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Buses Running then Not

Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

A Ride on the B31: Stats Edition

We know a lot of you take the B31.

Everyone here at GerritsenBeach.net dabbles in the B31 on a daily and nightly basis.

We were bored one day and decided to gather stats from Kings Highway to Lois Avenue!

16 minutes to drive 2.77 miles with an average speed of 10 MPH

Date: […]

B31 Makes One Last Stand

The MTA cuts are happening Monday, and we are losing the overnight B31 and Marine Park is losing the B2. Yesterday the bus that I got on had every seat covered with a flyer to call the MTA CEO and demand a stop to the cuts. The flyer was sponsored by the TWU.


MTA Makes it Official

Esssh….The MTA has been posting notices on all of the bus signs all over the city to let you know of the impending doom.

Bus Drivers: “Kick and Scream” to Stop Cuts

The flyer which as you can see came from the transit workers union was posted on the bus map behind the driver. The flyer wants you to call the MTA CEO, which you should do!

The driver explained that the cutbacks to the MTA service planned in July, they are laying off somewhere […]

Golden to Try and Save Overnight B31

Seems like instead of complaining Senator Golden is offering a decent solution to restore overnight bus service to Gerritsen Beach.

Senator Golden is proposing re-routing one B3 bus per hour down Gerritsen Avenue and then have it continue back along its regular route.

The east bound B3 currently travels past Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U, and it is being proposed that at this point, it could turn south bound and go the 1.4 miles to the end of Gerritsen Avenue, stopping in the B31 bus stops. Upon reaching the end of Gerritsen Avenue, the bus could then turn around and return to its regular route.

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B31 & B2 Cuts to Happen July 5th

We just received word that the MTA is celebrating independence day weekend by implementing their planned service cuts. The B31 overnight (1-5am) cuts and the weekend cuts to the B2 will take effect Monday, July 5th at 12:01 am

“The extent of our deficit requires that most of the cuts move ahead, but […]

B31 Overnight Service Kaput

The MTA Board just voted to approve a package of service cuts that will save the MTA hundreds of millions of dollars while reducing bus and subway service throughout New York City. Basically, the authority‚Äôs board feels it has no choice but to cut services because the state will no longer support transit in […]

Blizzard Falls…

The blizzard dumped a good amount of snow on Gerritsen Beach today, it obviously fell short of the large predictions. There is a massive amount of snow outside.

Be Careful. I already hear quads .

I rode the B31 early this morning and no one was on it.


B31: Overnight Service to Be Axed

(The new cuts will not go into effect until June at the earliest.)

The MTA’s Brooklyn service reduction plan is cutting the B31’s overnight hours. The B31 ranks the 14th lowest in the city when it comes to overnight ridership (1am – 5am) with 36 average riders.

The MTA plans to hold public hearings regarding the array of cuts proposed it intends to adopt as a measure to close a $400 million budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. The hearing location closest to Brooklyn is going to be held at the Brooklyn Museum located at 200 Eastern Parkway, set for March 3, 2010

Service Change Proposals


Discontinue overnight bus service on the B7, B31, B45, B57, B64,B65, and B67

Start weekday service later on the B16 and B24; end weekday service earlier on the B2, B9, B11, B13, and B16; end Saturday service earlier on the B9; and end Sunday
service earlier on the B9 and B16.

Here are the changes (without Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and that other place)
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BM4 Bus Now at 5:30am

There is now a 5:30 am BM4 bus. It is MTA’s way of making up for taking away the BM3 stop at Allen & Knapp that all the early bird Gerritsen Beach people were able to use.

Prior to January 4th, the 6am was the […]

B31 Back on the Chopping Block

The elimination of weekend service on the B31, B7, B14, B45, B48, B57, B64, B65, B67 and B77. The elimination of weekday service on the B23, B25, B37, B39, B51 and B75 buses. The elimination of half-priced student fares. Reduced frequency of service along the A, D, F, G, N, Q, J, and […]

B31 and Local Buses, Saved for Now… via Payroll Tax

The state Legislature Wednesday night passed an MTA bailout to rescue millions of daily straphangers and drivers from a toxic mix of fare hikes and service cuts.

The transit-funding package will generate some $2.3 billion annually for the cash-strapped Metropolitan Transportation Authority with a payroll tax and other revenue-raising measures – including a […]

B31:Daily News Writer Walks from Lois to Avenue U for B31

A Daily News writer set out to see how long it would take for our neighborhood to reach public transit if the overnight B31 is cut. It was a

Via NYDaily News

I set out on foot to see just how bad it will be if the MTA abandons Gerritsen Beach.

This neighborhood […]

Goodbye B31, Hello $2.50, Higher Tolls, and New Tolls

Goodbye B31, B2 and B4! Hello $2.50

Our B31 will have daily overnight service cease between 1:30 and 4:30 a.m. The B4 and B2 will not have any weekend service. About 3,000 subway and bus positions are also being cut, which will mean about 1,000 layoffs

So much for the Ravitch plan, congestion […]