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Breaking: Boat Fire On Landis Court

Photos by Gianna Gooch

Details to come….

The Point These Days

A picture of the Point from Saturday July 3rd of all “outsiders” bringing in Jet Ski’s, BBQ’s, and parties.

What’s wrong with this? Well it’s not really a beach that has lifeguards. We as a community do not need someone that can’t swim drown or hit by a Jet Ski. Which there […]

Quad Crazies

Coming in Via Email: by George

I was at the beach on the 4th of July shooting photos of the water jets (Just testing a new 5D I have) to see the water splashes and fun people were having. I came across a couple of people who asked me to take shots of […]

Horseshoe Crab Season

For those of you not close enough to see the water on a daily basis Horseshoe Crab breeding season is here.

During the breeding season, Horseshoe crabs migrate to shallow coastal waters. Males select a female and cling onto her back. The female digs a hole in the sand and lays her eggs […]

White Island 75% Done

There was a recent meeting about White Island – This is What is Happening with Mau Mau Now

Lets backtrack a little bit with this project and clarify that are two separate projects with White Island Mau-Mau area going on right now. One is the White Island project which is a New York […]

Ghost Ships

ETO & SSJ Development are Playing Tag with NYPD Harbor and DEP attempting to to dump boats in various parts of the creek.

You may be asking your self what happened those boats that were 1) floating around the creek slamming into everything and 2) the boats at the property?

Well funny […]

DEC Arrests Two GB Fisherman, SSJ Still Not Issued $10,000 fine

The State Environmental Conservation Officers recently arrested two fishermen in Brooklyn for catching dozens of striped bass that were undersized and in excess of allowable limits, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced.

(Media-Newswire.com) – State Environmental Conservation Officers recently arrested two fishermen in Brooklyn for catching dozens of striped bass […]

Boat Raised Up by ETO

ETO raised up the boat today that sank off the Danza Stephen Jemals Property last week. The coast guard was on hand to observe the raising

The boat like any other boat that sinks in the creek caused a fuel spill in and around the area.


Problems Persist for ETO and Jemal

Yesterday a boat that was docked at Stephen Jemals property was floating around unattended, bumping into docks and other boats. Harbor patrol was able to secure the boat and returned it to a slip on the Jemals property.


ETO Creek Disaster

Our good friends Stephen Jemal and ETO have been up to no good lately.

First, A boat sank while docked on Stephen Jemals property at the old riveria marina and as a result the gas and oil leaked into the creek. The coast guard was notified and filed a report. Separately, On the […]

Belt Parkway Rain Runoff Pouring into Creek

At the last property owners meeting it was brought up that there is a pipe across from kiddie beach, connected to the parkway, that has water pouring out of it during and after rain storms draining into the creek.

If true this is true this would be in violation of federal law. Highway […]

White Island Spraying – Death to Phragmites

White Island is scheduled to be sprayed with round-out next week to kill the phragmites, that just won’t leave that island.

Coming in via Dennis Flynn, Project Manager, Brooklyn Capital Projects Division

As I am sure most of you are aware, the sand stockpiling on White Island is almost complete. We are happy […]

Upcoming Event: Canal Party 2009

Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009 Time: 12:00pm – 10:00pm Location: The Canal.

[Tug of War Canal Party 2008]

The Canal Party is the most unique in block party in Brooklyn!

The canal party is a semi-private event on the Gerritsen Beach Canal, which started in 1998. All residents on the canal are encouraged […]

Upcoming Event: Oarsome, G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. 2009

[Shirt Design by NickLak]

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009 Time: 12:00pm – 5:30pm Location: At the southern most end of Gerritsen Ave.

Its that time of the year again for the “Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race”.

The Boat races are being help Sept. 12th

I’m not sure how […]

This Is Whats Happening With White Island Now

[Whole White Island Meeting at Property Owners Meeting]

Phase 1 is already semi complete, which was clearing all of the vegetation on the island (trees and fragmities)above the 10 foot contour, this was for survey purposes this was completed last July.

Now is the second phase which is the full redesign of the […]