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6 Years of Blogging

Birthday Candles

This month, our blog turned six years old. Longtime readers may remember it all started out back in 2006 when neighborhood blogging was just starting to catch on. To celebrate the 6-year milestone, I searched through the archives for a few noteworthy posts. Here’s what I came up with.

September, 2006: Disgrace
May, 2007: Lowes Coming to Avenue U by Kings Plaza Area
April 2008: Bomb Threat at Sheepshead Bay High School
April, 2009: How Many Wood Chips Would a Contractor Dump if the Contractor was Dumping Wood Chips?
November, 2009: Dunkin Donuts Changes to Timmy’s Donuts
January, 2010:  I Blog New York: Your Guide to Gotham’s Best
November, 2010: No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens
December, 2010: Five Days Later: This Guy
November, 2011: Breaking: Body Found at Point
April, 2012: Please Stop Tearing up The Fields

Thank You!

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for contributing. Lots and lots of people have contributed in one way or another, and you are ALL fantastic!

Site News: Commenting

We are going to be trying something out by moving the Commenting over to IntenseDebate. Comments are still being copied into the new system, so bear with us.

New Site V3

If you have not already noticed there is a new layout. This is the third major release of and we are happy with the way our readers are using the site now.


  • Branding
  • Trimmed the categories
  • Improved the tagging
  • Overall speed


  • Update our signature header image (of the point) very soon to a cleaner higher resolution image.
  • Registered users
  • More trimming

Retaliation is Alive and Well in Gerritsen Beach over Comments

Sometimes I yell at myself.

It has come to our attention that commenters who choose to comment with their real-names on the website are being targeted by local leadership for making comments.

Those being targeted are the ones who expressed concern over White Island. They are essentially being harassed. These people have received phone calls, been emailed, and approached over their comments. Instead of certain leadership answering questions or concerns, they are hostilely approaching people.

It is true that if you speak your mind you need to be prepared for the consequences and i’m not defending what any commenter may or may not have said.

We do however think it is wrong to be targeting any commenter instead of addressing their concerns.

For this reason “Anonymous” commenting is here to stay.

Try the GB Classifieds

Going to every store on Gerritsen Avenue is time consuming and costly! But a FREE ad on our GB classifieds is so much easier and far reaching!

Why FREE? We want to help keep money in the community. What’s better than that!

Promote your company, a yard sale you might have, help wanted ad, anything you want with certain exceptions.

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Reminder: Check Out the Calendar

Spring is here! Summer is coming! You need to know what’s going on!

Make sure to check in occasionally to the Community Calendar page to stay in the know!

Apologies: One Big Golden Ad

You may be asking yourself “whats with the excessive golden posts?” “what is this Our News?”. Apologies for posting five Marty Golden events in a row. It was the only way to give each woman credit they deserve, as well as promote the Easter Egg Hunt.

Be Our Facebook Friend is now in an undeclared war with Sheepshead Bites via facebook to hit 1,000 friend first.

Here is the deal:
When wins and hits a thousand we will give a prize to a random follower of value. Sheepshead Bites isn’t giving out prizes!

Not sure what it will be yet but I am open for suggestions.

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Thank You from

Hello Readers,

Last night I was able to attend the Hayes Family fundraiser to deliver  all donations received through the donation link we put up shortly after the fire.  I am very proud of everyone who donated either directly through the website or got the information on how to donate through the website.

With your help we raised $2,087.65

There were a total of 41 donations from all different areas of the world including  Canada, California, Nebraska, Kansas, Florida, as well as New York. Donations ranged from as little as $5 to $250.

Thank you all for your generosity!  Gerritsen Beach Rules!

The Village Voice calls one of “Gotham’s Best”

The Village Voice gave a great write up about “18 obsessive, cantankerous, and unstoppable Gotham blogs worth going ape over”. We at are humbled by the headline and honored to be included with other great blogs.

The Village Voice

[The Neighborhood Reporter]
Gerritsen Beach
Proprietor: Daniel Cavanagh

Daniel Cavanagh is Gerritsen Beach–born-and-bred, and he knows his deep-Brooklyn neighborhood is a mystery to most of us. Before he started blogging about it at in 2006, he says, “You’d only know it from its hate crimes, like maybe someone got killed somewhere else, and they’d say they’re from Gerritsen Beach.” He wanted to put out a more well-rounded picture, and show that Gerritsen Beach—and the surrounding south Brooklyn area, in general—is “a nice place with stupid problems, like any other part of the city.”

