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Yellow Light Installation Started – Not Where You Think

Installation has started of the flashing yellow traffic signal that was promised on Gerritsen Avenue. Yesterday, the Department of Transportation, ran the conduit for the power for the poles approximatively 150 feet away from actual intersection of Gerritsen and Channel Avenues.

This effectively kills any chance for a full (red, yellow, green) traffic […]

Rain Floods Gerritsen and Channel Avenue

We understand that this is just a puddle but it’s no ordinary puddle – It’s OUR HUGE puddle. Too big for what was a short period of rain.

It’s all due to a clogged storm drain at Channel Avenue.


Traffic Signal Approved for Channel and Gerritsen Avenue

A 50 + year battle to get a traffic signal at Channel Avenue has come to an end – thanks to the Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners and State Senator Marty Golden.

State Senator Martin J. Golden is today announcing that he has received notification from the Department of Transportation that a flashing yellow […]

DOT Shoots Down Channel Avenue Light

[DOT March Study] After laying down yet another traffic study, The DOT shot down the community request for a traffic signal at Channel Avenue.

The study did not meet the federal warrant requirements.

DOT Lays Down a Traffic Study

If you have not already noticed DOT has laid down the strips they use for a traffic study approaching the Channel Avenue intersection.

This study was requested by Senator Goldens office along with the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association for a Traffic Signal at Channel […]