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FEMA and Property Owners to Hold Meeting About Hurricane Irene


City State and Federal representatives will attend this meeting to inform you about assistance for victims that have incurred damage to their property during Hurricane Irene

You MAY be able to file a claim with FEMA.

Councilman Lew Fidler, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Assemblyman Alan Maisel
Time: Monday, October 17th, 7:00 p.m.
Place: Kings Bay Y
Location: 3459 Nostrand Avenue (corner of Avenue V)
For additional information contact (718) 241-9330

Marty Golden State Senator Marty Golden and The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association
Time: October 19th at 7pm
Place: The Cort Club
Location: 2648 Gerritsen Avenue

For additional information contact 718-238-6044

Site News: Commenting

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The sun was bright and warm, the sky was blue and the green was green for Oktoberfest in Larry Veling field this Saturday.

The Knights of Columbus always puts on a great event, as there were many activities and rides to keep the family occupied.



36 Million for Anthony Turturro

Seven years later Anthony Tuturro who was struck by a speeding car at the 2004 Christmas Tree ceremony gets a verdict. Which after the math is all said and done works out to be $19 million from the city.
Via NY Post

Acording to the decision the panel believed that city officials ignored the warnings from Gerritsen Beach residents that Gerritsen Avenue needed traffic calming measures to to slow down drivers.

The driver Louis Pascarella who had a suspended license at the time, was maintaining a speed of 54 mph when he struck Anthony Turturro, who was riding his bike.

Via VerdictSeach

The jury determined that the plaintiffs’ damages totaled $36,161,797.52. The comparative-negligence reduction produced a net recovery of $32,545,617.77, but the plaintiffs do not expect to recover that amount. Beatrice Pascarella and Louis Pascarella are not expected to contribute more than $50,000, which represents the limit of their insurer’s obligation. The city must pay the remainder of the economic damages, but it does not have to pay more than 30 percent of the noneconomic damages.

Events: Knights of Columbus Oktoberfest Family Day


The Knights of Columbus Rev. Edward J. Matthews Council No 5989 is holding  it’s annual Oktoberfest/Family Day Saturday October 8th


Saturday all afternoon

It should be a great event, complete with music, brats, and rides!

Why is Amici Stopping Traffic on Gerritsen Avenue?

Updated: 7:32 am

During a fundraising event at Amici’s this past weekend, party goers setup what appeared to be vehicle checkpoint. They were aggressively panhandling – stopping cars along Gerritsen suggesting people give money for cancer.

Many people starting contacting the website this past Sunday about problems in front of amici’s and when we went up to check it out. We confirmed that the bikers setup a vehicle checkpoint and they were being very aggressive.

Through the strategic use of cones and bodies, southbound traffic (into Gerritsen Beach) had no choice to stop at the checkpoint when someone would flag, wave, or literally stand in front of traffic. At that point they would ask for money for cancer. Although it seemed festive, many felt like it was meant to be an intimating shakedown as it was bikers stopping your car. If a vehicle did not stop, slow or give money members at the checkpoint would yell or make motions to try and kick the car. At one point during the day there was a line of cars to Channel Avenue.

No idea why they thought they could stop traffic, but i’m sure everyone has lots of opinions. What do you think of what took place this weekend?

Events: VFW & Marine Corps Support the Troops Rally

12 NOON – 5:00 PM
2414 Gerritsen avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11229

The Marine Corps League Brooklyn No.1 Detachment 217 and The Argonne Marine Park Post No. 107 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be holding a “Support The Troops Rally” at the VFW Post 107.

This rally, a part of Operation: Brooklyn Shoe Box, is being held to get the Brooklyn Community involved in helping by donating basic goods – personal and comfort items, as in the attached flyer, for our troops in harm’s way, fighting those who threaten our freedom and our way of life. Monetary donations will also be accepted to help defray the cost of packing and shipping these items.

Food and soft beverages will be available for those who attend and offer a donation as specified above. There will be DJ music, an appearance by the Gerritsen Beach Marching Band, a display of vehic1es by the United States Marine Corps, the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department, NYPD, and EMT.

It is our hope that all members of the Brooklyn Community gets involved in this effort and show our military men and women that we support their efforts.


Envelopes, Greeting Cards, Pens & Pencils, Lined Note Pads, AT&T Worldwide  Phone Cards
Batteries -All Sizes
,Playing Cards,Travel Board Games, Dominoes, Crossword Puzzles, Word Find, Puzzle Books, Paperback Books, DVDs, CDs
Hard Candy – individually wrapped, Beef Jerky, Granola Bars, Energy Bars, Protein Bars, Fig Bars, Raisins, Dried Fruits wrapped
Cookies -wrapped, Crackers – Pretzels -wrapped, Nuts -wrapped (all kinds), Coffee Singles, Tea Bags – individually wrapped, Oatmeal Packets – individually wrapped, Creamers – individually wrapped, Sugar/Sweeteners – individually wrapped, Peanut Butter, Chewing Gum, Bottled Water
PERSONAL CARE ITEMS: Tissues, Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizers – pocket sized, Clorox Wipes, Q-Tips ,Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Soap/Deodorent – travel-sized, Shampoos, Feminine Hygiene -(tampons, etc.), Hand Lotion, Foot Powder, Razors, Disposable, Shaving Cream, Insect Repellant, Sewing Kits – small, Eye Glass repair Kits, Advil / Tylenol, Socks Dark Colored,  Zip-Locked Bag

Found Dog



Events: Model Railroad Exhibit


This weekend at the Nature Center is a free model railroad exhibit

September 24 & 25


Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Activated Today


Push the Button...

