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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

A Slow Day – Only Two Buses

It has to be said.

Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Enough with the Garbage.

Despite artful messages the Gerritsen Avenue Soccer Fields are filthy! Why? Because our fields are growing more and more popular during the week with Day Care Camps. They come in by the busload and […]

A Response to GBCares Newsletter

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A full year after the debacle known only as “woodchip-gate”, GBCares continues to blame this site and its visitors for all of its problems. But, the truth is literally in the details.

In an article called “Weekly Community Service Suspended Until Further Notice”, which GBCares released in their newsletter, they outlined their story, starring a jealous city agency, and a “careless weblog attack”.

Strap in kids!
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Freedom of Speech Dies in Gerritsen Beach – Community Group Takes Steps to Block Out “Cameras” and “Press”

[The Whole Video]

At the recent GBPOA meeting George Broadhead, president of the GBPOA, brought up that certain people object to cameramen being present at the meeting. He described about what their board feels would be a good solution to address this concern: Splitting their meeting into a public session, where elected officials […]

Dog Barking in the Beach

We have a lot of dogs in Gerritsen Beach, sometimes dozens per block. On a decent day you will see lots of dogs in their respective yards.

Which brings me to an issue I am hearing about more and more each day: Excessive dog barking.

It’s no problem for you when it’s your […]

When is a Spot “Your Spot”? When it Snows! Of Course

Although we’ve covered this before, its worth saying it again:

A open parking space, is never your spot! Even if you have to walk UPHILL BOTH WAYS, against the wind, and in 12 feet of snow to get to your car. So, Get over it.

After this past weekends snow storm some in […]

Woodchips: A Response

With all of the recent wood chip controversy … wait a second. Let’s read that again, “wood chip controversy”. Did you ever think wood chips would ever start a controversy? Yeah, me neither.

I recently received another statement from Gerritsen Beach Cares, who have apparently decided to “clear up” the wood chip controversy once and for all, dispelling all of the rumors so the community can finally put this all behind them!
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Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Invites Brooklyn Bloggers for a Discussion.

GerritsenBeach.net was invited to a meeting with the borough president Marty Markowitz over breakfast, to “share your thoughts about blogging and Brooklyn”. We at GerritsenBeach.net know what this is an attempt to meet the “new establishment”, and to change the way they control their message/news.

The way people of Brooklyn specifically how their […]

A Letter from a Anonymous Teenager

Today I received an anonymous email and I am posting this to obviously respond but also to get responses from the GeriritsenBeach.net community. “Anonymous Teenager” is not alone in what he/she thinks. There are a good number of “kids” and even some adults that don’t care for this site, they think that its trouble. […]

Parents are Crazy People – PS 277 Arrival and Dismissal

Hi Parents! You know you’re crazy right? We all know how crazy you are, but when did it become acceptable to live with crazy people?

On any day at ANY school dropping off and picking up is messy, our PS 277 is no exception. For about a half hour every morning and every […]

Listen Up: Comments and Commenting

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Gerritsenbeach.net is an objective news site that was created with the intention of providing the residents of Gerritsen Beach with solid news and commentary on matters that are important to us. Gerritsenbeach.net also allows community members to voice their opinions and concerns and share events, questions and ideas. As with any news there will occasionally be a story which paints someone or something in a negative light, such as the Halloween mischief posts or the tire robberies. These situations can’t be helped, and I feel responsible to post both the negative as well as the positive for the sake of the community. That being said I think its time to teach people about comments. Again.

Most people take issue with the comments. Comments are a part of this site which I have NO control over the content and am not responsible for the content

EVERYONE needs to get over that fact.

Sadly, most of the time a “negative” angle post will get more comments than a positive post. Case in point: Volunteers put up Holiday Lights vs. Memorial Removal, to which I had to disable comments.

Quickly, here is how they work. A commenter doesn’t have to leave their name or email address to comment, it goes live to the site immediately, I get a notification, I skim the content of the comment to make sure its not curse filled and that’s it. There is no other moderation. Every now and then I disable comments on a post if the post is completely out of control. Easy right?

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News 12 Reporting Raises Red Flags.

Beach Water quality raises red flags – News 12

I just found a News 12 article specifically talking about Kiddie Beach and the recent report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The only problem is that everything in the report is wrong!

First off, they didn’t even get the name of the […]

Seba Avenue Skate Park is a Disgrace

Seba Avenue Skate Park is a Disgrace!

If it’s not the trees being broken in half, it’s now the litter, destruction and complete lack of maintenance.

What used to be a beautiful park, which opened in November 2007 , is now a disaster. Completely green grass is now a desert or in some […]

When is a spot “your spot”?

Short Answer: Never

Long Answer: Unless you live on a block with 3-5 houses it’s not your spot. Even then it’s not your spot. If someone is parked there park elsewhere. It might be annoying if you cant park 5 feet from your house or gate, get over it and walk.

This happens […]

Mike Nelson and Brooklyn View say “Blog Rumors are not true”

Blog Rumors Are Not True? Really?

Just to let everyone know, there are TWO sites in our part of Brooklyn where people can go and get news, GerritsenBeach.net and Sheepshead Bay Civics site and forum at SBPCivic.org.

If you have been following, Councilman Mike Nelson’s former deputy chief of staff Robert Varley recently […]

Courier Life Launches New Site

There is a total lack of local newspaper websites.

In our area we have the Bay Currents, Brooklyn View, Our News, Bay News etc… all have attempted, gave up and ultimately failed at developing a quality website. The latest attempt to launch a quality website is by Courier Life. They publish the Bay […]