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White Island Spraying – Death to Phragmites

White Island is scheduled to be sprayed with round-out next week to kill the phragmites, that just won’t leave that island.

Coming in via Dennis Flynn, Project Manager, Brooklyn Capital Projects Division

As I am sure most of you are aware, the sand stockpiling on White Island is almost complete. We are happy […]

White Island Meeting Roundup

The “public” “working” White Island Meeting

In attendance was GBCares, Alan Maisel, NYC Parks, NYS DEC, The Army Core of Engineers, a representative from Anthony Weiner and Representative from Marty Golden, surprisingly no Lew Fidler Lew was at the brooklyn dreams meeting, they were representing each other. There were also several community leaders […]

As Summer Approaches, Battle Between Photographers and Jet Skiers Heats Up on Creek

For those that done know, Gerritsen Creek is a no wake zone which prohibits Jetskiing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding in the area. Basically no anything of any kind.

This is meant to protect the wildlife (and plant life) here including the migratory and local birds, terrapins and fish. Consequently because of the wildlife there […]

Video: Jet Skis Summonsed

Jet Ski In Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

I’m not going to say I warned you, but I did. Unless you want your picture taken, people have to be careful not to speed in the the area of the creek that a speed limit a no wake zone exist. NYPD harbor […]

Picture of the Week: Egret Peekaboo

Introducing comment of the week:

Comment from Nick Lak | on Seba Avenue Park is a Disgrace Time: July 11, 2008, 7:03 pm

Even their graffiti sucks. Thumbs Dooooooown.

This is What’s Happening with Mau Mau

Whats happening with Mau-Mau you ask? as previously reported it is being cleared out by heavy equipment but there is more.

Let’s start this off by saying there are two separate projects that have to do with Mau-Mau. One is a New York City Parks project mandated by the DEC and the other is a Gateway National Park project (federal). I have posted about the Gateway project in the past so this post will only have to do with the New York City Parks Project.

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Mau Mau Island Demolition Activity

A lack of a boat prevents me from taking my own pictures but there is heavy equipment on Mau Mau and they are clearing the island.

If you have any pictures or can take some of your own email me the pictures. If you cant email me get them developed and then find […]

Mau Mau Island is Killing Hundreds of Horseshoe Crabs

Coming in Via House Call :)

Mau Mau/White Island is surrounded by hundred if not thousands of black sand bags which are holding the entire island together. Most of these bags are completely worn out from weather, tides and time. Over the last few years, these bags have been killing horseshoe crabs. You […]

“Scheduling Conflict” Prevents Explanation of Mau-Mau/White Island by NYCParks

Although the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association was kinda sorta promised a NYC Parks representative to explain what was going to happen to Mau-Mau/White Island, no one was able to attend due to a scheduling conflict. It’s not like the meeting dates change its always first Wednesday of every month.

The Property Owners […]

Say Goodbye to Mau Mau Island

Via NYPost

At a cost of $15 Million dollars the New York City Parks Department and the state Department of Environmental Conservation began last month began spraying herbicides on White Island to kill weeds, that will be replaced by grasslands.

It’s all to bring back a rare bird back to the area/island, […]

Picture of the Week – Up Close

[frmkl2bklyn / Flickr]

Jamaica Bay plagued by Horseshoe Crab thieves

Read more at Crab poachers, beware!

White Island to be Reconstructed

White Island / Mau-Mau is going to be reconstructed via a NYC Parks capital project. The total cost of this project is: $1,155,000. The website has no project description at this time.

This project was announced at the May Property Owners meeting by Anthony Weiner’s representative, who was announcing a different project but […]

Picture of the Week – Sunrise on the Creek

[frmkl2bklyn’s Early Morning sunrise / flickr]

Mill Basin Draw Bridge to Become Fixed Bridge

The Mill Basin Bridge is adjacent to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and the Gateway National Recreation Area.  It is a movable draw bridge on the Belt Parkway with a clearance over mean high water of 35 feet.  The new structure will not be a draw bridge, but a fixed structure with a […]