Flu Shots: Councilman Lew Fidler

Flu vaccinations make their way to U.S. Army in Europe

Councilman Lew Fidler in conjunction with Beth Israel/ Kings Highway Hospital is pleased to offer FLU SHOTS

To his constituents, free of charge

Thursday, October 11th – 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Monday, October 15th – 10:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Friday, October 26th – 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Wednesday, October 31st – 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, November 7th – 3:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Currently, those age 18 and over are eligible.
Criteria are not under our control and are subject to change.

(718) 241-9330

$100,000 Moved to GB to Clean Weeds


Last year, parks cleared a large patch of land across from the library to plant 2,000 plus trees. While clearing the land they discovered a berm of cement and debris. At the time, Parks promised then that they would coordinate with sanitation and just remove the debris. Months later, Parks discovered they didn’t have enough money and shelved the project.

To get the project completed Councilman Lew Fidler has moved $100,000 in discretionary funding from another parks project into this specific project to have the debris removed.


Seba Avenue Light About to Flip the Switch


The Seba Avenue traffic signal is about complete as the signals and cross walk signals are up. The installation of the signal hopes to help parents cross the street safely.



Seba Park Construction – One Year Later

A little more than one year ago the Seba Avenue Comfort Station construction began. When it is complete we will have: a comfort station, a whole sprinkler are, 16 swings, a extended play area, and a push button crosswalk.

As of today, the comfort station is basically complete a path has been paved, and decorative plants have been installed.

Soon enough the swings will be installed, and more work will start to add the sprinklers and extended the play area.



Seba 6/17/2010

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Parks Blocks GB Little League Path


Despite promises from Councilman Fidler, the Parks department was indeed allowed to encroach on the Gerritsen Beach Little League, blocking their walkway.

Parks recently “completed” the walkway, gate,  guardrail mess (above) blocking normal pedestrian, stroller, dog walking, traffic while giving ATV’s easy access.

It appears that it’s a parks department gate and not necessarily a  community access gate. If that is true then we are going to need a parks department employee to unlock this gate whenever necessary.

None of this makes any sense, the area is now 100% closed all the time instead of 100% open all the time. There used to be a small opening all the time through the guardrail (maybe 3 feet) then a huge concrete block to block any ATV’s from driving in. Now it’s closed 100% of the time. But now we have a 10+ foot gate that will be open when parks feels like it.

No where in previous meetings was a new path discussed, suggested, nor was anything presented to the community.


Original Plans Showed no Path - Encroaching the Little League



Councilman Fidler Meets DOT Commissioner at Seba Park


Councilman Lew Fidler joined DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn early this rainy morning so that he could show the Commissioner why a traffic signal is desperately needed at the site of the renovated park and playground. Seba Park has been restored from its state as a rubble strewn lot to include a skate park and tot lot. A comfort station is near completion and funding is in place for an expansion of the children’s play area to include equipment for the somewhat older siblings of the children expected to use the tot lot.

“I wanted the Commissioner to understand that we are inviting parents to cross Gerritsen Avenue from their homes, pushing a stroller with one hand and holding the hand of an 8 year old in the other, with no cross walk and no traffic light. Nine years ago, before we invested in our neighborhood park and there was literally nothing here, there was no need for a traffic light. Now there is, and it is not about car traffic, it is about pedestrian safety. Having a light that is steady
green, but can be changed by a pedestrian waiting to cross by pushing a button is just what we need.”, said Councilman Fidler.

“I want to thank the Commissioner for coming down and looking for herself. We’ve been writing and writing and been getting the stuffy old traffic study answers. There is no substitute for seeing,” added Fidler.

The Commissioner promised a prompt answer to the request. “The Commissioner said she has young children herself so she clearly gets it” noted Fidler. “I am guardedly optimistic.”