Crossing at Gerritsen and Seba Avenues is expected to be safer beginning today.

The new traffic signal at the intersection is operating as of today and  although it might depend on who you ask,  the parents I ran into are happy with the signal. They were tired of having to “run for their lives”.


Flashing Red - Stop Sign - at Seba into Gerritsen

The whole process took only about six months from start to finish.

There may be some unforeseen issues with this signal also, who knows. What do you think about the light?

Several changes have happened to Gerritsen Avenue over the past few years:

  • Reduced from four lanes to two.
  • A 25 mph speed limit, reduced from 30.
  • Advanced warning signals at PS 277
  • A 20 mph school zone
  • Northbound Gerritsen Avenue now features left-turn lanes onto every intersection.

Flashing Yellow for North and South bound Gerritsen Avenue

Dan’s 5k Fun Run and Walk


On your marks, get set, go!

Dan’s 5k Fun Run and Walk was this past weekend and it was loads of fun. We are working on getting the winning times.

Photo Gallery – Flickr
Photo Gallery – Facebook






Beach Rat Runners Club


Finish line is near


Best Time!

Events: Senior Idol


What: Brooklyn’s 5th Senior Idol Singing Competition
Sponsored by AARP Chapter #5055 with State Senator Marty Golden
When: Saturday Night – October 1, 2011 Xaverian High School @ 8PM

Admission: $15 at the door (Includes 5 Raffle Tickets)

EMCEE: Mr. Joe Franklin

Guest Judges: Frankie Marra, Nancy Liatsis and Joe Loposky



Wine Tasting + Audience Participation + Raffles

$500 Prize provided by TD Bank

For more information call: Senator Marty Golden’s office: 718 238-6044

Five Years of GerritsenBeach.net

I woke up today and realized it is the 5th anniversary of the launch of GerritsenBeach.net.

A lot has happened since the launch of the site; hell, a lot has happened this past year. Many of the stories have been wonderful, and some, which usually get the most attention, are a little rough to say the least.

Now, I know there are mixed opinions out there about what people think this site is and what the site actually is. I will address them first by saying what I have said from the beginning:“GerritsenBeach.net strives to be an objective news site that was created with the intention of providing the residents of Gerritsen Beach with solid news and commentary on matters that are important to us.”

As I reflect on these past years, I have realized that there is nothing that has pushed me more than to try and give you unbiased community news. There are too many factions, cold wars between groups, cliques, behind the scenes banter, and problems for you to even imagine and sort through. I’ve tried to let you know about what is happening in the neighborhood so you can be informed, and, in the end, come together as a community.

This year, I do not know if I have succeeded in that goal.

Over the years, I have been demonized and physically attacked by community leaders over the contents of the site. I’ve so far successfully defended against legal threats by unscrupulous land developers. The site has been called every name in the book by just about everyone. However, some good things were said, including “Brooklyn’s Best,” “Gerritsen Beach’s own Thomas Paine,” and a “muckracking reporter.”

I have always tried to share the best and, sometimes, worst of the neighborhood. Sharing “the worst” seems to be a point of contention for some. I will attempt to address some of the contempt we’ve earned.

Let’s take Halloween, for example. Halloween has always been “bad” and complained about. Last year was particularly bad. The reaction that my photos were wrong and the source of the problem, I believe, is wrong to say the least. I also believe it is the opinion of a small amount of people. If you look back, I have covered  the good and bad of Halloween for four years now. “Taking care of our own” seemed to be the motto of Halloween, but that shouldn’t mean protecting abhorrent behavior, it should be about protecting our neighbors and our neighborhood.

There are others that believe that the website is solely responsible for painting a bad picture of the community, and that the website sharing news outside the physical boundaries of Gerritsen Beach is wrong.  I again need to disagree –  bad things happen everywhere, including in our “physical” boundaries. Why prefer to live in ignorance of our community issues, rather than actually try to help do our part and correct them?

Despite this, we will continue to cover community news and events while having a new focus on helping bringing the community together.  The website has evolved, the community is constantly evolving it’s a good thing and I am proud to be a part of it.

The site has come a long way, it has been a great five years and I would like to sincerely thank you all for being with us since 2006.

— Dan

Events: Dan’s 5k Fun Run Tomorrow!


Dan’s 5k Fun Run is Tomorrow

61 Precinct Ready and Willing are We? Prepping for a Gerritsen Beach Halloween


At last night’s 61 precinct community council meeting the 61 Precinct Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas flat out asked for our assistance to prevent another dangerous Halloween in Gerritsen Beach.

As explained at the meeting, the 61 precinct does not want Halloween to go down like it did last year. Councilman Lew Fidler and Property Owners President George Broadhead echoed that call and asked the Deputy Inspector to start forming a plan together. The Deputy Inspector did explain that the precinct has a finite amount of resources and that if the 61 was to deploy 6 cops to our area it would be a big deal. Although he has no problem doing that it would be taking away a decent amount of police resources and deploying them to our relativity low crime area, and secondly how effectively can those cops police the area without assistance from parents or a plan for the weeds?

Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas is asking for ideas: any idea. One idea is that some parents step up and police the area with the officers naming names and knocking on doors. The Deputy Inspector also going to request Sky Watch but the equipment could be in use else where in the city. He may also request a photo/video team to capture pictures and video on the police end they may be actionable.

There are meetings scheduled, plans are in the works, I wont go into much detail but they will be making arrests this year if it comes down to it.

What are your ideas?