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Cherry Hill Opens! but then Slapped with Full Stop Work Order, Will Stay Open

Coming in via SheepsheadBites.com

Cherry Hill Restaurant and Gourmet Market at Lundy recently opened, but then almost immediately received two violations this morning, just hours into their first full work day.

The violations were for the establishment’s existing partial stop work order, which was upgraded to a full stop work order this morning. […]

“Three Amigos” Block Sheepshead Bay’s Lundys Cherry Hill from Opening

Meet Sheepshead Bay’s “Three Amigos!” Carl Kruger, Theresa Scavo, and Michael Nelson.

In front of Lundys – now Cherry Hill Market – the “Three Amigos” threw a surprise Good Friday photo opp. If a Good Friday photo op isn’t surprising to you, consider this: as a Good Friday Processional by St. Mark’s Church […]

Lundys: Cherry Hill Mystery Stop Work Order – Must Vacate

Lundys which was set to open next week has just been hit with another stop work order.

It looks like a “fix” may be in with Cherry Hill, as Steve Barrison, leader of the Bay Improvement Group, sent an email out on April 8 stating “the DOB came down today and issued violations […]

Lundys Awnings Finally Go Up

The Lundy’s awnings finally went up.

Lundys Awnings Go Up…Sorta

Lundys Cherry Hill Market might be on the path to making nice with the community by restoring its outdoor awnings. They have also started to put in promotional signs for Cherry Hill Market that line the windows.

They put up a brand new awning in the back parking lot and the framing of […]

Lundy’s Meeting Roundup

Via Sheepsheadbites.com

Meeting Photo Gallery

Summary of what happened at the SB/PB meeting that was held in the Landmark Lundy’s building on Ocean Ave & Emmons Ave and hosted by new tenant, Cherry Hill Market on March 3, 2009:

Building and Construction Manager, Anthony Kelley, spoke in defense of the Cherry Hill […]

What Lundy’s is Now! Pre-Meeting Tour

Lundy’s Walkthrough Photo Gallery Recently I was invited for a tour inside Lundy’s, as a way to straighten out rumors about what is going on inside and what the business planes to become. Putting aside most of the rumors until after the Sheepshead Bay meeting. Here is what I learned from my tour:


Landmark Lundy’s Sneak Preview Meeting

The Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association has announced that it will hold its next General Meeting Tomorrow March 3rd, 2009 at 7:30 PM at 3156 Ocean Avenue, the landmark site of Lundy’s Restaurant that is the proposed site of Cherry Hill Gourmet Restaurant and Market.

Cherry Hill Gourmet Restaurant and Market […]

Lundys Gets to Continue Construction

There is currently two fronts in the Battle of Lundy’s. There is the new tile sidewalk that the tenant Cherry Hill Market laid outside of Lundys violating its landmark status, a landmark status that many fought hard to get. Then there are plans to turn lundys into a market or a type of […]

Lundys WWII Plaque Finally Rescued

Via SBPBCivic.com

On the coldest day of the year so far, veterans and neighbors cheered the re-emergence of the Lundy’s Memorial Plaque at a ceremony held at the Sheepshead Bay Veteran’s Garden on Emmons Avenue.

Senator Marty Golden, whose office was responsible for the plaque being turned over to the custody of the […]

Lundys Memorial Plaque Saved

SBPBCivic has been fighting to get the WWII memorial plaque in a safe public place since the renovation began at lundys about a year or so ago. After trying by themselves to contact the owner, it was not until Marty Goldens office stepped were they able to arrange to get the plaque out.


Lundys Update

The sidewalk was ripped up and a tile floor replaced what was there. Also all of the lettering has been removed, it looks like some awnings were removed, and holes were drilled into a lot of places on the outside wall for cabling.

All in all the work looks very shady and shotty. […]

Breaking: Stop Work Order at Lundys

Cherry Hill Gourmet Market A food market and cafe is going to open in lundys soon, but since the store owners are altering the building’s landmark interior and exterior, the landmarks preservation commission has issued a stop work order.

State Senator Kruger, held a news conference outside Lundy’s on Monday afternoon,  saying the […]

No Violation for Lundys Historic Sign Removal

Recently, Lundy’s removed their outdoor signage which is wrong (as well as a violation) because its protected as a landmark building.

There was a complaint made to the Department of Buildings and they did inspect. The complaint said that exterior was being removed. DOB determined that the “BLDG EXTERIOR NOT BEING REMOVED/RECONSTRUCTED.” So […]

Lundys Landmark Signage Removed

Via Sheepsheadbites.com

Three sets of signs, over the doors and windows, on the Ocean Avenue side of Lundy’s have been removed. Lets hope they didn’t throw them out.

Being a landmark building, nothing can be done without specific permission from the Landmarks Preservation Commision.

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commision is in charge […]