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GBPOA August Meeting Roundup

The August Property Owners Meeting was jammed packed full of topics to discuss.

Practically all of Beacon Court showed up about their parking tickets and that was heavily discussed – We will save that for a separate post. That was the bulk of the meeting – stay tuned.

61 Precinct August Crime Report […]

Meetings: GBPOA Wednesday

A Perfect Summer Day by: Kris Bradley

There is a Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners Meeting Wednesday and expect it to be HOT! Both topics and temperature!

Don’t let the heat stop you from going. There will be some heated discussion I’m sure about:

61st Precinct Seba Avenue Park Councilman Lew Fidler Senator Marty […]

Kiddie Beach Opening Day Parade


Caitlin Sarubbi Leads the Parade Atop a "Good Human I SCREAM" Parade Car

There was nothing but sun and smiles this weekend as Gerritsen Beach kicked Kiddie Beachs’ Opening Day Celebration

The parade kicked off at Gerritsen and Whitney Avenues led by the Vollies, VWF Color Guard, Gerritsen Beach Community Marching Band, Stars Dancing Center, GBPOA, and lots of Gerritsen Beach beach goers in tow. The parade ended at the Lois Avenue entrance of Kiddie Beach.

I would like to think that although we have many parades in Gerritsen Beach throughout the year, I consider this parade one of the best and that it is somewhat of a “sponge parade”. Meaning that although it it starts off with only few dozen people at the start by the time the parade hits Lois Avenue there are at least a few hundred people.

This years honoree was Gerritsen Beach resident Caitlin Sarubbi – who notably competed this year in the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games.

Also Kiddie Beach dedicated the children playground to Liam James Walsh who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away a few years ago at the age of 6.

Like years past we took hundreds of pictures and if you need/want/desire a copy of pictures taken please email me at info@gerritsenbeach.net. Otherwise here is the Photo Galleries:


Dan Foster as a Mermaid with the Octopus Named Lee (I hear he is as mean as can be!)

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GBPOA Meeting Roundup

Update: 5/8/2010 – 11am – Updated the reason of resignation of a board member.

Generally speaking this was a quiet meeting. There was no votes, nothing of great significance, other than lots of great announcements, so lets recap what did happen.

Upon arrival we were handed a printed copy of comments made on […]

May Meeting Announcments

Gerritsen Beach Cares (Meetings When Announced ) Monday, May 3rd 7:00pm – St. James Basement Sheesphead Bay Plumb Beach Civic (Monthly – First Tuesday every month) Tuesday, May 4th 7:30pm – Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners Association (Monthly – First Wednesday every month) Wednesday, May 5th – 7:30 pm […]

Kiddie Beach Registration

Kiddie Beach registration is here!

Stop in at the Cort Club every Thursday in April and May Starting the April 15th from 7pm – 9pm.

To join Kiddie Beach or the GBPOA you must live with in Gerristen Beach which is from Whitney Avenue and The Point.

Opening Day June 5th FINAL APPLICATIONS […]

Anthony Weiner: Green Streets Money Exists

Although Anthony Weiner talked heavily about Health Care and Immigration reform at the last property owners meeting it’s a little out of our scope and we won’t touch on those larger topics. You can watch the whole video here. However there are some topics which you need to know about!

The Green Streets […]

Freedom of Speech Dies in Gerritsen Beach – Community Group Takes Steps to Block Out “Cameras” and “Press”

[The Whole Video]

At the recent GBPOA meeting George Broadhead, president of the GBPOA, brought up that certain people object to cameramen being present at the meeting. He described about what their board feels would be a good solution to address this concern: Splitting their meeting into a public session, where elected officials […]

Anthony Weiner to be at Property Owners Meeting Tonight

Well, last night Anthony Weiner was at the sheepshead bay plumb beach civic meeting…more to come on that later.

However, he will be at TONIGHTS property owners meeting. Be there!

Wednesday 7:30 pm St. James Basement Agenda to include Committee Reports re: Kiddie Beach Teen-age “Open Mic” […]

GBPOA March Meeting Report

From March Property Owners Meeting

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners March meeting nothing much happened. The meeting started a little after 7:30, was lightly attended (a few board members are hospitalized), and ended in under 20 minutes.

20 Minutes?! Really? This was mostly due to the fact that the MTA Brooklyn meeting was […]

March Meeting Madness

Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association March 2, 2010; usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Baron DeKalb, Knights of Columbus, 3000 Emmons Avenue, 7:30 p.m.; 718-891-1937; www.sbpbcivic.org.

Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association, March 3, 2010 (and each first Wednesday) at 7:30 p.m.; St. James Lutheran Church, Gerritsen and Florence avenues.

Marine […]

Golden Gate fate by secret meeting by Markowitz, Guess who’s not invited?

Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz might be looking to hold a small private meeting with the heads of both the SB/PBCA and the Bay Improvement Group regarding plans for the Golden Gate Inn, located on the corner of Knapp St. and Shore Pkwy. According to sources, Markowitz and his staff are very anxious to […]