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Giant Sink Hole on Knapp Street

This sinkhole was forming over the course of a week. Cars kept dipping more and more into the street until it finally gave out.

Innovative Office Products Closed

Innovative Office Products on Knapp Street has closed. Will anyone miss it?

Golden Gate to Become K-12 Academy

The Golden Gate was recently just purchased by the Brooklyn Amity School who plan on turning the building into a K-12 school.

Golden Gate Inn Closed For Good

The Golden Gate Motor Inn on the corner of Shore Parkway and Knapp Street has closed due to lack of business.

The owner Harshad Patel told the Brooklyn Paper “I’ve lost $4 to $5 million,”…. “People just aren’t staying here anymore since the economic downturn.”

This may be true but it was widely […]

3.1 Million Dollars in Renovations at BK 15 Underway

The Knapp Street sanitation garage, aka BK 15, recently received 3.1 Million for landscaping and trailer renovations and now construction is underway.

Pizzeria Gets a Name: Venezia Pizzeria

Coming Soon: Brick Oven Pizza at Knapp & Harkness

Coming soon to Harkness Avenue / Knapp Street: a brick oven pizzeria!

The restaurant opens a few blocks away from Jordan’s Lobster Dock, Coldstone, and the UA.

Dunkin Donuts Conversion Complete Now Open

After Dunkin Donuts Changed into Timmy’s Donuts back in November 2009, it closed shortly thereafter, because they didn’t pay their rent.

Now,  less than a month after announcing the change back to DnD, they are open […]

“Temporary” Sanitation Garage on Knapp St. Receives 3.1 Mil for Renovations

BK 15 Currently Under Construction

The Knapp Street sanitation garage, aka BK 15, recently received 3.1 Million for landscaping and trailer renovations. Construction is currently underway

You may be asking why do I have “temporary” in quotes. Well if you didn’t know: the community was promised that this was ONLY going to be […]

Timmy’s Donuts Transition into Dunkin Donuts is Hysterical

Timmys Donuts to Turn Back into Dunkin Donuts

Timmy’s Donuts Formally Dunkin Donuts is going to be……a Dunkin Donuts!


Timmy’s Donuts Had One More Problem

We didn’t notice it at first but reader Dave points out that apparently either “Timmy” didn’t pay the rent on the way out or business was not enough to pay the rent.

Either way the sign on the door is very obvious – The marshals were called in to to reposes the […]

Timmy’s Donuts Closed

Timmy's Transition from Dunkin Donuts back in November 09

Timmy’s Donuts closed Wednesday after a six month attempt at making a Dunkin Donuts clone.

Developer Stephen Jemal Loses in Court Owes 18.9 Million

Since the summer of 2008 we have been tracking the progress of a court case of two Texas based companies: “Gerritsen Beach Investments Ltd” and “Riviera Investments I Ltd” vs Stephen Jemal. You may know Stephen Jemal and his company SSJ Development,LLC – they own the vacant Lacon Court and Knapp Street properties, and […]

Exclusive: Courts Say Jemal Owes 18.9 Million – How Will This Effect Us?

Our neighborhood’s favorite wanna-be developer is up Gerritsen Creek – and apparently can’t afford to buy a paddle!

Two federal courts recently handed down multi-million dollar judgments against developer Stephen Jemal, the man the Daily News said would “re-energize” our waterfront. So much for that plan, huh NYDN?

The judgments include 11.1 million dollars […]