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Caucasus Garden – Dumps Flyers Everywhere in GB

If you woke up over the weekend to find an annoying foreign language flyer under your windshield your not alone. Caucasus Garden (2715 Avenue U, NY 11229) thought it would be a good idea to hit ALL Gerritsen Beach residents cars over the weekend.

Placing any advertising on a vehicle is not new […]

Breaking: Body Found at Point


A body has been found at the point

On Thursday, August 18, 2011 at approximately 0725 hours, police officers responded to calls of a body in the water at 3078 Gerritsen Ave within the confines of the 63 precinct. Upon arrival, officers discovered a M/W/28 unconscious and unresponsive on the shore of the location. EMS responded and pronounced the aided DOA. There are no arrests at this time, ME will determine the cause of death and investigation is ongoing.

Update 11:45AM From information gathered at the scene.

Both the stabbing at channel avenue and body at the point are related incidents.

There was a bar fight involving two brothers and another group that spilled into the streets. One brother was stabbed near Everett avenue and collapsed across the street in the weeds. He was transported to a hospital and is in critical condition. The other brother was stabbed and found DOA at the point.

Update 12:20PM Police are waiting on a warrant for a person of interest on 3609 Filmore Ave between 36 and 37th

Update 2:00pm The internet has identified the body as Timothy Murray and the stabbing victim as Ryan Murray.

Update 5:00pm The 63 has arrested someone in connection with the stabbing. A warrant was issued for Samuel Edison.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as information becomes available.

Warning: The below picture may be graphic for some.

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Stabbing on Gerritsen Avenue

Police last night were searching for 3 white males that fled the scene near Gerritsen Ave and Channel Avenue after someone was stabbed multiple times. This happened in front of the Laundromat at 2690 Gerritsen Avenue

Serious Assault | Searching For 3 W/m’s That Fled The Scene near Gerritsen Ave Brooklyn, NY | […]

Senior attacked

A 23-year-old thug Bevy court resident was arrested on April 15 after he dragged an 87-year-old woman to the ground during a purse snatching on Aster Court in Gerritsen Beach.

The elderly woman was mugged on Aster and Everett avenues at 3:11 pm when the thief jumped her. He ran off with her property, […]

WPIX: Brooklyn Neighborhood Taking On Graffiti Vandals


Channel 11 WPIX picked up on the graffiti story. Although their headline suggests that the neighborhood is taking on graffiti vandals, there are no current plans for any official neighborhood watch program.

Disgraceful Graffiti Attack on Gerritsen Beach

Overnight graffiti appeared up on homes and businesses all over New Section’s Bevy Court, Everrett and Devon Avenue’s. Graffiti has been popping up on Bus Shelters over the course of the last few weeks as well as smaller unnoticeable places. Now it seems like the perpetrator(s) went all out and cause a decent […]

Theft at Laundromat

Check out this guy (above) he stole quarters and a wallet of an employee. He quickly spent almost $500.

Makes his own cigarettes. Wanted for larceny, credit card theft. He used the card at rite aid on Nostrand Avenue twice.

Anyone with information call 800-577-tips or fill out their online […]

Brooklyn Teen Busted on Assault Charges After Snowball Barrage.

Thinking about throwing a snow ball this weekend? Look at what the consequences could be.

Pre Teen Ice Attack on Pregnant Woman with Baby

Saturday night, a group of tweens in the Old Section threw a ball-like solid chuck of ice at a pregnant woman who was taking her one year old out of her car. The woman’s husband chased after the group and caught up with a “kid that seemed no older than 10″. He let him […]

Robbery at “It’s All About Me Now”

Story and Photos by Eddie Velinskie

A robbery took place late this afternoon around 5pm at “It’s All About Me Now” at the BUSY corner of Gerritsen Avenue & Avenue U. A female employee of “It’s All About Me Now” and her boyfriend allegedly removed 8 large black garbage bags of items from […]

Roving Teens Target Gerritsen Ave Laundromat Daily

We have received numerous reports that our local youth have been harassing the owner White Wave Laundromat (2690 Gerritsen Ave) on Gerritsen Avenue on a daily basis. This may have been due to the recent school week off but nevertheless the laundromat seems to be a timeless target for vandals. The vandals are […]

Buses Running then Not

Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

Disgusting Behavior in “Crap-Gate”

Dye Map – Courtesy of Brooklyn DA

Investigators used green dye to trace discharges and found that fecal matter and toilet paper from the movie theater’s septic system showed up in the creek as recently as this year.

These are the four individuals :

Craig Novoa (top left), David Matalon (top […]

Please Stop Throwing Rocks

As much as it pains GerritsenBeach.net to bring it up: All weekend long kids were throwing rocks at people, buses and cars again from Seba Avenue Park.

One resident even tried to reason with the kids:

Tonight I was at the skate park…a group of teenagers ages ranging 13-15 were throwing […]

Shoplifter in Liquor Store

On Labor Day, we had a shoplifter in our store.  People have seen him around the neighborhood, even though he is not from GB and he has shopped in our store before.  I just want to get the word out so the people will be on the lookout for him and he doesn’t steal […]