Yellow Light Installation Started – Not Where You Think


Installation has started of the flashing yellow traffic signal that was promised on Gerritsen Avenue. Yesterday, the Department of Transportation, ran the conduit for the power for the poles approximatively 150 feet away from actual intersection of Gerritsen and Channel Avenues.

This effectively kills any chance for a full (red, yellow, green) traffic signal at the actual intersection.

Last year, for the upteenth time, the property owners requested a new traffic study for Channel and Gerritsen to try and get a full traffic signal. At the time, it possibly could have been funded though Anthony Wieners “Green Streets” money. However, when the traffic study came back we did not qualify for the full traffic signal. The in and out (North/South) traffic was good enough but from Channel to Gerritsen (East/West) was not.

The association then proposed a flashing yellow signal, the thought being, that although it might help, it was more important to get the DOT to install everything: the power, poles, etc because then it would be a very easy switch for a full traffic signal.

Then without a community input or any type of presentation, the DOT started work 150 feet away from the actual intersection completely backfiring on the original plan. Now it seems like any hope for any type of full traffic signal at Channel has died.


Car vs. Building


I guess you could say they must of really been on the run


DOT Installs Traffic Counters at Gerritsen & Avenue U


The NYC Department of Transportation is conducting another traffic study. They have installed four traffic survey counters at Gerritsen & Avenue U one for each direction.

Please don’t destroy these, like last time.


Crossing at P.S. 277 – The Good One or Bad One?

In years past there has always been three crossing guards for PS 277 at Allen, Bijou and Channel Avenues.

Since the beginning of this school year there has been some confusion with crossing guards not showing up and leaving Bijou and/or Channel with no one.

It took numerous calls from parents to the 61 Precinct and to PS 277 to get immediate action. Today, the 61 Precinct arrived and was a bit confused when they did not see a flashing yellow light on Channel. They had thought the yellow flashing light at Channel Avenue was already installed therefore not needing a Crossing guard at channel – which is incorrect.


Area Quickly Fills with Parents at Multiple Exits

If you know the remaining crossing guards, you know there is the good one and the crazy/bad one. The Precinct arrived and an officer briefly spoke with both Crossing Guards. Moving the good one to Channel Avenue and leaving the bad one at Bijou.

Why is this crossing guard crazy/bad? Well this is the one that many thought was just an older lady that just liked to wear the vest on sunny days with her “old lady cart”.


Crossing Guard - Stuck in the Middle

After the brief precinct visit, the bad one did not cross the dozens of children and parents at Bijou Avenue. Not only did she not cross anyone she has a major noticeable walking disability – enough where it is not-at-all appropriate to be a crossing guard.She instead crossed them multiple times AGAINST the light and because she cannot walk, she got caught in the median of the Avenue multiple times.

In the end – the bad ones mistakes may be the result of the days confusion. Her former post of Allen Avenue was very small and that may have worked with her disability but now on a full length Avenue – this is creating more of a problem.

Where was the Good One? Trying her HARDEST to slow down north bound traffic on Gerritsen Avenue with nothing but her hand.

We have been informed that the 61 is eliminating the crossing guard post at Allen Avenue leaving only the remaining two at Bijou and Channel.


The Good One - About to be Moved


"Please Stop"

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


A Slow Day - Only Two Buses

It has to be said.

Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Enough with the Garbage.

Despite artful messages the Gerritsen Avenue Soccer Fields are filthy! Why? Because our fields are growing more and more popular during the week with Day Care Camps. They come in by the busload and when they leave they don’t clean up after themselves!

These camps come in usually because Marine Park is filled and they come here to use our facilities.

Don’t get us wrong here we are all for having kids having fun but if they leave the place a mess it’s not worth it.

Who knows when Bergen Beach is coming back to clean it up!



New Gerritsen Avenue Storefront Coming


There is a new storefront coming next to Salon Siena.

Rain Floods Gerritsen and Channel Avenue

We understand that this is just a puddle but it’s no ordinary puddle – It’s OUR HUGE puddle. Too big for what was a short period of rain.

