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ATV Racing

Residents at the end of Gerritsen Avenue are struggling with a growing number of off-road vehicles who use Gerritsen Avenue for dangerous stunts and racing.

A video posted on YouTube in February shows an example of the use of these vehicles racing up and down Gerritsen Avenue at high speeds. The summer weather […]

ATV Crackdown

This past weekend police from the 61 and 63 precincts came down to crackdown on ATV’s back weeds and on the street. This enforcement came as a result of all the recent attention to the Radio Controlled Society of Marine Park.

At least one community member said “It’s about time…they [the riders] are […]

ATV’s Damage Gerritsen Avenue Parkland

This week, next to the brand new Olga’s Garden is a very large area literally destroyed by Quad/ATV tracks.

This is a disgrace to the neighborhood and destroys the arguments that local Quad and Dirt Bike riders have brought up on Comments and various meetings.

The only way to stop this is if […]

Parks Dept ATVs vs GB’s ATVs

Parks chasing down Paintballers – Nov 07

I think it is safe to say Gerritsen Beach has an interesting relationship with NYC Parks Department. You would know this if you ever walked your dog, flown an R/C airplane, volunteered for GBCares, went for a walk or even more heavy handed like: built/dug a […]

GBCares Sends an Artful Message

GBCares in cooperation with local mural artist Joe Indart have created an artful message to help curb litter, ATV’s and dogs!

Joe Indart is no stranger to Gerritsen Beach he has also painted the mural at marine pharmacy, the PS 277 wall, the Larry Veilng scoreboard, a sign for Ice Cream U Scream, […]