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Amici up for Sale

Found on Craigslist, Amicis is up for sale for $89,000 and the property can be yours “if interested”

A Park Uprooted and Destroyed

Vandals rip up almost a hundred trees back weeds.

This past weekend the Gerritsen Beach ball fields dugout and newly planted trees have been destroyed. Vandals ripped up and tossed around more than a hundred trees. They also severely damaged the dugout bending fence poles completely out of shape.

For those keeping track, they […]

$100,000 Moved to GB to Clean Weeds

Last year, parks cleared a large patch of land across from the library to plant 2,000 plus trees. While clearing the land they discovered a berm of cement and debris. At the time, Parks promised then that they would coordinate with sanitation and just remove the debris. Months later, Parks discovered they didn’t have enough […]

Schools To Start Thursday Please “Drive Carefully”

As students head back to school, motorists should drive cautiously to prevent injuries and deaths among school-age children.

AAA urges drivers to:

Slow down near schools, bus stops and playgrounds. Obey lower speed limits in school zones. Stop for school buses with flashing red lights and extended stop arms. Never use a handheld […]

FEMA is Roaming the Streets of GB Looking to Help You

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) added Brooklyn to their list of areas in need for public assistance after Hurricane Irene hit this past weekend. I saw a pair of FEMA members roaming the streets of GB and here is the run down.

Call 800-621-3362 if you need disaster assistance.


“Untitled” Movie Shoot on Gerritsen Avenue

They look as though they are filming in the library.

Who is in this project? Let’s find out!

Area Eateries Don’t Post Results

Gerritsen Bagels – B – Issued on 04/13/2011 – Has Grade Pending in Window


(Updated Below)

It has been brought to our attention that a few our area eateries are trying to skirt or are ignorant of the NYC Department of Health Grading System by not displaying their lower than A grades. The […]

White Wave Laundromat Burglarized

Last week White Wave Laundromat was burglarized. The creep or creeps went in through the back and tried to smash their way out the front. No word on what was taken if anything.

St. James Needs Our Support

Recently, St. James Lutheran Church mailed a letter to residents asking members to update their information and to attend services.

St. James, much like most churches and organizations, is struggling for members and funds. Back in January,the church was forced to let go of their full time pastor – Pastor Nebrasky. It was […]

Car vs Bus at Gerritsen and Channel Ave

This evening a white car collided into the back of a city bus.

Working Lights. Thoughts?

Lights are up and functional.

What are your thoughts?

Eagle Scout Project Improves PS 277

Shane Blundell, 17, Boy Scouts of America Troop 396 completed his Eagle Scout Project at PS 277 on Gerritsen Avenue, Brooklyn NY. The community as well as the school will certainly benefit from the improvements he and his volunteers have made.

Shane and his small crew took down and cleaned up the old […]

Memorial Day Parade Shines Brightly

Although there was an early morning rain there wasn’t a cloud in sight at the start of the VFW 107 annual Memorial Day Parade.

The parade was filled with patriotic music provided by the Gerritsen Beach Marching Band and was followed by VFW Color Guard, Cort Club, Property Owners, Resurrection Sports, Gerritsen Beach […]

The Pole Goes Up for the Flashing Yellow

The pole for the flashing yellow light has gone up.

According to the DOT only about 7% of northbound drivers are actually speeding.

After the city removed two lanes of traffic on Gerritsen Avenue there were half as many crashes with injuries on the street as there had been in prior […]

“Big Robs Hero’s” Closed – New Pizza Place?

“Big Robs Hero’s” (2662 Gerritsen Ave) which opened seven months ago has closed. Rumor it is set to switch owners and turn into to a pizza place.