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Second Death at Point in a Month

Yesterday, a middle aged man lost control of his car and ended up on the sidewalk. The man was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

There is no additional information at this time.


Activity at the Point

Coming in Via Email

Lots of activity at the point. CPR was given to a male.

Update 6/10/11: Obviously something awful happened we don’t want to speculate.


Ticket Blitz in Gerritsen Beach

The Traffic Enforcement Agency has apparently discovered Gerritsen Beach’s nook and cranny’s . Recently we have been getting tickets EVERYWHERE.

First Beacon, reports of wrong way dead end parking on Madoc, Garland, Eaton. We are on someones radar.

Now the point! Check out the pictures above and below.


The Point These Days

A picture of the Point from Saturday July 3rd of all “outsiders” bringing in Jet Ski’s, BBQ’s, and parties.

What’s wrong with this? Well it’s not really a beach that has lifeguards. We as a community do not need someone that can’t swim drown or hit by a Jet Ski. Which there […]

Quad Crazies

Coming in Via Email: by George

I was at the beach on the 4th of July shooting photos of the water jets (Just testing a new 5D I have) to see the water splashes and fun people were having. I came across a couple of people who asked me to take shots of […]

Tremendous Storm! Tremendous Damage!


There were roofs flying off, house siding flying everywhere, the water at the point was flowing onto the street, there was flooding everywhere, trees falling basically on every block, the Tamaqua started to lose docks.


If you can’t tell from the pictures and video below, the current, the winds, and the waves were eroding the point and pushing the sand down creek. It created a sandbar all the way down to Dare Ct.

How did everyone fair without power? We hear the the Old Section came up hours before the New Section.

Check out the literal ton of pictures and video.

Complete Photo Gallery – Flickr

Complete Photo Gallery – Facebook Continue reading Tremendous Storm! Tremendous Damage!