Embarrassed Parks Department – Temporarily Shut Down Dr. Johns Playground PS 277 Park for Cleaning


The embarrassed parks department learned the definition: “It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” We were squeaky wheel and we got the parks department to clean up our park. They didn’t do anything about the sprinklers yet. That might be a more involved project.

The Parks Department did release a statement to news 12 that park plumbers investigated and cleared a blockage in the drainage system last month. Officials say they will follow up immediately to investigate and attempt to clear the drainage line again.

I have more parks related stories coming.
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PS 277 Park Destroyed by the Parks Department


The Parks Department appears to be Back-Clogged

Gerritsen Beach, PS 277 Park aka Dr. Johns Playground, has been destroyed by pure negligence of the Parks Department, they NEVER turned off the sprinklers at the park.


Soggy park leaves residents all wet

Since the onset of the summer when the Sprinklers were first turned on, they were rarely turned off for the overnight hours, leaving the water to just sit there with no drainage. Two years ago we first reported on a similar drainage issue at the park. This summer started the same way with the same leaks. However, whatever little drainage there was clogged up and left to pool in the park.

Since the water has no where to go but underneath the rubber mats, the damage, is staggering. Almost every mat is floating and/or broken as children have started to play with them.

We know that PS 277 is the school of marine biology but installing a pond is taking it to a whole new level!


What it USED to look like in June 2010


What it USED to look like in June 2010

Those Signs are Really Working.


We Deserve a First Class Park! Comfort Station Opens

Lew Fidler said it best it is “Not cool to ride dirt bikes over fields and destroy them, not cool to graffiti the bathroom – we deserve a first class park”

This is “Your park, your place, your field, lets keep it beautiful, lets keep it great for this community.”

Parks has said they will be there each day to open and close the comfort station. Also that they will be stopping to check the building during the day.



Is this the State of our Uri-nation?

The comfort station soft opened this past weekend and from what we are told the inside has already been vandalized. The bathroom has remained locked since, most likely until they can clean it for the ribbon cutting this Saturday(after the little league parade). Upon inspection the outside door had a good amount of scratchitti but the door was locked.

We are waiting for word from parks about how this comfort station will be secured.

Comfort Station is Open


City Councilman Lew Fidler announced today that the long-awaited comfort station, which was built as part of the re-development of Seba Park, has opened, just in time for peak season. Those who visit this state-of-the-art park will now be able to utilize on-site restroom facilities, and will no longer need to cut short their time at the park when nature calls.

In recent years, Councilman Fidler has allocated a total of $2.33 million to Seba Park to fund the skate park, tot lot, state-of-the-art playground and its subsequent expansion, and comfort station.

A symbolic ribbon cutting will take place at the Gerritsen Beach Little League opening day ceremony on Saturday, April 21st.

Councilman Fidler stated, “I am pleased that our Seba Avenue comfort station will be open in time for the little league baseball season. Certainly, our little leaguers….and their parents and siblings….will all get some welcome relief knowing that it is there. I have always said that Gerritsen Beach is entitled to first class facilities, and this is just part of keeping that promise. If folks can recall 11 years ago, Seba Park was a rubble strewn lot and nothing more. It is now a truly terrific neighborhood park and with the addition that is coming soon, will be even better. These are your tax dollars at work, and I am pleased to have worked with Assemblyman Maisel, Gerritsen Beach Property Owners’ Association, Gerritsen Beach Cares and others to have gotten this done for Beach residents.”



For further information contact:

Councilman Lew Fidler’s District Office at (718) 241-9330

Please Stop Tearing up The Fields

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Resurrection Sports is asking for our help from our neighborhood, to help stop the constant tearing up of OUR fields.

Compared to previous years, this year it seems there has been no enforcement from the 61 precinct, 63 precinct or parks police. Every day there are dirt bikes tearing through the streets. Every weekend there are dozens tearing up the soccer fields making them unusable.

I need Help, This is to anyone who knows the kids who ride the Motor Cycles up the fields, can you please tell them to stop riding on the dirt Flds all 3 of them are getting wrecked. Resurrection Softball uses those fields from now through June. Please stop doing donuts- and digging holes in the dirt.. as of now they are not playable and have to be redone by the Parks Dept.. Thanks- John Fox

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For Snow Removal, Gerritsen Beach Labeled: Tertiary

Fullscreen capture 1202012 50818 PM

With this first real impeding snow storm approaching the city I went to check on the map of street clasifacation. The sanitation department as part of pre-season preparations, street categories are reviewed and updated in accordance with the DSNY Public Street Snow Removal Classification criteria.

When you look at our area map you see a HUGE glaring yellow spot. We are third in line to get any attention.

Hopefully, this is the way it has always been. Hopefully, everything will we will see the same plowing as previous years. I just hope that last years storm is forcing us to be an afterthought. On second thought all we do have a lot of sanitation employees that live here

PRIMARY STREET – Any street that is:
A main traffic artery, main thoroughfare or a lifeline street such as highways, expressways, drives or bridges;
Feeder approaches to, and exits from bridges, tunnels, ferries, highways, airports;
All bus routes, private and city owned;
Streets which have located upon them facilities such as fire houses, police stations, hospitals, nursing homes, newspaper
plants, fuel distribution depots, transportation terminals, and schools;
All streets within CONCENTRATED food-produce, industrial, financial, theatrical-amusement, shopping, hospital or maritime (passenger and freight) areas;
All Snow Emergency Streets so designated by the Department of Transportation.

