Old Section Resident Gets Sanitation Ticket for Parking on Sidewalk

Sanitation Car

If read that headline you should be asking yourself the Old Section has sidewalks? Well, no they don’t – at least not really. But a sanitation enforcement agent believes there is enough of a sidewalk to issue a parking violation for “Sidewalk”

According to our tipster the parked car was parked a good distance from the intersection – more than enough for a garbage truck to make the turn.

The summons says “Code 50 “Sidewalk” Sub Section 4-08″ and is for $115

According to the city Code 50 is: “Stopping, standing or parking in a crosswalk. Note: Crosswalks are not always identified by painted street markings.” I didn’t realize that Canton Ct at Bartlet Place had a unmarked crosswalk.

Essentially this means that everyone on Canton Ct and entire Old Section is parking on the sidewalk. The Old Section already can’t park on dead ends, what are they to do now!?

We will keep you informed on the status of this ticket.

Parks Bringing in a Chip-like Material for New Forest


"Chip"-like material to lay the ground work for new forest.

Dragonetti The Parks Department has been busy all week clearing the land across from the library for their new forest. Yesterday, they started to bring in trucks full of woodchips to act as the ground floor for their trees and shrubs.

The planting event is set for Saturday, October 23rd 2010

Our Parks manager is working on getting a plan together to work with other city agency’s to remove any large debris that has formed over the years.



5 Foot high pile of debris.


Seba Avenue Park: Foundation Poured


At Seba Avenue Park they have laid down the foundation and laid down pipes for the future Comfort Station.

Gerritsen Beach 9/11 Memorial


Tribute in Light - From Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach paid their respects to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 yesterday at Larry Veling Field. The memorial went well into the dark with everyone sharing stories, tears, and prayers.

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Park in a Nonexistent “Driveway”? That’s $95


Coming in Via Email

I received a ticket the other night for parking in front of a home on Canton Court for no other reason other than retaliation for taking the owners spot. The ticket was for blocking a driveway. Which does not exist. Please Help!

Let’s be clear that this could happen anywhere in Gerritsen Beach and does not apply to just the Old Section or Canton Ct for that matter. But let’s take for instance this example 68 Canton Court – which again is just like every house – and see if we can help.

Right of bat for these tickets to be issued someone HAS to call and complain – or know a cop with a quota to fill.

The easiest way to figure out if there actually is a driveway on an address is to check the Department of Buildings website to check their Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). This house, according to their 1925 issued C of O, has a detached one car garage which would include a driveway.

As expected and just like any house in Gerritsen Beach the detached garage does not exist anymore. Somewhere between 1925 and today the garage was converted into an extension of their home – without telling the Buildings Department no less – but that’s besides the point.

However, this renders their driveway useless and upon brief inspection their “driveway” it was obviously turned into a front yard with yard like objects in the front of the home. With no room for a car this ticket seems like retaliation for taking a spot. This may be grounds for dismissal of the ticket.

Between this and the cone epidemic – As a community we seem be be lacking a great deal of common sense. We seem to not know or care for our neighbors anymore. With the development of 311 we seemed to have become a city of tattle tales or rats. We call on each other without speaking to each other first.

In our humble opinion, instead of the home owner immediately calling 311, the Precinct or both, a neighbor to neighbor interaction would of been 100% better.

What is easier: Having a conversation, a polite note, or an all out war with your neighbors that would last generations?

Editorial Side Note: We did trim the e-mail a bit because it was rant-ish but mostly because it involved threats of retaliation .

Reserved Parking In Gerritsen Beach


62 Canton Court - LOVES their cones!

Parking is Gerritsen Beach is not unique in anyway, we share the same issues just like the rest of the city. If anything, some could argue that we have better parking than most of the city.

It seems as though Canton Court needs to be highlighted for a crazy cone situation.

On Canton Court between Cryus and Seba Avenues, there are three spots or approximately 50 feet of reserved spaces by cones. This does not include driveways or the polite don’t block my fence signs which is common sense.

According to NYC Traffic Law, Section 4-08 (7), it is unlawful for anyone to reserve a parking space. The law goes on to list every which way you can reserve a space – we will spare you – but it does say cones.

So, when you’re trying to find a parking space and you spot a space with a cone maybe you should tell your neighbor that it’s illegal and could be issued an expensive summons.

You can call 311 or fill out the online complaint form if you were so inclined.

62 Canton - 20 Feet Worth of Parking on Canton "Reserved"

The New Future of Seba Avenue Park – Hockey?


Red Boxes are Expansion Plans

Seba Avenue Skate Park is expanding again.Parks recently held a meeting at Councilman Lew Fidlers office with George Broadhead of the Property Owners and John Douglas of GBCares. They were invited to see the new plans and offer their input.

We will be getting a new general asphalt field on the right side of the park more toward Lois. The new asphalt MAY end up being used for roller hockey WITH nets. That’s a huge maybe right now. This won’t be started until Spring of 2012.