Renovations to Seba Park were funded in Phase I by joint allocations from Councilman Fidler, then Assemblyman Frank Seddio, Senator Marty Golden and Boro President Markowitz. Subsequent funding for the tot lot, comfort station and playground expansion has been obtained by Councilman Fidler, Assemblyman Maisel and Boro President Markowitz.

Parents Claim Victory Over DOE in Marine Park IS 278

Dont Dismiss Our Kids

HLA Protest 2009 - Which brings the score Marine Park: 2 DOE: 0


Unofficial word is spreading that the parents, teachers, and Marine Park community have won yet another battle with the Department of Education. The DOE has pulled the idea of putting the New American Academy or any school in Marine Park IS 278 for the upcoming school year.

We are told, that persistent parent and community pressure as well as strong letters from Anthony Weiner, Marty Golden, Lew Fidler, Alan Maisel, was the tipping point for the decision, made by Chancellor Black.

As of right now there is nothing officially planned for the September school year, so stay tuned.


Vollies Bill Gets Paid by Elected Officials

Vollies Bill

The Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department is going to have that $520 bill, paid by our elected officials.

The bill is going to be split three ways amongst Councilman Lew Fidler, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, and State Senator Marty Golden. However, at this time this same bill will come up next year if the city council does not exempt the Vollies from this tax. Paying this bill now is a short time fix.

As a long term fix, Councilman Fidler has introduced legislation to exempt the Vollies and similar organizations from this fee.

City Starts to Tax Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department $500 a year.

Fullscreen capture 172011 111855 AM

The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department was recently surprised by $520 bill for inspection of the Blue Star Mothers Hall. The Blue Star Mothers Hall is where the “Volleys” hold most of their training for the community. In June 2009, the City Council enacted legislation as part of the Ficsal year 2010 budget package to amend the New York City Fire Code to limit the exemption from fees for Fire Department permits, inspections, and witnessing of required system performance tests. This “fee” has long been in place but many groups, including the Vollies, have always been exempted. The whole point of removing that exemption and assessing this fee, was to raise money to prevent the closure of any FDNY firehouses.

Our City Councilman Lew Fidler has said “To impose a fee that was intended to help keep firehouses open on Volunteer Firefighters is not only ironic, but wrong headed. Our community in particular knows the important work the Vollies do at no cost to the City. Putting unnecesary burdens on them that endanger their ability to continue is foolish.” The Councilman is going to introduce legislation that would exempt the Vollies, and similar volunteer services, from this fee in the future. They have submitted the paperwork to start the legislative process for it earlier this morning!

Effective June 29, 2009, Fire Code Section FC117.2.1 exempts from such fees only premises predominantly used by a religious or educational institution for the following purposes:

(1) A house of worship, or dwelling units for members of the clergy which are situated on or adjacent to the same premises as the house of worship; or
(2) A school accredited by the State of New York providing kindergarten through twelfth grade education.

Marine Park Community Says “No” to High School “Plan” by DOE


The message was pretty clear last night at the CDEC 22 meeting. The Marine Park Community, the parent community, and the IS 278 administration, does not want a secondary High School in the IS 278 building.

The issue at hand is that IS 278 Marine Park, and most area schools have empty seats. IS 278 Marine Park is no exception as they have about empty 300 seats. The Department of Education wants to fill those empty seats for the next upcoming school year.

If you remember the DOE wanted to put a Hebrew Language charter school two years ago to fill that space. That was swiftly defeated due to protests and the benefit of an election year. Then the community wanted a seemless 6-12 high school. The 6 – 12 school idea was shot down by the DOE when they cruhced the numbers that it would need more than seats than what was currently avaiable.


As of right now the DOE says there is NO proposal or plan on the table and that they are looking for community input on what to place inside IS 278.

