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Embarrassed Parks Department – Temporarily Shut Down Dr. Johns Playground PS 277 Park for Cleaning


The embarrassed parks department learned the definition: “It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” We were squeaky wheel and we got the parks department to clean up our park. They didn’t do anything about the sprinklers yet. That might be a more involved project.

The Parks Department did release a statement to news 12 that park plumbers investigated and cleared a blockage in the drainage system last month. Officials say they will follow up immediately to investigate and attempt to clear the drainage line again.

I have more parks related stories coming.
Video below:
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City and Feds Hashing Out Jamaica Bay Agreement

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg announced along with Ken Salazar the United States Secretary of the Interior, and Judith Enck Regional Administrator of Region 2, the beginnings of a formal legal agreement detailing how the city and federal governments will manage and who will have jurisdiction over the very large Jamaica Bay.

Right now some […]

This is What is Happening With White Island Now

NYC Parks design is final and has been approved by DEC.

Now beginning in June they will start the actual construction which will take 18 months, completed around fall 2012

Currently there is about  150K cubic yards of sand, which is stockpiled in three locations at the top of the island. Once the […]

Parks Upgrades Hole to Sinkhole – Broken Pipe to Blame

Parks was on site the other day at the Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground site and has determine that this is not a hole but a sinkhole caused by a broken pipe.

According to a parks spokesperson they have gone in with the camera probe and found a broken pipe, possibly a […]

WPIX: Dangerous Hole at Playground


Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground

There is a giant hole right in the main pathway of Dr. Johns (PS 277) playground next to PS 277. The hole became evident weeks ago after the snow melted. A simple barricade was erected around it to keep the toddlers away. It’s been weeks since the barricade and now the hole seems […]

MulchFest this Weekend at Marine Park

Bring your holiday tree to a designated city park to be recycled into mulch that will nourish plantings across the city!

Join the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, the New York City Department of Sanitation, and GreeNYC to recycle your Christmas trees into wood chips. These wood chips are used to nourish trees […]

Parks: Stay off the Ice

Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe today urged New Yorkers to follow ice safety guidelines and exercise extreme caution in New York City’s parks. During the winter months, while ponds and lakes may appear frozen, venturing onto them is extremely dangerous and can cause potentially fatal accidents.

Determining the strength of ice […]

Seba Avenue Park Comfort Station Coming Along

Seba Avenue Park is coming along nicely. Foundation in, looks like plumbing in and sand back into place.

A Forest Grows in Gerritsen Beach

Over the weekend, the Parks Department along with 130 Volunteers planted about 2,000 trees and 500 shrubs across from the library.

The trees planted were organized into research plots to allow scientists to study the ecological effects and benefits of urban trees. In the coming years, researchers will analyze soil nutrients, soil […]

Parks Bringing in a Chip-like Material for New Forest

"Chip"-like material to lay the ground work for new forest.

Dragonetti The Parks Department has been busy all week clearing the land across from the library for their new forest. Yesterday, they started to bring in trucks full of woodchips to act as the ground floor for their trees and shrubs.

The planting […]

Parks Clearing More Land…What to Do About The Concrete Blocks?

Parks has been clearing the land across from the library for months now to make way for a huge forest. Recently parks has been bringing in the heavy machinery to clear more of the land.

They look like they are pushing around some of the larger cement debris aside – kinda like piling […]

Parks Enforcement Scared Of Parks At Night

“They have no guns and often encounter dangerous situations and are simply not given enough manpower and backup,” Local 983 VP Joe Puleo told the Daily […]

Parks Clears HUGE Area of Weeds to Make Way for New Forest

2,000 Trees and 500 Shrubs will be making it’s way across from the Library next month.

Parks has been busy KILLING everything in sight very quickly over the last few months to make way for their new forest. They have been even bringing away large debris

Maybe Back Weeds will be called The […]

Our Green Monster Needs to Be Torn Down

The GB Green Monster – May be finally cleaned up!

The vines and weeds along the soccer field fence have gotten a bit out of control.

At the most recent Property Owners meeting the vines and overgrown weeds on the soccer field fence were discussed with State Senator Marty Golden.

The Senator intends […]