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Anthony Weiner: Green Streets Money Exists

Although Anthony Weiner talked heavily about Health Care and Immigration reform at the last property owners meeting it’s a little out of our scope and we won’t touch on those larger topics. You can watch the whole video here. However there are some topics which you need to know about!

The Green Streets […]

Gerritsen Avenue Construction NOT Green Streets

Despite the constant barrage of speculation with emails like “OMG!!1! THE AVE IS GETIN GREEN STREETS!” & “is the green streets comin tru?” NO this is not green streets.

The re-paving is going from the Point to Seba, and in front of 277.

If by some odd chance the DOT didn’t get […]

Green Streets Died This Time Last Year!

Remember Good Ol’ Green Streets? It was that proposal to put a concrete “curb” down the center of Gerritsen Avenue, if you remember it failed…miserably, flames should of been involved to show how much the proposal failed.

Anyway check out the original post here: Green Streets Dead and Check out the Green Streets […]

The Semi-New Problem on the Avenue

These guys were using their jackets to catch the wind to sail down the avenue. It looked they were having fun, until they noticed me driving down the center at them with a camera pointed right at them.

Yes, green streets would of solved this problem, however, just in case you didn’t know, […]

Parks Green Streets Plan B

Is it worth it to park in the center of the avenue and blocking a turning lane to take a picture of your own parked truck? Maybe green streets is just park vehicles parked down the center of the avenue.

Picture of the Week – Swan Wishing for Green Streets

Green Streets Dead…Again

[Flickr/Zombies on Gerritsen Avenue]

Unless the Department of Transportation is some sort of evil corporation and has a zombie formula that brings projects back to life, Green Streets is dead…again.

What killed the project this second time? It wasn’t any gunshots to the zombie head, it was a statement by John Quaglione the […]

Are We Being Lied To?

Just when we thought the Green Streets project was dead, turns out, it may never have actually died.

In the February 21st issue of the Bay News, a reporter from the newspaper asked the DOT about the project and the aftermath of the meeting. A DOT spokesperson said that “the project was still […]

Green Streets The Movie!

This is the meeting in its entirety. Try to enjoy.

Continue reading Green Streets The Movie!

Green Streets Dead

Green Streets died tonight. It is now a dead issue. The community really came out in force against this proposal. P.S. 277 auditorium was standing room only.

Continue reading Green Streets Dead

Important! Green Streets Meeting Tonight 2-13-2008 @ PS 277 – 7pm

Don’t like traffic? Drive on the Sidewalk!

This guy decided to bypass traffic on Gerritsen Avenue and drive on the sidewalk as if it were his own highway. Almost hitting a guy with a cane. He drove away very fast , maybe it was the guy taking pictures of him.

You always think about driving on the sidewalk, but you […]

Forget Green Streets We Cant Even Handle a Little Snow.

It snowed today and traffic was not moving at all on Gerritsen Avenue, Stuart Street, Avenue U, and Knapp Street.

Check out the Snow 2008 Gallery

Really? Purposed? Really? Did you do that on Purpose?

It begs the question Did you do that on Purpose?

Granted I’m not the best speller but this is one of those things that when I looked at it I said “Oh, Come On! Thats not even a word!”

I hate it when spell check says your word is right when it isn’t.


Property Owners Meeting: The Run Up to the Green Streets Meeting

So I went to the property owners meeting, and unlike the 61st Precinct Meeting it wasn’t that boring. It was the exact opposite. The topics that were discussed were:

Bulkheads Project is going to start on the 25th Crime Rate Lacon Ct project and soil testing Knapp and U Project for sidewalk permits […]