Tired of Winter? Ice Cream U Scream is Amazing!

I don’t think it’s been said before but Ice Cream U Scream is amazing and EVERYONE needs to try some of their winter items.

Ice Cream U Scream has great Chili, Hot Dogs, grilled cheese and knishes.

Stop in 2714 Gerritsen Avenue (next to Victoria’s Pizzeria)

Pizzeria Del Corso Finito


Neighbors say Pizzeria Del Corso (3003 Avenue U) is closed for good.

Despite rumors to the contrary, all of Del Corso’s neighbors say it’s closed for good citing money issues.

According to the neighbors, the owner of Del Corso was having rather public personal problems coupled with money issues, both issues forced him to close him business When asked about the construction, they said there is flat out nothing happening in there for weeks.

Travel Channel: Man vs Food at L&B and Brennan & Carr!

Man vs Food which airs on the discovery channel explores restaurants all over the county to find unique dishes and best traditional foods.

Premieres Wednesday, November 11, at 10 E/P

Host Adam Richman with Brooklyn Brough President Marty Markowitz

Brennan & Carr
Adam visits Brennan & Carr, where they put tender roast beef on top of a cheeseburger and call it the Gargiulo Burger.
Address: 3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Goodbye Gerritsen Bagel: To Close by the End of the Month

Gerritsen Bagel

Gerritsen Bagel is being forced to close by the end of the month.

Update:1/15/09 The store is no longer open.

For quite sometime now there has been a very public battle between business partners over the Bagel store. I was even confronted by someone involved in the store over this post.

The fight between partners, is the main cause for this closure but there are rumors that the building has also been foreclosed, which does not help the situation.

It’s Sad. Maybe something will return at that location, maybe something better.

Victorias Closed for a Week


Victoria’s will be closed for the first week of the new year. January 5th – January 11th. So don’t call!

They should return on Monday January 12th

While they are vacationing check out this video of someone enjoying Victoria’s:

Come On Buckley’s 70 Points is really really bad

Buckley's Tavern Bar Grill

I wouldn’t usually post Health Inspection Violation Results but this deserves some attention.  Buckley’s Restaurant (2926 Avenue S) failed its most recent health inspection with a total of 70 points! That’s beyond bad. The average violation point total is 16, failing is 28.



NYCDOH Inspection Information

Sanitary Violations
1.) Other general violation.
2.) Non-food contact surface improperly constructed. Unacceptable material used. Non-food contact surface or equipment improperly maintained.
3.) Plumbing not properly installed or maintained; anti-siphonage or backflow prevention device not provided where required; equipment or floor not properly drained; sewage disposal system in disrepair or not functioning properly.
4.) Toilet facility not maintained and provided with toilet paper, waste receptacle and self-closing door.
5.) Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to vermin exist.
6.) Hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room. Hot and cold running water at adequate pressure not provided at facility. Soap and an acceptable hand-drying device not provided.
7.) Evidence of flying insects or live flying insects present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
8.) Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
9.) Food item spoiled, adulterated, contaminated or cross-contaminated.
10.) Food not cooled by an approved method whereby the internal product temperature is reduced from 140°F to 70°F or less within 2 hours and from 70°F to 45°F or less within 4 additional hours.
11.) Cold food held above 41°F (smoked fish above 38°F) except during necessary preparation.

A Review of Jordans Lobster Dock by Umami Mart


Via: Umamiventure #12: Sheepshead Bay Pt. 1 (Jordon’s Lobster Dock)

Umami Mart is a world-wide community where highbrow and lowbrow eaters come together to discuss food matters. We all gotta eat, so share it!

On the Lobster Roll:
The menu says it’s a ¼ lb of lobster meat which looked generous and was plenty for me. I was glad to see that it wasn’t drenched in mayo (I’m not a big fan of mayo) instead they give you a packet of mayo on the side that you could squeeze on top of your heap of lobster…yuk, don’t like that style either. So I was enjoying it at first, but then halfway through it got a bit bland. I didn’t dislike it and feel kind of guilty saying that since who can resist fresh lobster meat, but maybe it did need a bit of mayo or spices mixed in?

On the oysters and steamers:
All I can say is, the oysters at Jordan’s were completely awesome and amazing! The fresh ones were good, but especially the fried ones were the best I’ve ever had. I would definitely make the trip again for those.

On the whole lobster:
I got a pound of lobster for $19- the meat was juicy and fresh. Totally delicious. Picking it apart is so much fun! The part when you get to the tail, is of course, the best part. Yamahomo printed out a coupon for 3 lobsters for $30 to take home from the fish market (also an awesome part of Jordan’s). What a deal!

On the calamari:
The calamari was tender but kind of forgettable. No legs either, which makes me suspect it’s frozen.

On the ambiance :
The ambiance of the place was hilarious and a little sad—Jordan’s is at the end of an inexplicably long and empty road leading towards the dock/harbor area, sandwiched between a TGI Friday’s and a Cold Stone Creamery. Such is late capitalism.

Knapp Street Pizza Celebrates 20 Years!

Congrats to Knapp Street Pizza who are celebrating 20 Years

Crystal Bakery Open!

Crystal Bakery 2137 Knapp Street opened the other day. We went in a took some pictures.

Leons Bakery now Crystal Bakery

Coming in on our Tip Line a reader spotted this and submitted this from their cell phone.

Leons bakery has been officially replaced with Crystal Bakery.

Coldstone isn’t Ready

Coldstone was set to open today. We went on over expecting a crowd and it was empty.

Its obviously not ready to open.

We called the number listed for a new date with no call back.

Victorias Pizza! :)

The time has come to show the world Victorias Pizza.

Victorias Pizza has been serving pizza to the Gerritsen Beach community since 1962. Victorias has since been a staple of the community, hosting: beach block party’s with sand on the sidewalks, the Gerritsen Beach Little League and donating time and money back to the community.

Other than that they serve up the best pizza. We know we might be a little bias because we live here, but we have tried alot of pizza in our time. The squares are simply the best around.


You cant walk into Victoria’s without getting something.

I think its a rule.

So I picked up a baby square (6 Squares)with fresh garlic .


Activity at Leons

There has been some Activity at leons.

Looks like theres going to be some changes at Leons.

Possibly gutting out the whole place.

I went by and took some (low quality) pictures.

The Notice reads:

Marshal Legal Possession

M & R Managements Inc as agent for Big Knapp LLC


Sebastiano Hassaretto & Sebastiano Caruso
S&S Pastry Shop Inc aka Leons Bakeshop
2157 Knapp Street & 2272 Gerritsen Ave Including Active asset at 2222 Gerritsen Ave Office 4

photo_012607_002.jpg photo_012607_005.jpg

Leons: Kaput, Done, Closed, No More, WTF

What happened!

Leons is done. Its not coming back. Thats too bad.

Ive called to try to find out anything but no luck.

Discuss here

Leons’ Bake Shop Update

More than likely Leon’s was closed to Board of Health violations

This place has been shut down more times than it should be:
5 times in 2005
2 times in 2006

Call them!

leon’s bake shop
2137 Knapp St
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 646-9012

Link to Leon’s Most Recent Inspection
Link to All of the Past Violations

Link to Orginal Story

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