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Golden Gate Comes Down Piece by Piece

The Golden Gate Lettering came down this week to make room for the new Brooklyn Amity School.

Golden Gate Begins Demolition

The Golden Gate has begun it’s transition into the Brooklyn Amity K-8 School.

Golden Gate to Become K-12 Academy

The Golden Gate was recently just purchased by the Brooklyn Amity School who plan on turning the building into a K-12 school.

Golden Gate Inn Closed For Good

The Golden Gate Motor Inn on the corner of Shore Parkway and Knapp Street has closed due to lack of business.

The owner Harshad Patel told the Brooklyn Paper “I’ve lost $4 to $5 million,”…. “People just aren’t staying here anymore since the economic downturn.”

This may be true but it was widely […]

Golden Gate Could Become Two Hotels

Via NY Daily News

A hot-sheet hotel in Sheepshead Bay could become two name-brand hotels – including a new Marriott – after community opposition convinced the developer to scrap plans to build luxury condos there.

The Golden Gate Motor Inn, which since the 1960s has drawn both lawful travelers and riffraff, could be […]

Federal Manhunt at Golden Gate Last Night

If you were around the golden gate last night there was a large federal and very large NYPD presence searching the area around the golden gate. If you have more info please post it here.

Update Via NY Post:March 5, 2008 — A suspect wanted for a multimillion-dollar identity fraud managed to elude […]

Golden Gate Meeting Update

Via SBPBC Civic

So that Golden Gate meeting happened and it was to see what community leaders would want to see developed on the property. A few ideas were thrown about at that meeting including:

A 350 unit apartment building A supermarket

However, the community leaders that attended were against any type of […]

Golden Gate fate by secret meeting by Markowitz, Guess who’s not invited?

Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz might be looking to hold a small private meeting with the heads of both the SB/PBCA and the Bay Improvement Group regarding plans for the Golden Gate Inn, located on the corner of Knapp St. and Shore Pkwy. According to sources, Markowitz and his staff are very anxious to […]