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City Starts to Tax Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department $500 a year.

The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department was recently surprised by $520 bill for inspection of the Blue Star Mothers Hall. The Blue Star Mothers Hall is where the “Volleys” hold most of their training for the community. In June 2009, the City Council enacted legislation as part of the Ficsal year 2010 budget […]

Vollies on Blizzard: Thanks!

Dear Friends and Neighbors;

On Saturday, December 25th GBFD began preparing for the snowstorm. The Fire Engine and Ambulance were driven to the gas station to fill up the gas tanks. Extra Blankets and sand were put on the rigs. The chains for the tires were prepared in case we needed them. All […]

Vollies Take Up EMT Backlog

The Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department has been ready to handle any Gerritsen Beach emergency since the start of the blizzard.

The FDNY and EMS response times have been completely compromised during the blizzard. Any normal type of response to Gerritsen Beach would be difficult if not impossible. The Vollies have taken up […]

Vollies Thanksgiving Ragamuffin Day Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was not the only exciting parade Thanksgiving Day.

The Gerritsen Beach Fire Department held their Annual Ragamuffin parade for the families and children of Gerritsen Beach. Santa, a contingent of costumed Vollies, and the Gerritsen Beach Marching Band wave and escort many families who walk behind to get […]

Boat Fire Update

Vollies were the first to get water on the Fire.

Via nycfire.net

Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY, 8/16/10

Address: at the docks off 1 Cyrus Ave off Madoc Ave

20:19 hours Phone Box 3667 – Report of a boat fire Engs. 321, 309, 254 TL159, TL!53 Battalion 33 Marine 3

20:20 hours Marine 3: […]

Vollies get a Spring Cleaning with Help from Goldman Sachs Community Teamworks Volunteers

The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department welcomed Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks volunteers the other day Friday, May 7 2010.

The 25+ year old ceiling tiles in the main hall were all replaced there were over 300 of them. The back yard was all cleaned of debris. The entire outside of the building […]