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Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Activated Today

Push the Button…

Crossing at Gerritsen and Seba Avenues is expected to be safer beginning today.

The new traffic signal at the intersection is operating as of today and  although it might depend on who you ask,  the parents I ran into are happy with the signal. They were tired of having to […]

WPIX: DOT To Residents: ‘Fix Your Own Streets And Sidewalks’


Story here

The New Future of Seba Avenue Park – Hockey?

Red Boxes are Expansion Plans

Seba Avenue Skate Park is expanding again.Parks recently held a meeting at Councilman Lew Fidlers office with George Broadhead of the Property Owners and John Douglas of GBCares. They were invited to see the new plans and offer their input.

We will be getting a new general asphalt […]

Brand New Vollies Mural Defaced


In a case of truly disgusting behavior  – the brand new mural that the Vollies put up has already been defaced within TWO WEEKS of putting it up.

Obviously the neighbors and the Vollies are disappointed and are left wondering “why do this?”

Before TWO Weeks […]

Seba Avenue Park Construction Begins

Mark the date! Seba Avenue Park’s second phase has started construction.

This construction is for the planned comfort station.


Four Stolen Tires on Seba Avenue – Did you see anything?

The other night right on Seba Avenue four tires were stolen from a 2003 honda civic right on seba avenue. This is the first time i’ve ever heard of this happening.

Coming in via e-mail:

I have only lived in Gerritsen Beach for a year now but my husband grew up here. Last […]