Will We Be Ready for Halloween?


Halloween 2012 approaches and you maybe remember (Recently Transferred) Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas, had promised a sustained response over the years to ensure Halloween 2010 would never happen again. Halloween 2011 saw a major response and a quiet calm halloween.

That statement was the past, we now have a new Commanding Officer of the 61 Precinct; Captain John M. Chell. As of right now, there is no public statement or commitment of resources for our area. In comparison to last year, DI Mastrokostas reached out early to residents for ideas. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Locally, there has not yet been any statement. However, the GBPOA (Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association) will meet the first Wednesday of October.


The 61 will more than likely keep the same response level. If they keep the same level of response we should expect:

  • Officers at every other intersection.
  • Officers at the Parks.
  • Patrols following Buses.
  • Roving patrols in weeds with all terrain vehicles.
  • Sky Watch (this is a long shot, but it may be available)
  • TARU Video cameras and such (also a long shot but who knows)

Before – Halloween 2010


After – 2011

61 Precinct Halloween Message


The 61 precinct has been posting these messages in stores on Gerritsen Avenue

61 Precinct Ready and Willing are We? Prepping for a Gerritsen Beach Halloween


At last night’s 61 precinct community council meeting the 61 Precinct Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas flat out asked for our assistance to prevent another dangerous Halloween in Gerritsen Beach.

As explained at the meeting, the 61 precinct does not want Halloween to go down like it did last year. Councilman Lew Fidler and Property Owners President George Broadhead echoed that call and asked the Deputy Inspector to start forming a plan together. The Deputy Inspector did explain that the precinct has a finite amount of resources and that if the 61 was to deploy 6 cops to our area it would be a big deal. Although he has no problem doing that it would be taking away a decent amount of police resources and deploying them to our relativity low crime area, and secondly how effectively can those cops police the area without assistance from parents or a plan for the weeds?

Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas is asking for ideas: any idea. One idea is that some parents step up and police the area with the officers naming names and knocking on doors. The Deputy Inspector also going to request Sky Watch but the equipment could be in use else where in the city. He may also request a photo/video team to capture pictures and video on the police end they may be actionable.

There are meetings scheduled, plans are in the works, I wont go into much detail but they will be making arrests this year if it comes down to it.

What are your ideas?

Disgraceful Graffiti Attack on Gerritsen Beach


Overnight graffiti appeared up on homes and businesses all over New Section’s Bevy Court, Everrett and Devon Avenue’s. Graffiti has been popping up on Bus Shelters over the course of the last few weeks as well as smaller unnoticeable places. Now it seems like the perpetrator(s) went all out and cause a decent amount of damage.

“This is a disgrace and totally intolerable,” a neighbor who did want to be identified said by e-mail. “I want to perpetrators to go to jail. These kids needs to be stopped.”

We have been getting word of small groups of neighborhood kids calling themselves a few different gang related names (yes, seriously)trying to wreak havoc but this may be the damage of a single person.

Graffiti damages our property, and impacts our community. Help eliminate graffiti — report it immediately!

We have been getting reports of Graffiti and witnessing  an incline in graffiti around since the holiday season. Graffiti damages property, and casts a bad light on our community. Don’t let vandals take control of theneighborhood. We encourage everyone to help combat this problem!

Within 24 hours of graffiti appearing:

  1. Take a picture of the graffiti
    (send it to GerritsenBeach.net, email info@gerritsenbeach.net),
  2. Report graffiti to the police at 311. Do not call 911!
    (there are city and police units dedicated to following up to these calls ), and
  3. Clean it off or paint over it

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Remember, graffiti effects everyone!

photo 2 photo 3







Theft at Laundromat

Check out this guy (above) he stole quarters and a wallet of an employee. He quickly spent almost $500.

Makes his own cigarettes. Wanted for larceny, credit card theft. He used the card at rite aid on Nostrand Avenue twice.

Anyone with information call 800-577-tips or fill out their online form.

ATV Crackdown

No ATV's

This past weekend police from the 61 and 63 precincts came down to crackdown on ATV’s back weeds and on the street. This enforcement came as a result of all the recent attention to the Radio Controlled Society of Marine Park.

At least one community member said “It’s about time…they [the riders] are not from this area and they are dangerous.”

The police ended up confiscating a few ATV’s from anyone who was riding on the street.

Please Stop Throwing Rocks


As much as it pains GerritsenBeach.net to bring it up: All weekend long kids were throwing rocks at people, buses and cars again from Seba Avenue Park.

One resident even tried to reason with the kids:

Tonight I was at the skate park…a group of teenagers ages ranging 13-15 were throwing rocks, scooters, and pretty much anything else they could at busses, car services, and houses across from the skate park….I told them what they are doping is absolutely dumb…but they dont listen. I called 911, and no response. They continued to terrorize for almost two hours. No one cares. Sucks man. This neighborhood is funny, the parents dont give a !@#$ , and apparently neither do the police. Ridiculous..

