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Four Year Anniversary of Michael Sandy Marked at Plumb Beach Rest Stop.

Via Sheepshead Bites

October 10th marked the four year anniversary of Michael Sandy death at the Plumb Beach rest stop.

Sandy was killed by three young men who tried to rob him and chased him onto the highway, where he was killed by a car. His attackers were convicted of hate crimes. […]

Michael Sandy to get Memorial at Plumb Beach Rest Stop

Michael Sandy, a gay man, who died after Anthony Fortunato, John Fox, and Ilya Shurov lured him to the plumb beach rest stop to steal his money, is now going to get some sort of tombstone like memorial at the rest stop.

According to SheepheadBites, CB 15 voted unanimously to approve this memorial.


Plumb Beach Rest Stop No Longer Being Locked Up

The Plumb Beach Belt Parkway Rest Stop is no longer being locked on a regular 7 day a week basis. More often than not the Plumb Beach Rest Stop isn’t locked up at closing allowing it to be populated at the early morning hours.

It only took 2 and a half years for […]

Three Sentenced in Death of Gay Man

Via NY Times


In a case that put sexual identity, hatred and ultimately forgiveness in leading roles, three men were sentenced to prison on November 20th for their roles in chasing a gay man to his death in highway traffic in Brooklyn last year.

Their terms diverged: For the planner, Anthony Fortunato, 7 to 21 years. For the lure, John Fox, 13 to 21. And for the aggressor, Ilya Shurov, 17 1/2.

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Exclusive – Vigil for Michael J. Sandy – Sunday @ Plumb Beach

There will be a vigil for Michael J. Sandy organized by the family starting at 4:30 PM starting by Emmons Ave. & Knapp St.

There’ll be a shuttle from there to Plumb Beach.

No local elected or groups were invited – the family put the permit through 1 Police Plaza.


There is going to be a Rally for Michael J Sandy or a Protest!

There is going to be some kind of march, from Knapp St. to the Plumb Beach rest stop, either as a memorial for Michael J Sandy or a protest against the defendants.

If you don’t know who Michael J Sandy is, he died in an robbery attempt off of the Plumb Beach rest stop […]

Plumb Beach Attack Trial Update

The claim that Anthony Foturnato, one of three men on trial for hate crime murder of a gay man, was gay himself was not only strange to most everyone – it was apparently mysterious to the judge as well! Fortunato, Ilya Shurov John Fox, and Michael Timmins had lured Michael Sandy to meet […]

Lawyer Claims Defendant in Hate Crime Is Gay, Too

Via the Ny Times and GayCityNews

One of the defendants accused of killing a gay man in Brooklyn last year because of his sexual orientation offered a startling courtroom revelation yesterday: He, too, is gay.

So said the lawyer for Anthony Fortunato, 21, one of four men accused of chasing a gay man to […]

Plumb Beach Attack Case Update

Via the Gay City News

A Brooklyn judge ruled that statements made by John Fox, a defendant in the 2006 Michael J. Sandy homicide, and the results from line-ups and photo identifications can be used at the trial of Fox and Anthony Fortunato, a second defendant.

“[Fox’s] motion to suppress his oral, written, […]

Judge Rules Hate Crimes Law OK for Michael Sandy Murder Case

Via Gay City News

A judge upheld the Brooklyn prosecutor’s use of the state hate crimes law in the 2006 Michael J. Sandy homicide.

Anthony Fortunato, 21, John Fox, 20, and Ilya Shurov, 21, are charged with two counts of second-degree murder, one as a hate crime, four counts of attempted robbery with […]