The solution proposed by the audience was an ASD Nest program which is the New York City Department of Education’s Collaborative Team Teaching program for higher functioning children with autism spectrum disorders. They made their case with a few compelling arugments. First, the nearest ASD schools are very far from this area. One school in rockaway and the other in downtown brooklyn. Which would translate into a three hour a day commute for ASD kids. Secondly, The nest program can be run by the existing IS 278 administration not a seperate administration which would be needed for a High School. Which is a very big deal as Mrs. Garofalo has turned around IS 278 and is constantly praised for her skills.

Ideally what the community invisions is a Marine Park 6 through 12 ASD Nest program which would allow the same age group to stay in the same school through High School. Instead of traveling to schools which are more than an hour away.

ASD Nest is place Within supportive neighborhood schools, the ASD Nest program helps children with autism learn how to function well academically, behaviorally and socially in school and in their community.

Each classroom has two teachers with training in the specialized curricula and instructional strategies used in the program. In addition to the standard academic curriculum, specialized curricula and instructional strategies to foster relationship development, adaptive skills, language and communication development and sensory/motor development are infused throughout the day, thus minimizing the need to service children outside the classroom. Staff receive pre and in-service training in these curricula and strategies.

Fidler on Runaway and Homeless Youth

“It is a statistical fact that tonight 3,800 children WITHOUT their families will be homeless on the streets of NYC tonight. Over the past 9 years that I have chaired the Council’s Youth Services Committee, I have conducted over 18 hearings on the issues relating to Runaway and Homeless Youth. We have managed to increase the numbers of shelter beds and street outreach programs to find these youth—the most vulnerable of the vulnerable—to a point where the budget for RHY has reached $12 million. Yet HUNDREDS of these children remain on the street without shelter. For example, at the Ali Forney Center, over 100 kids are on the list for shelter without a bed available. Tonight. In the cold. Worse yet, of these 3,800 kids, a statistical study/survey that was recently conducted with the assistance of Columbia University will show that 185 of them will admit to having spent the prior night involved with some sort of sex work. That does not include those who will stay alive thru survival sex. We are talking about children as young as 13 or 14.

The Bloomberg Administration has included a PEG of $2 million in their November Plan directly against this program, decimating the programs, jeopardizing their existence and virtually wiping out street outreach.

Last fall, right before the General Election, Mayor Bloomberg announced the creation of a commission on LGBTQ Runaway and Homeless Youth. (Approximately one third of all RHY identify as LGBTQ.) This past summer DYCD issued the Commission’s report, one recommendation of which was the expansion of the capacity of the RHY shelter bed system. Another was a series of boro wide community forums discussing the issues. Ironically, in the middle of these forums—the last one in Manhattan was held last night—the $2 million PEG was announced.

The following is a link to my comments at the Brooklyn forum which was recently held. At the time, I had been led to believe that the cut was only $569k, not the cut of $2 million. I urge you to watch the clip. (It starts a bit slowly, but the rest will speak for itself.)

In this holiday season, I am urging your paper to cover the issue. Remember, we are talking about children who have been denied a loving environment and the protection of a safe bed and home in the one place where every child ought to have one—in their home. They are often on the street as a result of physical, sexual or emotional abuse at home from someone who ought to have been a loved one. Go home, Hug your child….and think about this story.

I am available at any time or at any place to discuss the plight of these children. My City Hall office is 212-788-7286. My district office is 718-241-9330.

Happy Holidays,

Lew Fidler
Asst. Majority Leader-NY City Council
Youth Services Committee, Chairperson

Events: Blood Drive Tomorrow

Fullscreen capture 8172010 121500 PM

More Facts

Magnifying Glass
Let’s dive in a little bit more and present more facts about Millennium Development / Bergen Basin Community Development Corp.

Let make this clear: We are not saying these groups are bad or have done anything wrong. However, if they are prepping to come into the community and are already here we should know everything we can about them.

In terms of funds and influence this group does not belong in Gerritsen Beach – we already have our own.

