord, Alex Spivak, are also charged with dumping untreated waste grease and oil into the creek.

The case is being prosecuted by Environmental Crimes Unit Assistant District Attorney John Rudikoff and Bureau Chief John Holmes, and Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Kurtz and Rackets Division Deputy Bureau Chief Jacqueline Linares. Michael Vecchione is Chief of the Rackets Division.

Pizzeria Gets a Name: Venezia Pizzeria


Save Sheesphead Bay High School Rally


Hundreds of students, and staff rallied Friday to save Sheepshead Bay High School from closing. The school is in danger of being “closed” by the Department of Education due to its “persistently lowest achieving graduation rate”. The atmosphere was excited and hopeful as teachers, para professionals,  parents, and students,  walked the perimiter of the school chanting ” Save Sheesphead Bay”.

Save Sheepshead Bay High School Photo Gallery

“I am so proud” said one 20+ year veteran worker “I’ve been here through the good and the bad and this [rally] was definitely on of the good.”  “Closing a school with this much fight and the spirit that I see here today is about as mindless as appointing a chancellor with no education experience”  said Councilman Lew Fidler. The councilman has recently introduced legislation to deny Cathie Black.

Neighboring John Dewey High School who has been rallying at 7:15am every friday showed up to support their Avenue X neighbors. They both share an Avenue X address with Dewey at 50 Avenue X and Sheepshead located at 3000 Avenue X.

There has been no decisions made yet by the DOE, any decision made will be for the 2011 school year.



Coming Soon: Brick Oven Pizza at Knapp & Harkness


Coming soon to Harkness Avenue / Knapp Street: a brick oven pizzeria!

The restaurant opens a few blocks away from Jordan’s Lobster Dock, Coldstone, and the UA.

Sheesphead Bay High School to Hold Rally to Try and Stay Open

Letting the Staff Back In

Next Friday – November 19 – at 3:00 Sheesphead Bay High School is having a rally to try and keep the school open.

We know the school year really just started but come NEXT September the city is going to try to close 19 schools , and try to phase out 16 more, continuing its strategy of closing some of the city’s largest high schools and replacing them with small schools or charter schools.

Sheepshead Bay is on the list of “persistently lowest achieving” schools and it will most likely be phased out and replaced with the smaller schools but it could also go though something called transformation.

Since Sheepshead Bay High School has been on the city list of “persistently lowest achieving” schools they are on the list to be phased out. The main problem being that their graduation rate has been consistently below 60% (2007: 52%, 2008: 55%, 2009: 57.4%)

Currently, the DOE is meeting with Sheepshead leadership to discuss what those statistics don’t reflect.

These “transformations schools” can hire two new kinds of teachers — master teachers and turnaround teachers — who will earn up to 30 percent more than their regular salaries for training teachers in addition to their regular duties. Those premiums, and other school improvements, will be financed by $2 million a year in federal stimulus money over the next three years.

Principals at most transformation schools will be removed, according to federal rules that must be followed in order to receive the money, even though teachers will not be dismissed.

Four Year Anniversary of Michael Sandy Marked at Plumb Beach Rest Stop.

Via Sheepshead Bites

October 10th marked the four year anniversary of Michael Sandy death at the Plumb Beach rest stop.

Sandy was killed by three young men who tried to rob him and chased him onto the highway, where he was killed by a car. His attackers were convicted of hate crimes. On Friday, a park bench at the rest stop was dedicated to Sandy’s memory.

Dunkin Donuts Conversion Complete Now Open


After Dunkin Donuts Changed into Timmy’s Donuts back in November 2009, it closed shortly thereafter, because they didn’t pay their rent.

Now,  less than a month after announcing the change back to DnD, they are open today!

Timmy’s Donuts Transition into Dunkin Donuts is Hysterical


Anthony Weiner to Restart Belt Parkway Repair Discussion


The Sheepshead Plumb Beach Meeting was last night (4/6/2010) and Congressman Anthony Weiner was in attendance.

Congressman Wiener mainly spoke about the recently passed health care law and how it will effect everyone. We won’t be touching on the health care issue.
However he did heavily discuss the Belt Parkway erosion.

“Now about two feet and a bunch of sandbags are what separate the Atlantic Ocean at high tide in a storm from the Belt Parkway, and it’s gotten worse, not better.”

The whole story boils down to New York City repairing the Bike path first. Then the Army Core of Engineers can step in and partake in “a major piece of civil engineering”. The Army Core has offered to consult the city in it’s repairs.

The Congressman has also asked the governor to designate the belt parkway and parts of Queens, which suffered from serious damages from the March rainstorms, a disaster area. This will free up federal funds to repair the damage.

The Congressman promised to bring the City and Army Corp back to a active discussion to get something going.

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