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Wyld Chyld Tattoo Closed

Wyld Chyld Tattoo (2606 Gerritsen Avenue) has closed after two years of operation.

During the time in business they did expand next door, expanding their operations.

The tattoo shop is located at what used to be the short lived M & M Isurance, and if we go way back the former Brooklyn Public […]

Embarrassed Parks Department – Temporarily Shut Down Dr. Johns Playground PS 277 Park for Cleaning


The embarrassed parks department learned the definition: “It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” We were squeaky wheel and we got the parks department to clean up our park. They didn’t do anything about the sprinklers yet. That might be a more involved project.

The Parks Department did release a statement to news 12 that park plumbers investigated and cleared a blockage in the drainage system last month. Officials say they will follow up immediately to investigate and attempt to clear the drainage line again.

I have more parks related stories coming.
Video below:
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The Bantry Closed Set to Reopen as “The Gather Inn” Again

The Bantry Bar closed it’s doors this past weekend but enough but about them. The more exciting news is that it will be re opening March 17th as the The Gather Inn again. Acording to the facebook page the owners are Jaime and Anthony DeNardo. We wish them luck with this exciting news.

They are […]

Yes…. Burger King Is Closed

Nobody freak out! Our health will slowly improve because of this.

“Big Robs Hero’s” Closed – New Pizza Place?

“Big Robs Hero’s” (2662 Gerritsen Ave) which opened seven months ago has closed. Rumor it is set to switch owners and turn into to a pizza place.

Innovative Office Products Closed

Innovative Office Products on Knapp Street has closed. Will anyone miss it?

Golden Gate Inn Closed For Good

The Golden Gate Motor Inn on the corner of Shore Parkway and Knapp Street has closed due to lack of business.

The owner Harshad Patel told the Brooklyn Paper “I’ve lost $4 to $5 million,”…. “People just aren’t staying here anymore since the economic downturn.”

This may be true but it was widely […]

Kings Plaza Diner Being Stripped to the Bone

The recently closed Kings Plaza Diner recently held an auction where everything was sold off to the highest bidder.

Looks like they sold everything, right now all of the sheet metal is being torn off and piled together.


Dunkin Donuts Conversion Complete Now Open

After Dunkin Donuts Changed into Timmy’s Donuts back in November 2009, it closed shortly thereafter, because they didn’t pay their rent.

Now,  less than a month after announcing the change back to DnD, they are open […]

Pizzeria Del Corso Finito

Neighbors say Pizzeria Del Corso (3003 Avenue U) is closed for good.

Despite rumors to the contrary, all of Del Corso’s neighbors say it’s closed for good citing money issues.

According to the neighbors, the owner of Del Corso was having rather public personal problems coupled with money issues, both issues forced him […]

Walgreens Open on Former Foursome Diner Site

If you remember the Foursome Diner closed back in November 2007.

Well now the Walgreens that was being constructed has finally opened.

Check out all of our previous foursome diner coverage.

Timmy’s Donuts Closed

Timmy's Transition from Dunkin Donuts back in November 09

Timmy’s Donuts closed Wednesday after a six month attempt at making a Dunkin Donuts clone.

Update: Resurrection May Be In Danger of Closing

Fullscreen capture 4292010 111152 AM
[Download Report – PDF]

Again, let me state this very clearly: Resurrection Church is not closing – but lets be real it’s “on the table”.

Every parish in the diocese is currently engaged in a strategic planning process with the bishop. The “Christ Jesus, Our Hope – Diocesan Strategic Planning for Parishes” plan is to evaluate the current status of local parishes for the long term stability of the church.  Meaning… closings of churches are “on the table” – across the board – across the diocese.


All churches have very low attendance, and there seems to be a lot of different reasons for the low attendance, but according to the report some factors include “demographic shifts, small and large from the migration of many Catholics away from the Northeast to changes in ethnic groups within certain neighborhoods.”

The Bishop does not want what happened to schools in their decision of closing to happen to churches.  To that end, he is making everyone alert to what is going on.

Some churches cannot support themselves because they are either in poor areas and are not being supported by parishioners, so the diocese has been subsidizing them.  Some are receiving up to 40%. Selling church property is not an option, Real estate will probably go back up.  Some churches are very close in proximity and some have very high maintenance costs and falling apart.

The bishop has appointed a committee to go to the churches and evaluate buildings, structure, cost efficiency, maintenance. They are also looking at the “sacramental life” of the church e.g. baptisms, weddings, communions, confirmations etc.

As far as Resurrection goes, the buildings are in very good condition, and they do have the leasing of the school building as a steady source of income.

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Second Hand Joe’s All Closed Up

2674 Gerritsen Avenue former home to Kings Music is now the former home of Second Hand Joes.

The second hand furniture store almost lasted two years, they opened around November 2008.

B&B Liquor Store in Transition

In November 2006 we excitedly reported that the liquor store had reopened after “turks” liquor store had closed. Now B&B Liquor has officially closed after three years in operation, sad.

Colleen Donnery co-owner:

Hey, just want to thank all my friends and family for their support with the Liquor Store over the past […]