It’s all due to a clogged storm drain at Channel Avenue.


Traffic Signal Approved for Channel and Gerritsen Avenue

Smilie Lights

A 50 + year battle to get a traffic signal at Channel Avenue has come to an end – thanks to the Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners and State Senator Marty Golden.

State Senator Martin J. Golden is today announcing that he has received notification from the Department of Transportation that a flashing yellow light has been approved for installation at the intersection of Gerritsen and Channel Avenue.

A flashing yellow traffic light indicates that there is a congested road or dangerous intersection ahead. The signal means motorists should slow down and approach with caution.

The corner has long been one of much concern for the entire Gerritsen Beach community as well as the school community of P.S. 277. Senator Golden has met with DOT officials and the Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners Association on site at this location to observe the traffic study, and has repeatedly contacted the Transportation Department and requested traffic calming measures be considered for this intersection.

A date for installation has not been scheduled.

Senator Marty Golden stated, “This is a great day for the community of Gerritsen Beach and for the safety of all residents. This is a day that has long been wished for by parents, teachers, and students of P.S. 277, as
well as the residents of the neighboring streets throughout the community. Finally, after continued efforts and support from the community, including the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association, we have been able to get approval for traffic safety enhancements at this intersection. With the new school year set to begin next month, this news could not have arrived at a better time.”

Golden concluded, “I am hopeful that the installation of this traffic signal will be completed soon. The community of Gerritsen Beach has waited long enough to feel safer and more comfortable when driving along Gerritsen Avenue at Channel Avenue. We thank the Department of Transportation for approving this signal
and for their continued attention to this intersection.”

City Takes Out Bus Shelters


Today, a city contractor took out at least five bus shelters on Gerritsen Avenue. They did this while raining forcing people to stand in the rain, not to mention the extended forecast calls for more rain.

Rain is a short term complaint. What does this mean for the long term?! Well for one – there will be less shelters for the kids to smash. More seriously, these shelters are most likely gone for good. We have put in a call and await confirmation of our speculation.

Whitney (Church Parking Lot)
Avenue X (Across from Brenmans)
Everett (Bagel Store)


Unknown Container Springs DEC Hazmat

This morning a NYS DEC hazmat team inspected the contents of an unknown drum abandoned on Gerritsen Avenue near Lois Avenue Weeds Side.

Interesting site to see two suited-up people in hazmat suits complete with duct-taped gloves.

It turned out that it was diesel fuel but who leaves a drum of diesel fuel on the sidewalk!

Parks Clears Weeds for More Trees


Parks Employee with a Chainsaw RUN!!!!!!!!

You may have noticed a difference in the weeds across from the library. The Parks Department came in today to clear out non-native invasive trees for a scheduled planting in October. They plan on planting 2000 native trees and 500 native shrubs.

They have been spraying the phragmities and will continue to to keep them at bay.


Car Flips on Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U

Since the island was installed was installed back in November 2009 things promised to get better. Today, A car fliped on Gerritsen Avenue today, no details on the why or the how. but the police responded, flipped the car, and EMS took away the driver.


Courier Life Picks Up On the Stop Light Being Considered for Gerritsen Avenue

Fullscreen capture 4212010 70100 PM

Our neighborhood downtown Brooklyn based community paper recently picked up on the possibility of a traffic signal on Gerritsen Avenue. Maybe they picked up the story out of thin air because they weren’t at the meeting.

Even though they added nothing to the story at hand, they did add additional exposure – which in the end is good for us.
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Tree at the House at the Point in Danger


This tree at the last house at the point has been uneasily leaning against the house. It’s been temporarily secured with a chain but is still in danger of falling.

If there are any other trees out there please call 311 to report a dangerous or fallen tree.


DOT Lays Down a Traffic Study


If you have not already noticed DOT has laid down the strips they use for a traffic study approaching the Channel Avenue intersection.

This study was requested by Senator Goldens office along with the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association for a Traffic Signal at Channel Avenue.

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