Bergen Basin Community Development Corporation Inc
Doing Business As: Millennium Development

Total Public Support 2004 – 2008
Bergen Basin

Mission Statement:


2009 Taxes

Officers Compensation BBCDC 2009:
Bergen Basin
Source: IRS 990 Forms

Bergen Beach Youth Organization

Mission Statement:


2009 Taxes

  • Program Service Revenue $961,588
  • Other Revenue $54,000
  • Total Revenue $1,015,688

Officers Compensation BBYO 2008:
Source IRS 990 Forms

Gerritsen Avenue Gets a Much Needed Trim – At What Cost?


Well Trimmed Avenue

Just in time for the GBGames, Gerritsen Beach’s Mid Summer celebration, Gerritsen Avenue got a much needed trim – but not by who you would expect.

Millennium Development – not GBCares – came in at the request of the Parks manager to trim Gerritsen Avenue. Millenium Development has an interesting story. They are based out of Bergen Beach and are under the umbrella of Bergen Basin Community Development Corp & Bergen Beach Youth Corp which are well funded and are the rumored political tool of Councilman Fidler. Between those two organizations they receive between 4-5 Million dollars in reported funds and also a million plus from Councilman Fidler. Their officers are well paid as well most making over $100,000.


There are murmurings that Millennium Development, though manifest destiny, is positioning it self for expansion into Gerritsen Beach. They would bring in youth programs, senior programs, events community cleanups.

Sounds great right? Well no…. Millennium Development is not a Gerritsen Beach organization, they would be stepping all over our existing organizations which already cover their scope. Money is spread too thin to begin with across our organizations – why not give $300,000 plus that Bergen Basin receives to Gerritsen Beach instead? There would be no competing with Bergan Basin fund’s. The community would have no say how Millennium Development spends it’s money within our community.

Back to the story at hand – Bergen Beach Youth brought in their youth group and with the help of Parks Department machinery the entire avenue was trimmed but at what cost?


Lew Fidler Sends Out Budget Survey

Fullscreen capture 532010 34834 PM
[Click here to download]

Lew Fidler has sent out a budget survey to his entire area. He is looking for you opinion on what he should do this budget season. Here is his letter

If you don’t feel like printing it and mailing it: Click here to take our unofficial the survey

Dear Neighbor,
I hope that you, your family and friends are all enjoying the Spring. After
what seemed to be a harsh winter, we could all use a bit of nice weather.
At City Hall, we are entering another season that would appear to be
“harsh” this year: budget season.
For the past several years, the City budget has actually taken advantage
of a better economy by “rolling” billions of tax dollars forward and by
creating a large “rainy day” fund. Those days are behind us, unfortunately, and
the economic disaster that we recently experienced has increased our City deficit
by over a billion dollars.
Up in Albany, where budget rules are less strict than they are here, the
situation is much worse. By the time you receive this survey, the State may have
passed a new budget. (It was due on April 1st.) It is increasingly likely that the
deficits in Albany will be passed on to the City.
Even though we can count on our local state legislators to fight to insure that
New York City does not bear an unfair share of state reductions in areas like
education, health care, youth and senior services, one result is absolutely
inevitable: the afore-mentioned City budget deficit will grow significantly larger.
We are faced with abysmal choices…so this budget survey will ask some
pretty depressing questions. Each of the choices in the questions is something
that has actually been mentioned as a final result of this budget process….and I
think it is fair to say that one or more of these things may well happen.
I also know that many of us are financially stressed. That’s why I voted
against raising property taxes last year. The property tax, the only tax that the
City Council has actual control over, affects everyone, owners and renters alike.
Can we afford to raise this tax in this economic climate?
I look forward to hearing your opinion. As I have in past years, I promise
that I will read and respond to every survey that I receive….and we receive
a lot of them. Your opinion helps shape the priorities that I fight for at City Hall.
And I can make you one other promise. I will be in there fighting to
preserve critical City services, services that we need in our neighborhoods,
and fighting to keep our City as affordable as possible.
Please return your survey as soon as possible!

Lew Fidler, Council Member

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