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News 12: Another Report on 277

Apparently people in “Garraton Beach”(watch video) are fuming mad about the lack of crossing guards & “taking away a crossing guard is really just the icing on the cake”.

I do like how they were speeding on the avenue and standing in the middle of the street to get their shots. […]

Crossing at P.S. 277 – The Good One or Bad One?

In years past there has always been three crossing guards for PS 277 at Allen, Bijou and Channel Avenues.

Since the beginning of this school year there has been some confusion with crossing guards not showing up and leaving Bijou and/or Channel with no one.

It took numerous calls from parents to the […]

P.S. 277 Having MAJOR Issues With Crossing Guards and Speeding Cars

Via Facebook – Crossing Guard an Hour Late

PS 277 has been having trouble with “no show” crossing guards and speeding all week.

There are a lot of angry parents and they have been taking to Facebook to organizing & making well placed phone calls. Facebook is FILLED with angry parents.

Day 4 […]

News 12: Gerritsen Beach Angry that We Don’t Have Light Quick Enough

News 12 says that Gerritsen Beach is angry that we have not received the JUST announced traffic signal yet at Channel Avenue.

If News 12 wasn’t too busy stealing SheepsheadBites and GerritsenBeach.net stories maybe they would of reported the story correctly. They incorrectly reported that DOT should of had the traffic signal installed […]

Dr. Johns Playground Gushing Water into Street

Dr. Johns Playground (PS 277 Playground) has been gushing water onto Gerritsen Avenue all summer.

If you watch the video above – you can see that if the park’s sprinklers are on the water then the Gerritsen Avenue entrance to the playground is flooded. Somehow the main drain next to the sprinklers never […]

Congrats to 5th Grade P.S. 277 Graduates

2010 Stage – Photo by: Ashely

Yesterday was the PS 277 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony and we would like to offer our congratulations to each of the new graduates, and send them forward with our best wishes. You make us proud!

Graduation Song – Photo By: Laura

Celebrating Group Shot – […]

Sprinkler Fun!

Summer is about to begin but if you look at Dr. Johns Playground at PS 277 you already know it’s here. The sprinklers have been turned on during the day for your children to enjoy.

The Parks Department would like to remind you that it is important to “Play it Safe” when visiting […]

PS 277 Kindergarten Admission

For the 2010-2011 School Year Until March 12th 2010

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 1:00pm 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Required Documents

Proof of age (original birth certificate, Passport or original baptismal certificate) Two proofs of address (mortgage statement, utility bill, health card.

Drivers License, telephone or cable are NOT acceptable proofs of […]

Traffic Agents Make Bad Situation Death Trap

Seriously, for those of Gerritsen Beach still at work or who don’t have children to pick up your lucky. We’ve covered the arrival/dissmall mess before here and here and honestly we have been letting everyone off easy.

In the past posts, it was the 61st precinct bowing to pressure to enforce the double […]

Lines Being Repainted on the Avenue

Since the resurfacing is complete, the DOT has been busy outlining what will be the lines that will be going down Gerritsen Avenue. We here at Gerritsenbeach.net can’t wait for the driving free for all to end!

One minor problem and its something to take note of now, it appears as though they […]

How Many Wood Chips Would a Contractor Dump if the Contractor was Dumping Wood Chips?

Image above: 2004 and 2007 aerial

A 100 by 120 yard field (about 2.5 acres) behind PS 277 and next to the soccer field has been cleared and leveled with literally tons of wood chips. The wood chips have been coming in almost weekly via a local Brooklyn contractor (dragonetti) who has been […]

PS 277 PTA Presents: Kid Power and The Planet Protectors

“Kid Power and The Planet Protectors” – is a highly interactive, 50-minutes musical show, designed to help children, in grades K-6, learn the value of environmental awareness and preservation. This energetic show is packed with puppets, characters, clever visuals, and lots of singing and dancing. Through sing-a-longs, question answering, dancing, and volunteering, children […]

PS 277: No Idling With a Bow On It!

A new sign popped up on the 277 grounds “NO IDLING CHILDREN BREATHING”. While I’m all for clean air for children to breathe, I’m more for saving money by avoiding fines. The city decided to cut the idling time from three minutes to 60 seconds in a school zone. They also gave the […]

P.S. 277 Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned

Mrs. Fish warned the ENTIRE school by sending out a letter. GerritsenBeach.net warned you. Still… you didn’t care.

Now, three $115 double parking tickets were issued during dismissal at P.S. 277. Two inside the thick solid white line, and one in front of the P.S. 277 playground. They were only issuing tickets if […]

P.S. 277 Parking & Traffic Enforcement: It’s Here…Sort of

What do you get when you park a patrol car with flashing lights at the PS 277 entrance? A lot of freaked out parents! but obviously not all got the message.

Some parents heeded our earlier warning and avoided the area by parking further away from 277, or dropping off their kids […]