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Sheepshead Closing Public Hearing and Impact Statement

Sheepshead Bay Impact Statement and Description of New School

Dear Sheepshead Bay High School and P811K@K495 Families:

This month, the Department of Education (“DOE”) announced its decision to propose the closure and replacement of Sheepshead Bay High School.

I am writing to inform you that an Educational Impact Statement (“EISs”) formally describing the proposal is […]

Yes…. Burger King Is Closed

Nobody freak out! Our health will slowly improve because of this.

Sheepshead Bay High School Closing July 1, 2012

Sheepshead Bay High School is 100% closing July, 1 2012 and is going to be reopening as Academy of Career Explorations. It will house 4 academies with one principal.

All current staff will have to reapply for their existing job, but the new school will only be accepting up to 50% of […]

City and Feds Hashing Out Jamaica Bay Agreement

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg announced along with Ken Salazar the United States Secretary of the Interior, and Judith Enck Regional Administrator of Region 2, the beginnings of a formal legal agreement detailing how the city and federal governments will manage and who will have jurisdiction over the very large Jamaica Bay.

Right now some […]

Lots of Trailers at BK 15

The Knapp Street sanitation garage, aka BK 15, recently received 3.1 Million for landscaping and trailer renovations. Construction has since been completed, and now there are six huge trailers on the property.


Signs go up at Brooklyn Amity School

Brooklyn Amity School has been making progress with construction, they are still gutting out the place but they put up a register now sign.

Bay People to Protest Mosque

Dear Bay People supporters,

Please join Sheepshead Bay residents to show your opposition to the illegal Mosque/community center construction on Sunday March 13, 2011 from 1-3PM on Voorhies Avenue (Between East 28th and East 29th Street)

Do you want loud calls to prayer every day? Do you want pedestrian and car traffic? Do […]

Letter to the Editor: Low Low Prices

We received this letter to the editor about Walmart:

To All,

First off, I want to express my gratitude to Dan for allowing me this opportunity to announce my grassroots campaign to bring Walmart to Gerritsen Beach/Sheepshead Bay area.  He does a lot of great things for the community I hope he keeps up the good work for years to come.  First off let me start by saying that we were all saddened by the announcement of the closing of Pathmark located on 3785 Nostrand Avenue, this closing will have a deep affect on the community with the loss of jobs and a place to shop.  I have read that officials from Representative Anthony Weiner’s office have sent out letters to Stop & Shop, White Rose, D’Agostino Supermarkets, Key Food, and Whole Foods to open another supermarket in this location.  However in these tough times, most of these stores listed probably do not have the capital to open a new store.  As you probably know already, Walmart is currently looking to open up in locations in New York City, I believe this location on Nostrand Avenue will be a perfect location for Walmart.  Walmart is the only company I believe has the capital to open up a new store in these tough times.  I believe Sheepshead/Gerritsen and the surrounding area needs Walmart, and Walmart needs Sheepshead/Gerritsen.

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Innovative Office Products Closed

Innovative Office Products on Knapp Street has closed. Will anyone miss it?

Golden Gate Comes Down Piece by Piece

The Golden Gate Lettering came down this week to make room for the new Brooklyn Amity School.

Pathmark News Conference

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Brooklyn & Queens), Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, State Senator Carl Kruger, and Councilmembers Lew Fidler and Michael Nelson announced their plans to help bring a new supermarket to the area.

Weiner’s office has already written letters to Stop & Shop, White Rose, D’Agostino Supermarkets, Key Food, and […]

Nostrand Pathmark to Close

Troubled supermarket giant A&P, which filed for bankruptcy protection late last year, will close 32 stores, including four in the New York City area, union officials have been told.

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Brouogh President Marty Markowitz sent us this letter:

The loss of a supermarket in Brooklyn, particularly when so many of our neighborhoods […]

Golden Gate Begins Demolition

The Golden Gate has begun it’s transition into the Brooklyn Amity K-8 School.

Golden Gate to Become K-12 Academy

The Golden Gate was recently just purchased by the Brooklyn Amity School who plan on turning the building into a K-12 school.

Venezia Pizzeria Open