Here is where we are now.
Right now as we speak – a Parks contractor is building the comfort station. Then after that is completed Parks is going to expanded the Tot Lot with sprinklers. This is nothing new.

As for the existing Asphalt which is the middle ground for the Skate Park and Tot lot – that will be replaced with swings: 8 Child 8 Young 1 Handicap. Project completion date: Fall of 2012

GerritsenBeach.net Epic Time-line
September 2006 – Construction Begins
October 2006 Groundbreaking Ceremony
June 2007 – Equipment Installed
July 2007 – Skate Park Being used by Kids
August 2007 – Park fences repaired
November 2007 – Seba Park Open
February 2008 – 12 Trees snapped. One Bench removed.
March 2008 – Comfort Station Announced
June 2008 – Trees replaced
July 2008 – Seba Avenue Park covered in graffiti.
August 2008 – graffiti cleaned up.
February 2009 – Drug problem at park peaks.
February 2009 – NYPD narcotics crack down.
March 2009 – Fire Destroys part of park
April 2009 – Repairs started
October 2009 – Sprinklers announced
December 2009 – 20 Benches stolen
December 2009 – Benches found. Newspapers call it biased incident.
January 2010 – Plans for phase II shown Swings announced.
February 2010 – Crackdown on vandalism. Fidler pushes for arrests.
March 2010 – Benches repaired or reinstalled.
May 2010 – Comfort Station construction begins
July 2010 – “Gun” used by outside kids to intimidate locals. Was a BB Gun
September 2010 – New Asphalt Expansion announced. Swings replaned.

Raccoon Tips


Via NYC.gov

What to Know About Raccoons
The common name “raccoon” comes from an Indian word that means “he scratches with his hands.” The raccoon is easily identified by its black mask and ringed tail. Typically, adult raccoons are about 2 feet long and weigh between 10 and 30 pounds. Raccoons are able to adapt to a variety of habitats, and thrive in urban areas like New York City because of abundant food availability. As a result, it is not unusual to encounter raccoons near your home.

Getting Raccoons Off Your Property
When raccoons take up residency in your home, destroy your garden, or raid your garbage, they are either searching for food or a place to live. Raccoons are not picky eaters – they will eat anything from meat to vegetables to trash. Also, they are willing to live almost anywhere. Under ordinary conditions, they usually find a den in a hollow tree, but in urban areas, raccoons can live in rock piles, fireplace chimneys, hollow walls, attics, or beneath sewer drains.

Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Home
There are several ways to prevent raccoons from being pests without exterminating them. The best strategy is to prevent access to food. Raccoons tend to feed at night. If raccoons are stealing food from your pet’s dish, try feeding your pet during the day and bringing the bowl inside before dark. (Better yet, always feed your pet inside, which helps make your home less attractive to other animals, as well.)

If raccoons are rummaging through your garbage, make it unreachable by purchasing a raccoon-proof
garbage can, or by putting a weight on the lid so raccoons can’t open it. Always make sure that all
your garbage is in the can and not on the ground.

If raccoons are already living in your home, there are measures you can take to get them out.

Raccoons do not like bright lights or loud noises:

  • Put bright lights in your attic and if you have any kind of flashing lights, use them.
  • Put a radio in the attic and tune in to a rock or talk station, with the volume set as loud as you can stand it. Leave it on all day and night to disrupt the raccoon’s sleep.

If none of these suggestions work, trapping may be the best option. Never attempt to capture a raccoon by yourself!

If you try to touch a wild raccoon, it may feel threatened and bite you. If you are bitten or scratched by a raccoon, consult a physician right away. You may need a tetanus shot or other medical treatment to control infection. You should also be evaluated for possible exposure to rabies. Biting incidents should be reported to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at 311. Check your local phone book or
veterinarian to find a professional trapper.

NY State will provide a list of wildlife trappers:
718-482-4885 NYS DEC.

Maintaining a Raccoon-Proof Home
When you think the raccoons have left, sprinkle Cayenne pepper around the area they entered
through (torn screens, open chimneys, or broken windows are the most common points of entry).

Be sure to leave a light and radio on until there is absolutely no sign of activity. Finally, permanently
seal all entrances. It will also help to prune back any tree branches that might have helped raccoons
gain access to the roof or attic.

Remember, raccoons will come back if you let them.

Raccoons Are Climbing in Your Window, Snatching Your People Up


Raccoons Say Hello at Lester Court

Beware of these brazen Raccoons! They want to see what’s you’re watching on TV!

Boat Fire Update

Volunteer Fire Department, Gerrittsen Beach, Brooklyn, New York City

Vollies were the first to get water on the Fire.

