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The sun was bright and warm, the sky was blue and the green was green for Oktoberfest in Larry Veling field this Saturday.

The Knights of Columbus always puts on a great event, as there were many activities and rides to keep the family occupied.


Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Activated Today

Push the Button…

Crossing at Gerritsen and Seba Avenues is expected to be safer beginning today.

The new traffic signal at the intersection is operating as of today and  although it might depend on who you ask,  the parents I ran into are happy with the signal. They were tired of having to […]

Gerritsen Beach 9/11 Ceremony

Kiddie Beach Open Mic Night

Ice Cream U Scream’s Open Mic Night aka Beach Stock was a great success.

The yearly event is a fundraiser for Kiddie Beach, and hopefully a way to get some kids off the streets for a night.


Events: 9/11 Ceremonies

Freshly Painted Scoreboard

In time for the Gerritsen Beach & Marine Park 9/11 Ceremonies, the area around Larry Veling field has been spruced up.

Our area is holding two ceremonies to remember 9/11:

Marine Park at 5:00pm presented by Senator Golden Gerritsen Beach at 7:00pm at Larry Veling Field Below is some before and […]

Vollies Mural Repaired

Repaired mural

Last May Goldman Sachs helped the Vollies with a bit of spring cleaning while Joe Indart painted a mural on the outside of the Blue Star Mothers Hall. Then less than two weeks later it was defaced.

Now finally it has been repaired by the artist!

Defaced mural last […]

Events: Open Mic Night at Kidde Beach

Open mic night at Kiddie Beach presented by Ice Cream U Scream is this Friday, September 9th, 7pm-11pm.

Last year was a success and a great fundraiser for Kiddie Beach

FEMA is Roaming the Streets of GB Looking to Help You

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) added Brooklyn to their list of areas in need for public assistance after Hurricane Irene hit this past weekend. I saw a pair of FEMA members roaming the streets of GB and here is the run down.

Call 800-621-3362 if you need disaster assistance.


Found Dog

Found this dog roaming the old section. Email info@gerritsenbeach.net with any info

Update: Dog has been returned.

“Untitled” Movie Shoot on Gerritsen Avenue

They look as though they are filming in the library.

Who is in this project? Let’s find out!

Updated: NYPD Investigation

The altercation was a half-mile from the beach, the police said.


Area Eateries Don’t Post Results

Gerritsen Bagels – B – Issued on 04/13/2011 – Has Grade Pending in Window


(Updated Below)

It has been brought to our attention that a few our area eateries are trying to skirt or are ignorant of the NYC Department of Health Grading System by not displaying their lower than A grades. The […]

Seba Avenue Light About to Flip the Switch

The Seba Avenue traffic signal is about complete as the signals and cross walk signals are up. The installation of the signal hopes to help parents cross the street safely.


Seba Avenue Traffic Light up and Installed

It was announced back in May, and now  the Department of Transportation  has just about  finished installing a  pedestrian signal at Gerritsen Avenue and Seba Avenue so that parents will have signal assistance in crossing Gerritsen to Seba Avenue Park.

The light will be a steady green for cars on Gerritsen, except when the push […]

St. James Needs Our Support

Recently, St. James Lutheran Church mailed a letter to residents asking members to update their information and to attend services.

St. James, much like most churches and organizations, is struggling for members and funds. Back in January,the church was forced to let go of their full time pastor – Pastor Nebrasky. It was […]