They were throwing rocks at the bus shelter while a young man was sitting there waiting for the bus with his girlfriend. If it would have broke. you could have killed one of them. Thats also very unintelligent of you all.

Ive never once in my life felt the need to call 911. However tonight, even I felt like i was in danger,and thats !@#$%^& up. thats not what this neighborhood is about. People shouldnt have to worry about a$$hole kids throwing rocks at them in Gerritsen Beach. Not smart guys. Unsafe, not cool, and totally stupid. it’s time for a reality check. Your generation is !@#$%^ up, and thats sucks cause you are all unfortunately the future of this neighborhood. Things arent looking up. =(

We have also heard on good authority that one of the Radio Control Airplane guys saw a kid that he thinks was involved in throwing rocks at his vechile and started to yell at him. The kid ran home got his father, and a how dare you accuse my kid started and the Airplane Guy left for fear of retaliation.

Editorial note: People have accused GerritsenBeach.net of “creating” these problems saying that they do not exist, have never existed and only exist because we wrote about it. They do exist, we are just the messenger. We hate these stories as much as you do because they are horrible to hear about and more horrible to know that it’s our kids. We only bring these stories to your attention to make you aware of what is happening in your community. However, If you have ever seen any historical Gerritsen Beach paper you would know that the issues we face today are the same issues that have been around since the year of the flood. We are judged on how we react to the situation. We have always intend to show the great things of the neighborhood and will continue to do so. We will show the “bad” when it becomes a neighborhood issue.

No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens


Halloween in Gerritsen Beach is always bad, but in years past the police at least attempted to show up even if it was a lacking response. This year the teens ran unchecked by police and terrorized a neighborhood all day and night.

50+ teens held their ground at Gerritsen and Florence Avenues and Seba Avenue Park for a better part of Halloween. They formed a firing line on both sides of Gerritsen Avenue. They were throwing eggs, shaving cream cans, potatoes, rocks, at anything that drove past and anyone who dared to confront them. They even started throwing eggs at people, parents with young children and strollers. One parent said “I saw them jump a delivery car with kids banging on it, eggs getting slammed into it and some ran on the car”


Everyone was calling 911. There was not one person on Gerritsen Avenue who was not on the phone with 911, or the 61 and 63 Precincts desks. No police responded.

An older man in his late 60’s was driving along Gerritsen Avenue when his car was hit by eggs, when he exited the vehicle he was pelted by dozens of eggs, rocks were thrown, chucks of brick, and someone tossed a hammer. Parents and community members stepped in to protect this man and started to chase the kids to away.

As the Vollies were investigating a possible weed fire. Fire Chief John Czapp’s jeep was pelted and he was hit in the face with an egg. No police responded.

NO POLICE SHOWED UP TO RESPOND. Let’s let that sink in. After possibly dozens or more 911 calls over a two to three hour period NO ONE SHOWED UP.

If you thought the kids behavior was disgusting, the police behavior was incomprehensible. Everyone felt helpless as the neighborhood was terrorized by the teens

After a few hours the 61st Precinct did sent one marked car which was pelted. But as soon as it pulled up the kids ran back weeds and the patrol car left. The kids cheered in victory. The officers did not exit their vehicle nor speak with anyone. They simply left.

The 63 did send two community affairs officers who were also pelted in their unmarked car. They did exit their vehicle and pursued the teens by walking on foot to see if they can catch some of the kids. The kids being locals – immediately ran to the woodchips and exited at channel.

  • They put out of commission three buses. Shutting down the B31 line. The bus operator and bus supervisor called 911 – No response.
  • They pelted a deliveryman on a moped assaulting him – No police response.
  • In a classic hate crime approach the teens also chased two hasidic jewish men throwing rocks at them
  • They covered cars on Gerritsen Avenue with shaving cream.

GerritsenBeach.net has been covering Halloween for years now. This was by far the worst Halloween. It was not even this bad when the previous 61 Commanding Officer Captain Stella neglected the neighborhood. At least he sent marked patrol cars and supervisors down at the last minute. However Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas seems to have abandoned Gerritsen Beach letting criminals terrorize the neighborhood, leaving residents to resort to vigilante justice. Shame on them.

Editorial note:

We’ve decided to keep the orginal post “as is”. No pictures, screenshots or names will be taken down. The pictures in question were in taken in plain sight on the street, where there is no expectation of privacy no matter what the age.

Screenshots were available publicly therefore submitted to the public domain.

Comments or pictures containing names cannot be verified. Their level of involvement has not been determined or proven. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. There has been no comment by local authorities.

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Halloween Is Coming! Prevent Mischief


2008 - An Arrest is made

Halloween is coming soon!

Halloween is usually trouble for any car, bus, city worker or delivery driver, and any store front on Gerritsen Avenue. Gerrtisen Beach is so notoriously hazardous on Halloween that the MTA refuses to allow the B31 bus to continue past Ave U through the line of fire.

