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Yellow Painted Curbs are a $250 Fine

Parking is an issue everywhere, a quick search for parking on GerritsenBeach.net found notes being left on cars,  illegal driveways, lots of cones, and the retaliation you get for moving a cone. Now the issue has come up of Yellow Curbs (above).

Everyone was reminded at the last GBPOA meeting that: anyone with a yellow painted curbs, […]

WPIX: Snow Parking War


Channel 11 WPIX, which apparently has no shame getting leads from us at this point, chimes in on the parking war in Gerritsen Beach.

You’re In My Spot – Neighbors Leaving Notes Everywhere

A reader sent this in who received the above note on their car over the weekend.

“I don’t know who you are but I shoveled out this spot and Park here in Front of my house everyday. It’s not very nice that every times I move you park here. I am 7 months […]


I hope no one has family, friends, or an elderly relative with a home health aid – there will be no parking.

These pictures were collected in about 15 minutes of driving along. There were even cones on Gerritsen Avenue!


Park in a Nonexistent “Driveway”? That’s $95

Coming in Via Email

I received a ticket the other night for parking in front of a home on Canton Court for no other reason other than retaliation for taking the owners spot. The ticket was for blocking a driveway. Which does not exist. Please Help!

Let’s be clear that this could happen […]

Reserved Parking In Gerritsen Beach

62 Canton Court – LOVES their cones!

Parking is Gerritsen Beach is not unique in anyway, we share the same issues just like the rest of the city. If anything, some could argue that we have better parking than most of the city.

It seems as though Canton Court needs to be highlighted […]

Ticket Blitz in Gerritsen Beach

The Traffic Enforcement Agency has apparently discovered Gerritsen Beach’s nook and cranny’s . Recently we have been getting tickets EVERYWHERE.

First Beacon, reports of wrong way dead end parking on Madoc, Garland, Eaton. We are on someones radar.

Now the point! Check out the pictures above and below.


Beacon Update and How to Park on A Dead End

After Beacon Court received dozens of parking violations for wrong way parking. Many people were angry and contacted GerritsenBeach.net who put the residents in touch with the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Assocation and Lew Fidlers office. After our story and subsequent phone calls the Property Owners personally invited the members of Beacon Court […]

Every Car on Beacon Ct Hit With Wrong Way Parking Ticket

Dozens of “Wrong Way” parking tickets were issued last night to residents of the dead end section Beacon Court. The $45 tickets were issued by a Traffic Agent around 9:30pm last night, to anyone who dare park straight on the block. Everyone is flabbergasted – “Never in 30 years have I gotten a […]

Garbage Piles Up Living in the Old-Old Section

Coming in Via Email.

Old-Old Section you ask? I’m talking about Kay Court, Landis Court, Merit Court, off of Just Court. It’s the only section of the old section which is not connected to any sort of Avenue. Which is just weird.

In this part of the old section, Garbage pickup is completely […]