SECONDARY STREET – Any street that is:
Reasonably heavily trafficked but not a primary street;
Used as an alternate route for a primary street;
The short length of residential area streets that feed into primary streets;

TERTIARY STREETS – All other streets not heavily trafficked and not considered primary or secondary streets, including, but not limited to dead-end streets.

Fullscreen capture 1202012 50724 PM

A Park Uprooted and Destroyed


Vandals rip up almost a hundred trees back weeds.

This past weekend the Gerritsen Beach ball fields dugout and newly planted trees have been destroyed. Vandals ripped up and tossed around more than a hundred trees. They also severely damaged the dugout bending fence poles completely out of shape.


For those keeping track, they did not last 30 days.

The specific area of the back weeds , formally known as woodchips, behind PS 277, is now part of the nyc million tree program. The parks department and hundreds of volunteers planted these trees no more than 30 days ago. As soon as you walk back there went you will see more than a hundred trees ripped up and tossed around. Worse yet, sitting right in the middle of all of these trees is a mural with a Gerritsen Beach little league golf outing t shirt flapping around on top of it.


Some of the problem is the area itself the fields are very dark at night which and the dugout is not visible on a good night.The dugout is behind trees on Channel Avenue and the street lights don’t reach back there. The tree area behind the school suffers the same issues and would be almost impossible to see at night as it is uphill and behind containers.


I guess they didn't see the sign. Clean Up or You're Out!


$100,000 Moved to GB to Clean Weeds


Last year, parks cleared a large patch of land across from the library to plant 2,000 plus trees. While clearing the land they discovered a berm of cement and debris. At the time, Parks promised then that they would coordinate with sanitation and just remove the debris. Months later, Parks discovered they didn’t have enough money and shelved the project.

To get the project completed Councilman Lew Fidler has moved $100,000 in discretionary funding from another parks project into this specific project to have the debris removed.


City and Feds Hashing Out Jamaica Bay Agreement


Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg announced along with Ken Salazar the United States Secretary of the Interior, and Judith Enck Regional Administrator of Region 2, the beginnings of a formal legal agreement detailing how the city and federal governments will manage and who will have jurisdiction over the very large Jamaica Bay.

Right now some of Jamaica Bay is controlled by the city while some is controlled by the federal park service and there are areas that are controlled by both if not more other agencies. There are a lot of overlapping projects and jurisdictional issues that arise from sharing the area. The Mayor said is best when “Even though these city and federal holdings sit next to one another like a jigsaw puzzle, they don’t always fit well together,” . The agreement signed yesterday, is the building blocks for a new unified governing model that works together and shares planning objectives and goals.

As for what this means for the plumb beach rest stop. Parks Commisioner Adrian Benepe said there will be a major rehabilitation project to rebuild and stabilize the area with the army corps of engineers and the city soon. Councilman Lew Fidler and newly elected Bob Turner will have to keep pushing to make sure they keep their word and we don’t lose the belt parkway. The Parks Commissioner announced that a project will be started in the near future by the army corps of engineers with the city and in cooperation with the national parks service.

The Environmental Protection Agency also announced that as of October 28, 2011 Jamaica Bay is now a No Discharge Zone. According to the EPA “A No Discharge Area (NDA) is a designated body of water where the discharge of treated and untreated boat sewage is prohibited (does not include grey water). Under the federal Clean Water Act it is illegal to discharge untreated (raw) sewage from a vessel in U.S. waters.”

The house boats the Gerritsen Beach area have access to free pump out station at the Knapp Street treatment plant. The house boats that dont or are unable to move might have a visit from the EPA shortly.



Parks Clears Weeds Leaves the Green Monster


As per Senator Goldens requests and 311 calls, the NYC parks department has cleared most of the weeds in front of the soccer field fence. The fence is also known as the Green Monster as it blocks the view of most a good portion of the soccer field.




Seba Park Construction – One Year Later

A little more than one year ago the Seba Avenue Comfort Station construction began. When it is complete we will have: a comfort station, a whole sprinkler are, 16 swings, a extended play area, and a push button crosswalk.

As of today, the comfort station is basically complete a path has been paved, and decorative plants have been installed.

Soon enough the swings will be installed, and more work will start to add the sprinklers and extended the play area.



Seba 6/17/2010

make a gif
Make a gif

Parks Blocks GB Little League Path


Despite promises from Councilman Fidler, the Parks department was indeed allowed to encroach on the Gerritsen Beach Little League, blocking their walkway.

Parks recently “completed” the walkway, gate,  guardrail mess (above) blocking normal pedestrian, stroller, dog walking, traffic while giving ATV’s easy access.

It appears that it’s a parks department gate and not necessarily a  community access gate. If that is true then we are going to need a parks department employee to unlock this gate whenever necessary.

None of this makes any sense, the area is now 100% closed all the time instead of 100% open all the time. There used to be a small opening all the time through the guardrail (maybe 3 feet) then a huge concrete block to block any ATV’s from driving in. Now it’s closed 100% of the time. But now we have a 10+ foot gate that will be open when parks feels like it.

No where in previous meetings was a new path discussed, suggested, nor was anything presented to the community.


Original Plans Showed no Path - Encroaching the Little League



Yes, Yes it was Replaced.


Well, as it turns out the guardrail was replaced. No access gate yet but replaced nonetheless.

The guard rail was not removed and replaced within a day as the posting date suggests. The guardrail was removed almost two weeks ago and it was suggested at a meeting that there was no timetable for a replacement.


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