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ATV Crackdown

This past weekend police from the 61 and 63 precincts came down to crackdown on ATV’s back weeds and on the street. This enforcement came as a result of all the recent attention to the Radio Controlled Society of Marine Park.

At least one community member said “It’s about time…they [the riders] are […]

Please Stop Throwing Rocks

As much as it pains GerritsenBeach.net to bring it up: All weekend long kids were throwing rocks at people, buses and cars again from Seba Avenue Park.

One resident even tried to reason with the kids:

Tonight I was at the skate park…a group of teenagers ages ranging 13-15 were throwing […]

No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens


Halloween in Gerritsen Beach is always bad, but in years past the police at least attempted to show up even if it was a lacking response. This year the teens ran unchecked by police and terrorized a neighborhood all day and night.

50+ teens held their ground at Gerritsen and Florence Avenues and Seba Avenue Park for a better part of Halloween. They formed a firing line on both sides of Gerritsen Avenue. They were throwing eggs, shaving cream cans, potatoes, rocks, at anything that drove past and anyone who dared to confront them. They even started throwing eggs at people, parents with young children and strollers. One parent said “I saw them jump a delivery car with kids banging on it, eggs getting slammed into it and some ran on the car”


Everyone was calling 911. There was not one person on Gerritsen Avenue who was not on the phone with 911, or the 61 and 63 Precincts desks. No police responded.

An older man in his late 60’s was driving along Gerritsen Avenue when his car was hit by eggs, when he exited the vehicle he was pelted by dozens of eggs, rocks were thrown, chucks of brick, and someone tossed a hammer. Parents and community members stepped in to protect this man and started to chase the kids to away.

As the Vollies were investigating a possible weed fire. Fire Chief John Czapp’s jeep was pelted and he was hit in the face with an egg. No police responded.

NO POLICE SHOWED UP TO RESPOND. Let’s let that sink in. After possibly dozens or more 911 calls over a two to three hour period NO ONE SHOWED UP.

If you thought the kids behavior was disgusting, the police behavior was incomprehensible. Everyone felt helpless as the neighborhood was terrorized by the teens

After a few hours the 61st Precinct did sent one marked car which was pelted. But as soon as it pulled up the kids ran back weeds and the patrol car left. The kids cheered in victory. The officers did not exit their vehicle nor speak with anyone. They simply left.

The 63 did send two community affairs officers who were also pelted in their unmarked car. They did exit their vehicle and pursued the teens by walking on foot to see if they can catch some of the kids. The kids being locals – immediately ran to the woodchips and exited at channel.

  • They put out of commission three buses. Shutting down the B31 line. The bus operator and bus supervisor called 911 – No response.
  • They pelted a deliveryman on a moped assaulting him – No police response.
  • In a classic hate crime approach the teens also chased two hasidic jewish men throwing rocks at them
  • They covered cars on Gerritsen Avenue with shaving cream.

GerritsenBeach.net has been covering Halloween for years now. This was by far the worst Halloween. It was not even this bad when the previous 61 Commanding Officer Captain Stella neglected the neighborhood. At least he sent marked patrol cars and supervisors down at the last minute. However Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas seems to have abandoned Gerritsen Beach letting criminals terrorize the neighborhood, leaving residents to resort to vigilante justice. Shame on them.

Editorial note:

We’ve decided to keep the orginal post “as is”. No pictures, screenshots or names will be taken down. The pictures in question were in taken in plain sight on the street, where there is no expectation of privacy no matter what the age.

Screenshots were available publicly therefore submitted to the public domain.

Comments or pictures containing names cannot be verified. Their level of involvement has not been determined or proven. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. There has been no comment by local authorities.

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Another Incident at Seba Avenue Park – Gun?

There have been numerous reports floating around the comments here and Facebook about an incident yesterday in Seba Avenue Park.

The incident was that either one or multiple kids from out of the beach tried to intimidate a Beach kid out of his cell phone and there may or may not have been […]

Parks Dept ATVs vs GB’s ATVs

Parks chasing down Paintballers – Nov 07

I think it is safe to say Gerritsen Beach has an interesting relationship with NYC Parks Department. You would know this if you ever walked your dog, flown an R/C airplane, volunteered for GBCares, went for a walk or even more heavy handed like: built/dug a […]

Fidler on Crime Stats: “too good to be true.”

Maybe taking cue from the HEATED and long debates going on here at GerritsenBeach.net, Lew Fidler our city councilman is echoing calls for hearings to investigate alligations of misconduct, even asking for a audit by the comptroller’s office.

“People can misinterpret or misuse statistics all the time,” City Councilmember Lew Fidler told Courier […]

Lew Fidler Wants To Arrest Your Kids.

Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of Gerritsen Beach,

All of theSeba Avenue Park vandalism has touched a nerve with our community and especially our councilman who is responsible for the funding to build our park.

On Monday, there was a major meeting convined at Lew Fidler request at his office with: […]

The Battle for Seba Avenue Park: All-Out Offensive Planned

Listen up and Listen good.

Gerritsen Beach is seriously angry and residents are not going to take it any more. In the works is what I am calling an “all out offensive” against the vandals who are dismantling in OUR park.

To stop this vandalism “once and for all”, Councilman Lew Fidler is […]

Skate Park Mini-Crack Down and Bad News for Swastika Crew

Although we pointed out that the Seba Avenue is just senseless vandalism and not some bias incident.

After a bit of research it turns out that Etching, painting, drawing or placing a swastika on public or private property without permission, along with cross-burning, are considered felonies punishable by up to four years in prison. […]

Seba Benches Found but Parks and Post call it a Bias Incident

Why did the NYC Parks Department, the Post and Parks Manager Alex Mezzatesta exaggerate a non-situation in Gerritsen Beach?

This was going to be a post straight up about how the missing benches that were uprooted were found. GerritsenBeach.net got word early last week that they were located but due to inclimate weather […]

Plumb Beach Rest Stop No Longer Being Locked Up

The Plumb Beach Belt Parkway Rest Stop is no longer being locked on a regular 7 day a week basis. More often than not the Plumb Beach Rest Stop isn’t locked up at closing allowing it to be populated at the early morning hours.

It only took 2 and a half years for […]

Gerritsen NYPD Dirtbike Helicopter Chase

Thanks for everyone who sent this in!

For a good amount of time (1-2 hours) one of the nypd aviation unit helicopters, were chasing multiple dirtbikes up and down back weeds. As well as multiple police cars flying up and down gerritsen avenue.

This afternoon happened to be crowded on the Avenue and […]

GBCares Container Burglary

Tools being used by Gerritsen Beach Cares volunteers and staff have been stolen from their containers.

The equipment stolen includes: Weed Wackers, a speaker system, other maintenance tools..etc. Totaling a few thousand dollars.

If anyone knows where these tools are or who actually perpetuated the crime please call the 63rd Precinct as soon […]

Gerritsen Beach Is Burning

Property Owners Meeting Roundup:

Gerritsen Beach has had a rough past few weeks, and who knows if it’s over yet. As a community we’ve had 4 arsons in the past couple of weeks! Usually you don’t get that in a month. All of the fires including: Seba Avenue Park, all of the Weed […]

Burglaries up in the 61st Precinct

Via The Bay News

Recently released crime statistics show that over the past month burglaries in the 61st Precinct jumped by 68 percent. Officials said that in November 2007, residents in Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and parts of Midwood told police that 25 residential and commercial break-ins occurred in their neighborhoods. This […]