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Better Know A District: 11 Yvette Clarke

Via Gothamist Watch Stephen Colbert Learn About Slavery In Brooklyn (Facts Not Included)

Copy and Paste Magic from “Gerritsen Beach and the House of Representatives NY9“:

Come November 6th we are going to have two choices for our Representative to the house.

(Democrat) Yvette Clarke (Brownsville, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush, Kensington, Midwood, Prospect […]

Gerritsen Beach and the House of Representatives NY9

In short, Anthony Weiner held NY9, until Bob Turner was elected in September 2011 to complete the term of Democrat Anthony Weiner, who had resigned. Then NY was completely redrawn, eliminating Bob Turner.

Come November 6th we are going to have two choices for our Representative to the house.

(Democrat) Yvette Clarke (Brownsville, Crown Heights, East […]

Marty Golden Endorses Bob Turner for Congress

Yesterday outside Keyfood (Gerritsen and Avenue U) the NY GOP’s “Take Back New York” bus pulled up for an official endorsement event and rally with Anthony Weiner challenger Bob Turner.

Turner was officially endorsed by State Senator Marty Golden. Along side both Turner and Golden was State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox, […]

More Facts

Let’s dive in a little bit more and present more facts about Millennium Development / Bergen Basin Community Development Corp.

Let make this clear: We are not saying these groups are bad or have done anything wrong. However, if they are prepping to come into the community and are already here we should […]

Lew Fidler Re-Elected to City Council District 46

According to the results, Fidler received 79.2 percent of the vote after 17,101 constituents voted for him. Berardelli received 19.5 percent, or 4,201 votes. Liberal challenger Dereck Sacerdote received the remaining one percent, which amounted to 282 votes or 1.3%.

Fidler told Courier Life that “the results are “dramatic and gratifying” — especially since […]

NYC District 46: Debate to be Hosted by SheepsheadBites.com and GerritsenBeach.net!

Sheepshead Bites and  GerritsenBeach.net are producing the first debate hosted by local bloggers in New York City. We’ve drawn together the three candidates running for the 46th City Council District, including the sitting councilman, Assistant Majority Leader Lew Fidler. The 45-minute debate will be taped tomorrow afternoon, and then streamed on both sites […]

Lew Fidler Receives $63,000 from NYCity based on Blog and Media Coverage

Our councilman Lew Fidler(up for reelection), has received an additional $63,091 in public funds to fend off republican challenger Gene Beredelli, based on coverage by Gerritsenbeach.net, Sheepsheadbites.com and other media.

In Councilman Fidlers letter to the NYC Campaign Finance Board, he requested via a “Statement of Need” matching funds from the city. This […]

GB Voter Guide: Gene Berardelli for City Council District 46

[Video NBC Video Voter Guide – Gene Berardelli]

Party Nominations: Republican, Conservative Contact Information: geneb2009@gmail.com; http://www.gene-2009.com Party Enrolled: Republican

Gene also submitted what he sent to the voters guide.

Occupation: Attorney, Civil Litigation; Part Owner & General Counsel, Gotham Sports Media, LLC

Occupational Background: A young civil attorney. Before joining his current firm […]

GB Voter Guide: Derek Sacerdote for City Council District 46

[Video NBC Video Voter Guide – Derek Sacerdote]

Derek Sacerdote Libertarian candidate for City Council, 46th district Website: dereksacerdote4citycouncil.blogspot.com Current Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZXVqB4w91M

Derek was kind enough to send in a statement, which was also submitted to the NYC Voters Guide.

I believe I am the best candidate for City Council because I have […]

GB Voter Guide: Lew Fidler Re-Elect for City Council District 46

[Video NBC Video Voter Guide – Lew Fidler]

Lew Fidler, is our current city councilman he also represents Canarsie, Marine Park, Mill Basin and Spring Creek. He has provided about $2 million in funding for the construction of Seba Avenue Skate Park, $12,500 per year goes to the Vollies for their insurance. Other […]

City Council District 46: Gene Berardelli to Run Against Lew Fidler

Gene Berardelli (R) Sheepshead Bay has plans to run against Lew Fidler (D) for the district 46 seat in the city council.

District 46 represents: Bergen Beach, Canarsie, Georgetowne, Starrett City, Flatlands, Futurama, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island, Gerritsen Beach, Madison and Sheepshead Bay

Gene Berardelli currently lives in Sheepshead Bay and is […]

Community to Hebrew Language Charter Academy “HLA Go Away”

Enormous Crowd
Complete Photo Gallery

“HLA Go Away” was pretty much the sentiment of last nights Department of Education public hearing. The hearing is to decided if The Hebrew Language Charter Academy will be housed in I.S. 278
Continue reading Community to Hebrew Language Charter Academy “HLA Go Away”

Lew Fidler: “Seba Avenue Park Repaired in “Record Time””

In Lew Fidlers May 2009 newsletter (available here as a PDF), the councilmen features Our Seba Avenue Park.

Those are some nice pictures they used…wonder who took those.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Invites Brooklyn Bloggers for a Discussion.

GerritsenBeach.net was invited to a meeting with the borough president Marty Markowitz over breakfast, to “share your thoughts about blogging and Brooklyn”. We at GerritsenBeach.net know what this is an attempt to meet the “new establishment”, and to change the way they control their message/news.

The way people of Brooklyn specifically how their […]

“Three Amigos” Block Sheepshead Bay’s Lundys Cherry Hill from Opening

Meet Sheepshead Bay’s “Three Amigos!” Carl Kruger, Theresa Scavo, and Michael Nelson.

In front of Lundys – now Cherry Hill Market – the “Three Amigos” threw a surprise Good Friday photo opp. If a Good Friday photo op isn’t surprising to you, consider this: as a Good Friday Processional by St. Mark’s Church […]