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Lost Cat Found

Simba, the lost cat, has been found in a nearby garage! This continues our 100% return record of the website.

Wanted: Lost Cat

I live in the New section on Devon and Aster Court. My cat Simba went missing last night. He is not a street cat. He does not go out. He was down at my parents house last night and I went to go get him and he must have slipped out the door. […]

GB Flyover!

Issues at the Devon Avenue Bulkhead

The other night some boats were broken into off of Devon Avenue. Fishing supplies and other things were also stolen. That area needs to be monitored more closely because in addition, the area is covered in graffiti and some of it is offensive.

It would be nice if the neighbors and police […]

G.B. Loses 5.1% in 2010 Census

Check out the Map Here

Population in 2010: 5,226 Change since 2000: -5.1%

Type – Share of pop. – Change from 2000

Whites  88% -10% Blacks 0% +11% Hispanics 7% +53% Asians 3% +204% Native Americans Multi Racial 1% +12% Other 0% […]

Memorial Day In Gerritsen Beach

Expect Construction Soon.

The former home of Whitney Avenue pharmacy (2402 Gerritsen Avenue) has been approved for the construction of a new development. They are building two additional floors, keeping the first floor commercial.

The new address will be the newly created 2227 Plumb 2nd Street. Download the Whitney Avenue Plans

The listed parties:


For Snow Removal, Gerritsen Beach Labeled: Tertiary

With this first real impeding snow storm approaching the city I went to check on the map of street clasifacation. The sanitation department as part of pre-season preparations, street categories are reviewed and updated in accordance with the DSNY Public Street Snow Removal Classification criteria.

When you look at our area map you […]

City Paints STOP lines all over New Section

It started on Aster Ct but now every block in the new section is getting stop lines. The NYC DOT painted the outline of stop lines on every block.

Crossings Painted on Aster Court

We have no idea what makes Aster court special; but today the Department of Transportation painted stop lines and Crossings at every intersection of Aster Court.

Ice Cream U Scream Set to Close at End of Month

Gerritsen Beach Residents are Sad to See Ice Cream U Scream Close

Owners George and Patti Smyth made the announcement on facebook the other day. Instantly customers started to leave comments of support on their facebook page. Everyone said they were sad to see one of their favorite places go.

They are set […]

Channel Avenue Construction Was it a Mistake?

Recently the Department of Transportation ripped up the top layer asphalt on Channel Avenue below Dictum Ct. (http://g.co/maps/9gs8p) it seemed odd as ALL of channel was marked for street repair. That was a few weeks ago and now there is a rumor floating around that DOT made a mistake. The story is that […]

Sinkhole Forming at Dictum and Allen

There is a massive sinkhole forming at Dictum and Allen. It started a few months ago when the fire hydrant started leaking and now day by day the drop is growing.

Wind Damage

Last night’s wind knocked over this tree on Plumb 1st

No Parking: Channel Ave