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The New Future of Seba Avenue Park – Hockey?

Red Boxes are Expansion Plans

Seba Avenue Skate Park is expanding again.Parks recently held a meeting at Councilman Lew Fidlers office with George Broadhead of the Property Owners and John Douglas of GBCares. They were invited to see the new plans and offer their input.

We will be getting a new general asphalt […]

New Look from Above – Seba Avenue Park

The almighty we call The Google has updated their satellite imagery for our area. These photos were only taken within a few weeks – do you notice the construction fence for the comfort area?

Seba Park Construction

The Seba Avenue Park Comfort Station aka Bathrooms construction is underway. This week there is a HUGE square hole that was excavated. Under the soil layer is nothing but sand.

Another Incident at Seba Avenue Park – Gun?

There have been numerous reports floating around the comments here and Facebook about an incident yesterday in Seba Avenue Park.

The incident was that either one or multiple kids from out of the beach tried to intimidate a Beach kid out of his cell phone and there may or may not have been […]

Seba Avenue Park Construction Begins

Mark the date! Seba Avenue Park’s second phase has started construction.

This construction is for the planned comfort station.


Seba Benches All Repaired

All of the removed Seba Avenue Park benches that were being removed off their bases have FINALLY been secured. A couple of weeks ago a contractor came in and secured the benches with new bolts and actual cement.

The benches that were stolenfor keg parties were also FINALLY removed.


Lew Fidler Wants To Arrest Your Kids.

Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of Gerritsen Beach,

All of theSeba Avenue Park vandalism has touched a nerve with our community and especially our councilman who is responsible for the funding to build our park.

On Monday, there was a major meeting convined at Lew Fidler request at his office with: […]

Seba Avenue Park Benches: Beating a Dead Horse Edition

For the Parks Department to come out and condemn Gerritsen Beach for vandalizing park benches with three foot swastikas. Then to say to the community that the benches are expensive, and that they will have picked them all up.

Is outright wrong because they are still there!!

We feel as though we are […]

Swings May Be Coming to Seba Avenue Park

In what may be the best example of the Squeakiest Wheel Getting the Oil, we may be getting as many as 16 swings at Seba Avenue Park.

At the most recent property owners meeting, Councilman Lew Fidler presented the NYC Parks Design team responsible for the future expansion of Seba Avenue Park. The […]

The Battle for Seba Avenue Park: All-Out Offensive Planned

Listen up and Listen good.

Gerritsen Beach is seriously angry and residents are not going to take it any more. In the works is what I am calling an “all out offensive” against the vandals who are dismantling in OUR park.

To stop this vandalism “once and for all”, Councilman Lew Fidler is […]

The Future of Seba Avenue Park

At the January meeting of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners, at the request of the 4 million dollar man Councilman Lew Fidler, Brooklyn Parks Chief of Staff Martin Maher along with the Seba Avenue Park  design team, came to present their plans for the expansion of Seba Avenue Park.

The expansions main underlying […]

Seba Avenue Park Woes Continue

Happy new year to everyone!

We’re back from a short unannounced vacation.

Might as well start off the first post of 2010 with the 2010 Seba Avenue Park benches! They are still back weeds! There is no reason why Parks could not go and pick them up to secure them to their rightful […]

Seba Benches Found but Parks and Post call it a Bias Incident

Why did the NYC Parks Department, the Post and Parks Manager Alex Mezzatesta exaggerate a non-situation in Gerritsen Beach?

This was going to be a post straight up about how the missing benches that were uprooted were found. GerritsenBeach.net got word early last week that they were located but due to inclimate weather […]

Standing Room Only at Seba Avenue Park

Gerritsen Beach is not going to take this sitting down! Why? Because all of the benches are gone!

20 benches, that’s right twenty! have either been uprooted or have gone missing from the tot-lot at Seba Avenue park. 15 Have been uprooted from the brick/cement base and 5 have gone complety missing. GBCares […]

Seba Avenue Skate Park Phase II Now Includes a Water Park…

Seba Avenue Park as it is now is the Skatepark, the general use asphalt field, and the tot playground. However, the park is not complete there are plans for a “Phase II” which was mainly a comfort station (bathrooms). Phase II and the comfort station was always part of the design and funding […]