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PS 277 Park Destroyed by the Parks Department

The Parks Department appears to be Back-Clogged

Gerritsen Beach, PS 277 Park aka Dr. Johns Playground, has been destroyed by pure negligence of the Parks Department, they NEVER turned off the sprinklers at the park.

Soggy park leaves residents all wet

Since the onset of the summer when the Sprinklers were first turned […]

Vote: PS 277 Student is Finalist in National Competition

A 4th Grade student in PS 277 is one of 72 national finalists in “What Math Means to Me Art Contest” by McGraw-Hill. It is a where there were over 2100 entries to the My Math Cover contest. Students were asked to create original works of art that tell the story of “what […]

Schools To Start Thursday Please “Drive Carefully”

As students head back to school, motorists should drive cautiously to prevent injuries and deaths among school-age children.

AAA urges drivers to:

Slow down near schools, bus stops and playgrounds. Obey lower speed limits in school zones. Stop for school buses with flashing red lights and extended stop arms. Never use a handheld […]

Congratulations: Last day of School

Exams are over, grades are in. At this point, most students know whether they are bound for summer school or summer fun.

Congratulations to all who have moved up and graduated.

Eagle Scout Project Improves PS 277

Shane Blundell, 17, Boy Scouts of America Troop 396 completed his Eagle Scout Project at PS 277 on Gerritsen Avenue, Brooklyn NY. The community as well as the school will certainly benefit from the improvements he and his volunteers have made.

Shane and his small crew took down and cleaned up the old […]

P.S. 277 Park Sinkhole Filled

The sinkhole at the PS 277 playground has been filled, no word yet on whether or not the underlying leak was repaired.


Parks Upgrades Hole to Sinkhole – Broken Pipe to Blame

Parks was on site the other day at the Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground site and has determine that this is not a hole but a sinkhole caused by a broken pipe.

According to a parks spokesperson they have gone in with the camera probe and found a broken pipe, possibly a […]

WPIX: Dangerous Hole at Playground


Traffic Signal Installation to Start In Three Weeks

State Senator Marty Golden today is announcing that the yellow traffic signal installation at Channel Avenue will finally be installed approximately three weeks.

After being originally announced back in August the installation the installation was being held up by Department of Transportation’s installation […]

PS 277 Get New Speed Limit Signs

Over the weekend the Department of Transportation placed new speeding signs in front of P.S. 277. The new signs explicitly spell out the new speed limit of 20MPH during arrival and dismissal times of 7-9am and 2-4pm.

Gerritsen and Channel is still scheduled to receive a flashing yellow traffic signal. There is […]

Op Ed: “No one cares about the lives of the children of PS 277″

A concerned parent writes in:

A child will be killed or maimed before a traffic light is installed at the corner of Gerritsen Avenue and Channel Avenue. This corner is the morning entrance to our elementary school. We started the school year without a crossing guard assigned to the corner. When a crossing guard […]

PS 277 Does NOT have Bed Bugs!!!

PS 277 does NOT have bed bugs -PS 207 does

Courier Life mistakely put PS 277 in the headline for a story meant to be about PS 207.

They have acknowledged the error and plan on correcting it in the next issue but that might be too little to late.

Don’t […]

Events: Support P.S. 277 Card Party

Where do you think that “A” grade that PS 277 recently recieved came from? It may have a lot to do with the parents and all they do to help the school. Help them now!

Card Party tickets are on sale now for P.S. 277.

You can buy your tickets Mon-Fri 8:30 til […]

Whoo Hoo! PS 277 Get’s an A in City Report Card

New York City public school officials on Thursday released city school report cards, the controversial documents that award each school a letter grade, with 25 percent of schools receiving A’s, 35 percent B’s, 35 percent C’s, 4 percent D’s, and 1 percent F’s.

This school’s overall score for 2009-10 is 58.5 This […]

October GBPOA Meeting Roundup: PS 277 Crossing Guard Edition

The October Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting was all about the PS 277 crossing guards But first it began with a couple of candidates running for office.

First up was Mike DiSanto who is running against Marty Golden:

Then we have Bob Turner who is running against Anthony Weiner

This is where we would usually give you the report on what the 61 reports back to the community. But the 61 has decided that they are disallowing anyone from filming them at meetings they attend. There was a bit of hullabaloo as most did not care either way but the 61 refused.
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