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Kings Plaza Diner Being Stripped to the Bone

The recently closed Kings Plaza Diner recently held an auction where everything was sold off to the highest bidder.

Looks like they sold everything, right now all of the sheet metal is being torn off and piled together.


Everywhere You Look there are New Stores

There are lots of new stores popping up on the Avenue.

Let’s break them down.

First we have Big Robs Heroes (2662 Gerritsen Avenue) which is closer to Devon Avenue. This place reminds us of of the failed Sammitch shop. We wish them luck!

Next door to Rob’s we have another place ready […]

New Gerritsen Avenue Storefront Coming

There is a new storefront coming next to Salon Siena.

Walgreens Open on Former Foursome Diner Site

If you remember the Foursome Diner closed back in November 2007.

Well now the Walgreens that was being constructed has finally opened.

Check out all of our previous foursome diner coverage.

Second Hand Joe’s All Closed Up

2674 Gerritsen Avenue former home to Kings Music is now the former home of Second Hand Joes.

The second hand furniture store almost lasted two years, they opened around November 2008.

Walgreens More or Less Completed

Wow that was fast! Walgreens is now more or less complete at what used to be the foursome diner.

The foursome diner was demolished and the new Walgreens building was constructed well within a year.


Doreen Greenwood Office Transplant

Doreen Greenwood’s Real estate office has moved next door to the newly finished buildings next door.

Walls Go Up At Walgreens Site

At the former site of the foursome diner, walls have gone up for what is going to be walgreens.

Bulkhead Construction on $9Mil Knapp Lot

[Bulkhead Construction]

The lot which is currently on sale for $9 million, is currently undergoing bulkhead repairs. This is not the city repairing the bulkhead as some may have first thought, but the property owner. They have also repaired the entire sidewalk on Knapp Street adjacent to their […]

Rosco’s Doggy Day Care Closed

Previous Post: 3102 Avenue U Complete. Now 4 Stores.

Located at 3102 Avenue U , Rosco’s opened in March and now has closed its doors citing “problems with the landlord”

Photo Update

2736 Gerritsen Avenue is the address for the lot that is under construction and it looks like we will be getting a new building erected there.

Activity at the Former Nobody Beats the Wiz on Flatbush

Coming in from our soon to be hopping MarineParker.net

Since the Wiz closed way back when in 1997 not much has happened with the buildings that they used to occupy. Sleepys in recent years took over one of the two Wiz buildings.

The other building has always remained empty, in recent days […]

Mill Basin: Lowes Construction in Full Force

In what used to be the Kings Plaza outdoor parking lot, in now going to be a Lowes.

After a few years of nothingness, the construction is in full force.

August […]

Schatz Brothers Rumblings of another Large Construction

There are rumblings…. of something large coming, but nothing solid to put “out there” right now.

If you know anything please comment.


Champions Fitness Center Complete

Champions fitness (2632 Gerritsen Ave) recently completed transforming their store. Good for them!

Previous Post:

Jims Marine Inn to become Champion Fitness Jims Marine Inn to Permanently […]