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Happy New Year

Dear residents of gerritsen beach both near and far. GerritsenBeach.net would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We had an interesting year to say the least.

Five Days Later: This Guy

While all if not most of the beach has been plowed Canton Ct. between Cyrus and Seba Av has not been plowed because of this unregistered – no plate – range rover.

Coming in via email

This selfish car owner(who was part of your cone story) left his car there the night of […]

Events: Book Sale

Pizzeria Gets a Name: Venezia Pizzeria

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoys your Thanksgiving and a hopefully a little extra time off to spend with your family. Be sure to check the site next week for updates!!

Property Owners Meeting: Halloween Edition

Read more at SheepsheadBites

Gerritsen Beach grappled with its latest controversy during last night’s Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Assocation meeting, as they tackled the Halloween “bombing” that saw violence and destruction spill through the community.

The solution put forward by most? Silence the blogger who put the nefarious youths in the spotlight.

Read […]

Donate! Police Officer Harry R. Ryman Memorial

Donate Here

On August 14, 1980, 43-year old Police Officer Harry R. Ryman was gunned down while in the process of stopping 3 men from stealing an automobile. Harry served both his Country and his City. He served 8 years in the U.S. Navy, and was a NYC Police Officer for 17 years. […]

Upcoming Events: Dan’s 5K Fun Run – Saturday September 18, 2010

2009 Runners Take Off Down Gerritsen Avenue

Dan’s 5k Fun Run in Gerritsen Beach, has grown to be a must to-do event for runners (and walkers) in our area. It has also become a great event for runners in the brooklyn area to participate in.

Download Flyer and Application

Facebook Event Invite

This […]

Seba Park Construction

The Seba Avenue Park Comfort Station aka Bathrooms construction is underway. This week there is a HUGE square hole that was excavated. Under the soil layer is nothing but sand.

A Ride on the B31: Stats Edition

We know a lot of you take the B31.

Everyone here at GerritsenBeach.net dabbles in the B31 on a daily and nightly basis.

We were bored one day and decided to gather stats from Kings Highway to Lois Avenue!

16 minutes to drive 2.77 miles with an average speed of 10 MPH

Date: […]

I Do What I Want

Coming in Via Email:

“I Do What I Want”

Power Outages What to Do

Today there was an extended power outage in Gerritsen Beach. The Old Section was the last to come on after a few hours.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain what to do:

Power Problems? – What you should do when your power goes out. (Coned Flyer)


B31 Makes One Last Stand

The MTA cuts are happening Monday, and we are losing the overnight B31 and Marine Park is losing the B2. Yesterday the bus that I got on had every seat covered with a flyer to call the MTA CEO and demand a stop to the cuts. The flyer was sponsored by the TWU.


Found Dog: Yorkie

Vandals Caught Defacing Property on the Avenue

Cameras! Cameras! Cameras! & Youtube! No matter what the crime you commenters always demand cameras. Well in this case you got one.

Vandals were caught on security camera defacing property on Gerritsen Avenue. They were marking up the newish buildings It appears as though they knew a camera was watching them, one looks […]