This he does: If there’s a Lundy’s being refurbished in Sheepshead Bay, or a big tree falls on Noel Avenue, he’s on it. Cavanagh also goes to precinct and community board meetings, and reports on and sometimes posts videos of them, which is a big deal around his way. “Community board meetings suck,” he says. “They’re three or four hours long. People come up to me and say, ‘I can’t go to these meetings—viewing your website and getting the breakdown is easier for me.’ ”

Cavanagh breaks stories: His 2008 coverage of black kids getting hassled on Manhattan Beach during a senior “cut day” at local high schools was followed days later by a story in the Post. He got no credit, though. “It’s their policy,” he shrugs. “I don’t complain a lot. I’m more interested in getting stories that the other papers don’t get.” And sometimes, Cavanagh is the story, as when Nobody Beats the Wiz founder Stephen Jemal came after him for publicizing problems with Jemal’s land development business—and an associate of Jemal’s hacked Cavanagh’s site. The Daily News picked that one up and interviewed Cavanagh.

Cavanagh says he’s “more a photo guy” and is thinking of taking writing courses to hone his journalism skills. We think he’s pretty well honed already. —EDROSO

Continue reading The Village Voice calls one of “Gotham’s Best”

You People Can’t Have Anything Nice. Comments Dropped.

After a week of experimenting with “Disqus” a new comment system… I wish I could say that it worked beautifully. Well, design and technically it did, everything was working and looking the way it was supposed to.

What didn’t work out was the level of effort by some to find out the real identities of current and past commenters. Which is unacceptable, but I am not surprised. The people who were attempting to find out the real identities of commenters are people who with the right information might retaliate.

Disqus allowed the ability to claim your old comments if you ever wanted to register. The feature effectivly linked all comments made either anonymously or using a real name. Every comment made under multiple names were listed and linked.

I have been saying it all along, anonymous comments are essential to this community website. However, the commenters must be protected from retribution of neighbors.


Site News: New Comments

If you haven’t noticed already there is a new comment format.

Technically speaking I had two comment plugins that you all enjoyed. 1) The like/dislike button 2) threaded commenting. Then after an upgrade, everything broke and nothing was working.

I was forced to do something fast, either go with the default comments which are not good at all or use something new and shiny. Obviously I went to new and shiny.

As of right now I am trying out Disqus. Which allows a few important things which are important. 1) Anoymous comments 2) Registered comments. 3)like / dislike 4) Threading

Essentially its the same except for the design. Bear with us.

Please let me know what you think. If for whatever reason the comments are not working please shoot me an email at

Your call is important to us!….

E-mail or Call us with your problems, questions, comments or concerns. values your opinions. Please contact us and let us know about tips you may have, story ideas, comments and constructive criticisms are also encouraged.

Reminder: This form is only for comments and suggestions regarding the web site. All other comments/suggestions will be deleted sent directly to the appropriate department.

Phone: (347) 948-6584
Text: (347) 948-6584
Twitter: @gerritsenbeach
Aim: Gerritsenbeach00

Apologies: Denied White Island Coverage

DSC_5518 is issuing an apology to our readers who were expecting to get an update on what is currently going on and going to be happening with White Island.

Less than 24 hours after our post “White Island Meeting Thursday at Cort Club” I received a call by our Assemblyman Alan Maisel and was told that I have been dis-invited to this meeting between DEC, Maisel and GBCares.

Apparently Alan has gone back on the “everyone is welcome” premise of this meeting.

I was told that if I show up there will be no meeting. People will walk out.

I apologize to anyone who get local news from I will be getting this information anyway through alternate, and more direct means.

Village Voice Gerritsen Beach The Village Voice names as one of Gotham's best!
Fullscreen capture 1132011 50137 PM Brooklyn Paper names as one of the 11 to watch in Southern Brooklyn.
Fullscreen capture 1242011 21545 PM NYTimes covers "Raking Muck and Reaping Wrath"