We Deserve a First Class Park! Comfort Station Opens

Lew Fidler said it best it is “Not cool to ride dirt bikes over fields and destroy them, not cool to graffiti the bathroom – we deserve a first class park”

This is “Your park, your place, your field, lets keep it beautiful, lets keep it great for this community.”

Parks has said they will be there each day to open and close the comfort station. Also that they will be stopping to check the building during the day.



Comfort Station is Open


City Councilman Lew Fidler announced today that the long-awaited comfort station, which was built as part of the re-development of Seba Park, has opened, just in time for peak season. Those who visit this state-of-the-art park will now be able to utilize on-site restroom facilities, and will no longer need to cut short their time at the park when nature calls.

In recent years, Councilman Fidler has allocated a total of $2.33 million to Seba Park to fund the skate park, tot lot, state-of-the-art playground and its subsequent expansion, and comfort station.

A symbolic ribbon cutting will take place at the Gerritsen Beach Little League opening day ceremony on Saturday, April 21st.

Councilman Fidler stated, “I am pleased that our Seba Avenue comfort station will be open in time for the little league baseball season. Certainly, our little leaguers….and their parents and siblings….will all get some welcome relief knowing that it is there. I have always said that Gerritsen Beach is entitled to first class facilities, and this is just part of keeping that promise. If folks can recall 11 years ago, Seba Park was a rubble strewn lot and nothing more. It is now a truly terrific neighborhood park and with the addition that is coming soon, will be even better. These are your tax dollars at work, and I am pleased to have worked with Assemblyman Maisel, Gerritsen Beach Property Owners’ Association, Gerritsen Beach Cares and others to have gotten this done for Beach residents.”



For further information contact:

Councilman Lew Fidler’s District Office at (718) 241-9330

Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Activated Today


Push the Button...

Crossing at Gerritsen and Seba Avenues is expected to be safer beginning today.

The new traffic signal at the intersection is operating as of today and  although it might depend on who you ask,  the parents I ran into are happy with the signal. They were tired of having to “run for their lives”.


Flashing Red - Stop Sign - at Seba into Gerritsen

The whole process took only about six months from start to finish.

There may be some unforeseen issues with this signal also, who knows. What do you think about the light?

Several changes have happened to Gerritsen Avenue over the past few years:

  • Reduced from four lanes to two.
  • A 25 mph speed limit, reduced from 30.
  • Advanced warning signals at PS 277
  • A 20 mph school zone
  • Northbound Gerritsen Avenue now features left-turn lanes onto every intersection.

Flashing Yellow for North and South bound Gerritsen Avenue

Seba Avenue Light About to Flip the Switch


The Seba Avenue traffic signal is about complete as the signals and cross walk signals are up. The installation of the signal hopes to help parents cross the street safely.



Seba Park Construction – One Year Later

A little more than one year ago the Seba Avenue Comfort Station construction began. When it is complete we will have: a comfort station, a whole sprinkler are, 16 swings, a extended play area, and a push button crosswalk.

As of today, the comfort station is basically complete a path has been paved, and decorative plants have been installed.

Soon enough the swings will be installed, and more work will start to add the sprinklers and extended the play area.



Seba 6/17/2010

make a gif
Make a gif

Yes, Yes it was Replaced.


Well, as it turns out the guardrail was replaced. No access gate yet but replaced nonetheless.

The guard rail was not removed and replaced within a day as the posting date suggests. The guardrail was removed almost two weeks ago and it was suggested at a meeting that there was no timetable for a replacement.


Guardrail Gone – Will it be Replaced?


The Seba Avenue Comfort Station path is well under way and if you have not noticed the contractors recently removed a substantial length of the guardrail and a community access gate. According to Senator Goldens Town Hall, Parks does not know when the guardrail or the community access gate will be replaced.

This is concerning as it could cause many new problems and rehash many old problems with Cars, Quads, Dirtbikes, Etc as there is nothing to anything or any one from doing anything malicious back there.


Gas Rolling in at Comfort Station


Just want to share some more pictures of the path at Seba avenue park’s comfort station.

Obviously you can tell they ripped up the existing walkway to (hopefully) lay down a new one.

National Grid has been working on installing gas to the location as well.



Seba Avenue Comfort Station: Path to Success


Interesting….Parks has laid out a new path from the main walkway to the Seba Avenue Comfort Station. It looks like the comfort station is almost done.

Comfort Station: Men vs Women


As of today it seems like all construction at the Seba Avenue Park Comfort Station has stalled. At least we can see the what side the restrooms will be on.

Then There was A Roof


Seba Avenue Comfort Station

Seba Avenue Comfort Station: Walls Up


The walls are up at the future site of the Seba Avenue Comfort Station. The station will be the first fully “green” comfort station in a NYC park.


Seba Avenue Park Comfort Station Coming Along


Seba Avenue Park is coming along nicely. Foundation in, looks like plumbing in and sand back into place.

Seba Avenue Park: Foundation Poured


At Seba Avenue Park they have laid down the foundation and laid down pipes for the future Comfort Station.

Surprise: Seba Park Taped Off


Overnight, Seba Avenue Park was mysteriously tapped off.

Probably some kids with some tape – but just in case – we made a few calls.

Updates will come if there is anything to update.


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