Via nycfire.net

Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY, 8/16/10

Address: at the docks off 1 Cyrus Ave off Madoc Ave

20:19 hours
Phone Box 3667 – Report of a boat fire
Engs. 321, 309, 254
TL159, TL!53
Battalion 33
Marine 3

20:20 hours
Marine 3: Start out another Marine unit this way, we can see a large column of smoke in that direction right now.
Marine 8 S/C

20:22 hours
E254: Have units coming in on this Box, 3667, come down Cyrus Ave, it’s closer to where the boat is.

20:22 hours
Marine 3: Confirm the vessel on fire, it’s docked up and it’s on fire.

20:22 hours
E321: Do not have any companies come down Bartlett there is no access from Bartlett.

20:25 hours
Marine 8 has a 10 minute ETA.

20:28 hours
Battalion 33: Box 3667, we’re putting water on 2 boats, fully involved, k. We’ll get you informed. They are tied to a dock, 10-4.

7-5-3667 – 20:30 hours
BC33: At this Box we’re giong with an All-Hands, no rescue, no squad, no FAST Truck needed.
Marine 6

20:31 hours
Marine 6 has a 50 minute ETA

20:33 hours
Marine 8: We’re 10-84, Marine 3 as well as the land units have water on the fire, knocking it down.

20:37 hours
Marine 6 now has a 35 minute ETA

20:38 hours
BC33: Marine 6 is not needed, k.

20:42 hours
BC33: Probably Will Hold on this Box, still pumping out water to make sure they don’t sink, and we will call the Coast Guard.

20:53 hours
BC33: 3667, Under Control, k.

Despite Residents Warnings Electrical Lines Fall


For the last several months residents of Noel Avenue have been contacting the city via 311 about a utility pole. Despite months of calls the pole came crashing down damaging property.

The utility pole had been sagging and the wires it supported were slowly dropping. It gotten so bad that neighbors would have to run outside every time someone heard a truck coming to make sure the truck didn’t hit the wires.

The wires had dropped so low they even tried to prop up the wires with lumber to let trucks by.

Last they we had the Fire Department come by to see if they could lift the wires but they couldn’t.

Every call they made Con Ed and Verizon played the blame game. Con-ed said it was Verizons job…Verizon said it was Con Eds job.

It all came crashing down when a Parks Department truck was driving down Noel with a large tree removal boom. The wires hooked onto the truck and then there was a huge shudder – as the wires snapped the pole like a twig.


The the pole was ripped down as well as two electrical panels and the electrical conduit off two homes. There were large sparks which burnt siding. Both houses lost power immediately and had to use generators. No one was hurt and there were no structural fires – luckily.

We blamed Con-Ed for not stepping in and preventing this!



Ticket Blitz in Gerritsen Beach


The Traffic Enforcement Agency has apparently discovered Gerritsen Beach’s nook and cranny’s . Recently we have been getting tickets EVERYWHERE.

First Beacon, reports of wrong way dead end parking on Madoc, Garland, Eaton. We are on someones radar.

Now the point! Check out the pictures above and below.


Weekend Block Parties!!!


Senator Golden with Gotham Avenue Pig Roast

This weekend was busy with block parties.

Check them out!

Eaton Court Block Party – Flickr
Eaton Court Block Party – Facebook

Gotham Avenue Block Party – Flickr
Gotham Avenue Block Party – Facebook


Gotham Avenue Cool Down


Long Line at Gotham Avenue Water Slide


The After Effects of a Pie Eating Contest Eaton Court


Mummy Wrap Up Game on Eaton Court

All Way Stops Signs Coming for Noel and Madoc Avenues

Stop hating (all way)

All way stop signs may be in the near future for Noel Avenue and Maddoc Avenue.

Residents of Noel Avenue submitted petitions to CB15 requesting all way stop signs because of the speeding on Noel and Maddoc Avenues.

A traffic study will be conducted shortly by DOT.

Noel and Lois, Noel and Seba, Maddoc and Seba , Maddoc and Cyrus

Beacon Update and How to Park on A Dead End

After Beacon Court received dozens of parking violations for wrong way parking. Many people were angry and contacted GerritsenBeach.net who put the residents in touch with the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Assocation and Lew Fidlers office. After our story and subsequent phone calls the Property Owners personally invited the members of Beacon Court to the monthly meeting which happened to be on the same day.

The 61st (above) flat out said to Beacon Court residents – you’re parking in the wrong direction on the street.

However, They received outstanding support from Councilman Lew Fidler who wrote a strongly worded letter trying to help the residents with their the tickets. They plan on mailing them all together – we will keep you informed of their progress.

How to Park on a Dead End
(Let’s not get the traffic agents a free ride.)
Most if not every car on a dead end in Gerritsen Beach is parking illegally – we checked.

Dead Ends are technically two way streets. Our streets happen to be very very narrow but they are still considered two way.

The easiest way to know if your parking legally is to have your drivers side door to the street.

If you are facing a dead end
Park on the right of the street – car facing down the block
Park on the left of the street – car facing out the block.

Just make sure a police officer does not see you driving in reverse – that’s a moving violation.

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