The 61st precinct has been actively asked store owners not to sell eggs or shaving cream to anyone under 18 and also for parents to be aware of what their children are doing. They do not want to arrest your kids but will if they have to.
It’s been so fun to post about the trick-or-treaters going door to door. Here are out past posts:

Halloween 2009
Halloween 2008
Halloween 2007

And unfortunately just as years past there was a good deal of mischief to report on as well. Let’s prevent it this year.

2009 Halloween Mischief Photo Gallery
2008 Halloween Mischief Photo Gallery
2007 Halloween Mischief Photo Gallery


2007 - Coming down the Avenue

Again, We plan on covering Halloween this year.

October GBPOA Meeting Roundup: PS 277 Crossing Guard Edition

The October Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting was all about the PS 277 crossing guards But first it began with a couple of candidates running for office.

First up was Mike DiSanto who is running against Marty Golden:

Then we have Bob Turner who is running against Anthony Weiner

This is where we would usually give you the report on what the 61 reports back to the community. But the 61 has decided that they are disallowing anyone from filming them at meetings they attend. There was a bit of hullabaloo as most did not care either way but the 61 refused.
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Breaking: Another Car Flip On Gerritsen and Avenue U


Photos by: Eddie Velinskie

After the pedestrian island was installed at Gerritsen and Avenue U this has been – at least – the second car to flip there this year. The first was in May.

A woman got out shaken up and taken to the hospital. She hit the bell on the island. Witnesses said it was to sharp of a turn.


Photos by: Eddie Velinskie


Photos by: Eddie Velinskie

News 12: Another Report on 277

Apparently people in “Garraton Beach”(watch video) are fuming mad about the lack of crossing guards & “taking away a crossing guard is really just the icing on the cake”.

I do like how they were speeding on the avenue and standing in the middle of the street to get their shots.

Crossing at P.S. 277 – The Good One or Bad One?

In years past there has always been three crossing guards for PS 277 at Allen, Bijou and Channel Avenues.

Since the beginning of this school year there has been some confusion with crossing guards not showing up and leaving Bijou and/or Channel with no one.

It took numerous calls from parents to the 61 Precinct and to PS 277 to get immediate action. Today, the 61 Precinct arrived and was a bit confused when they did not see a flashing yellow light on Channel. They had thought the yellow flashing light at Channel Avenue was already installed therefore not needing a Crossing guard at channel – which is incorrect.


Area Quickly Fills with Parents at Multiple Exits

If you know the remaining crossing guards, you know there is the good one and the crazy/bad one. The Precinct arrived and an officer briefly spoke with both Crossing Guards. Moving the good one to Channel Avenue and leaving the bad one at Bijou.

Why is this crossing guard crazy/bad? Well this is the one that many thought was just an older lady that just liked to wear the vest on sunny days with her “old lady cart”.


Crossing Guard - Stuck in the Middle

After the brief precinct visit, the bad one did not cross the dozens of children and parents at Bijou Avenue. Not only did she not cross anyone she has a major noticeable walking disability – enough where it is not-at-all appropriate to be a crossing guard.She instead crossed them multiple times AGAINST the light and because she cannot walk, she got caught in the median of the Avenue multiple times.

In the end – the bad ones mistakes may be the result of the days confusion. Her former post of Allen Avenue was very small and that may have worked with her disability but now on a full length Avenue – this is creating more of a problem.

Where was the Good One? Trying her HARDEST to slow down north bound traffic on Gerritsen Avenue with nothing but her hand.

We have been informed that the 61 is eliminating the crossing guard post at Allen Avenue leaving only the remaining two at Bijou and Channel.


The Good One - About to be Moved


"Please Stop"

P.S. 277 Having MAJOR Issues With Crossing Guards and Speeding Cars

Crossing Guard

Via Facebook - Crossing Guard an Hour Late

PS 277 has been having trouble with “no show” crossing guards and speeding all week.

There are a lot of angry parents and they have been taking to Facebook to organizing & making well placed phone calls. Facebook is FILLED with angry parents.

Day 4 of school and still No light ,no crossing guard ,cars zooming all around us and making u turns in the crosswalk. This school year is really making me mad.. Please don’t let your kids cross Channel and Gerritsen alone.

Initially, the 61st and PS 277 was unaware that there were no crossing guards at the start of the year, now that they are aware. A marked police car and a crossing guard have been deployed on Gerritsen Avenue.

The whole issue with speeding is nothing new.However, without a crossing guard this has compounded the situation into something bigger forcing parents NOT to cross at Channel Avenue but Bijou.

Shoplifter in Liquor Store


On Labor Day, we had a shoplifter in our store.  People have seen him around the neighborhood, even though he is not from GB and he has shopped in our store before.  I just want to get the word out so the people will be on the lookout for him and he doesn’t steal from anyone else.

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