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Brooklyn Teen Busted on Assault Charges After Snowball Barrage.

Thinking about throwing a snow ball this weekend? Look at what the consequences could be.

New York Times: Not Quite a Reporter, but Raking Muck and Reaping Wrath

The New York Times tries to grapple what GerritsenBeach.net is exactly

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No entry: Press barred from Gerritsen Beach meeting

Via Courier Life

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Association closed its normally public monthly meeting to the press and non-members last week, making good on a promise it made in the wake of a local blogger’s unflattering coverage of the neighborhood.

At last month’s meeting, outraged parents demanded the meetings be closed after local […]

Lacon Court Still a Mess

According to a follow up story from Courier Life, Lacon Court is still a mess.

Residents say the folks running the marina at Lacon Court in Gerritsen Beach are still illegally dumping fill and garbage on the filthy site — which the state ordered to be cleaned up by Nov. 6.

In fact, […]

Endless Halloween Coverage

Gerritsen board prez: Press can stay — for now – Courier Life/Brooklyn Paper/NYPost.com Blame the messenger: Gerritsen Beach wants to unplug website for “unscrewing” the community – Courier Life/Brooklyn Paper/NYPost.com The Halloween blame game – Courier Life/Brooklyn Paper/NYPost.com Community Reacts To Halloween Blog (video) – WPIX Gerritsen Beach Blogger Faces Harrassment – SheepsheadBites

Previous Coverage

Local Blog […]

Additional Halloween Coverage

Local Blog Underfire For Halloween Post – WPIX Teens terrorize Gerritsen Beach during Halloween – NY Post Blog Blasted For Outing Egg & Rock-Throwing Halloween Teens – Gothamist Gerritsen Beach Turns Into Halloween War Zone – Sheepshead Bites Blog bashing! Some Gerritsen Beach residents decry blog that outed their kids’ misdeeds – BrooklynPaper […]

NYPost: Shatter of life & death

The NYPost is reporting that the brand new bus shelters that CemUSA is installing all over the city are spontaneously shattering!

They suspect that cemusa is incorrectly using a 2.75-inch bolt instead of a 3.5-inch bolt which would make the unit more secure.

Gimme shelter from that bus shelter!

Two sparkling […]

Courier Life Picks Up On the Stop Light Being Considered for Gerritsen Avenue

Fullscreen capture 4212010 70100 PM

Our neighborhood downtown Brooklyn based community paper recently picked up on the possibility of a traffic signal on Gerritsen Avenue. Maybe they picked up the story out of thin air because they weren’t at the meeting.

Even though they added nothing to the story at hand, they did add additional exposure – which in the end is good for us.
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The Village Voice calls GerritsenBeach.net one of “Gotham’s Best”

The Village Voice gave a great write up about “18 obsessive, cantankerous, and unstoppable Gotham blogs worth going ape over”. We at GerritsenBeach.net are humbled by the headline and honored to be included with other great blogs.

The Village Voice

[The Neighborhood Reporter]
Gerritsen Beach
Proprietor: Daniel Cavanagh

Daniel Cavanagh is Gerritsen Beach–born-and-bred, and he knows his deep-Brooklyn neighborhood is a mystery to most of us. Before he started blogging about it at GerritsenBeach.net in 2006, he says, “You’d only know it from its hate crimes, like maybe someone got killed somewhere else, and they’d say they’re from Gerritsen Beach.” He wanted to put out a more well-rounded picture, and show that Gerritsen Beach—and the surrounding south Brooklyn area, in general—is “a nice place with stupid problems, like any other part of the city.”

This he does: If there’s a Lundy’s being refurbished in Sheepshead Bay, or a big tree falls on Noel Avenue, he’s on it. Cavanagh also goes to precinct and community board meetings, and reports on and sometimes posts videos of them, which is a big deal around his way. “Community board meetings suck,” he says. “They’re three or four hours long. People come up to me and say, ‘I can’t go to these meetings—viewing your website and getting the breakdown is easier for me.’ ”

Cavanagh breaks stories: His 2008 coverage of black kids getting hassled on Manhattan Beach during a senior “cut day” at local high schools was followed days later by a story in the Post. He got no credit, though. “It’s their policy,” he shrugs. “I don’t complain a lot. I’m more interested in getting stories that the other papers don’t get.” And sometimes, Cavanagh is the story, as when Nobody Beats the Wiz founder Stephen Jemal came after him for publicizing problems with Jemal’s land development business—and an associate of Jemal’s hacked Cavanagh’s site. The Daily News picked that one up and interviewed Cavanagh.

Cavanagh says he’s “more a photo guy” and is thinking of taking writing courses to hone his journalism skills. We think he’s pretty well honed already. —EDROSO

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Gerritsen Beach Bash

Via Courier Life Police Blotter

A 26-year-old Gerritsen Beach resident had his arm and chest slashed open as he fought off two “acquaintances” on Celeste Court.

The victim said that he was walking down Celeste Court on his way home at 6:50 p.m. on January 11 when a car rolled up.

Inside were three […]

Councilman Lew Fidler Called out by NY Daily News

In Sundays daily news there was an editorial calling out Councilman Re-Elect Lew Fidler demanding he return $88,500 received.

Councilman Fidler as the editorial describes, received this money after using 41 pages of: GerritsenBeach.net, Sheepsheadbites.com and Bay News articles about the election. Councilman Fidler won the election He won by 60 percent, 17,101 votes […]

News 12 Picks Up on SSJ Development and ETO Creek Mess

Link to their story

Shooting at Venice Marina

A gunman opened fire on two men as they swam for their lives in the waters off a Brooklyn beach on Saturday, killing one and critically wounding the other, cops and witnesses said.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/08/09/2009-08-09_madman_shoots_boaters.html#ixzz0NhzuIdOi

Burglary In Our Schools

Cops are hunting for a pair of prowlers who have committed at least 11 burglaries at schools in Queens and Brooklyn. Police say the spree began in December when the duo broke into Our Lady of Grace school on 101st Street near 158th Avenue in Ozone Park, Queens.

They are also believed to […]

Hey! We got a mention in the Times

NYTimes – You Talkin’ to Me?

Its always very nice to see GerritsenBeach.net mentioned in any media but I guess its always better to be in the NYTimes than lets say courier life. We even got top billing over other  blogs such as Gowanus Lounge and Roosevelt Island […]