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Memories: Gerritsen Beach June Walk 1934

Via Gerritsen Memories

Gerritsen Chamber Institutes June Walking The first annual June Walk, to be sponsored by the Gerritsen Beach Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with local churches and schools, was held Saturday afternoon. Several hundred local youngsters and mothers took part in the colorful parade, featured by elaborate floats and costumes. […]

Memories: The Blizzard of ’47

11 Noel Avenue, blizzard of '47.

Memories: Housing Project?!

[Download Large] Before Stephen Jemal in the 2000’s there was Mr. Mattone and Irving Lentnik in the 1960’s.

They wanted to build five New York State middle income housing that would house 1,000 families. Apparetnly they were in even talks to buy the Tamaqua.

Three of the buildings would have been a co-op […]

Memories: Jack’s!

Memories: Polay and Son

Memories: Leon’s Bake Shop!

Memories: Jack’s!

20th Anniversary Sale? What year would that be?

Gerritsen Memories: Old Dutch

[Click for Larger]

1924 Gerritsen Beach

[1924 Gerritsen Beach | Click for Larger]

The white color of the neighborhood is from the fresh sand landfill. Notice the houses in the lower right corner along the water. Many such houses are evident along the shore of today’s golf course near Flatbush Ave and along Plumb Beach before the Belt Parkway […]

Picture of the Week: Memories at 6 Nova Court

Picture of the Week: Frank Court 1948

[Frank Court – 1948]

If you think the residents of today’s frank court have issues with flooding, try living on frank court during 1948.

James: “in those days we never wore shoes from the time school closed in the Spring until September, so puddles were just a convenient way of keeping our […]

Memories: Gerrittsen Beach Bus Back in the Day

Thanks to James for sending this in!

Interesting Gerrittsen Park Bus Schedule (notice the extra T)

They got bus service every 15 & 10 minutes! Amazing we can’t get that now!

I like that children “in arm” are free while others pay full fare and that “ordinary” shopping parcels are […]

Gerritsen Back in the Day: Brooklyn Public Library

Taken sometime in the 1960’s. Notice the double T in Gerritsen!

If you have an “Old” picture of something Gerritsen Beach please send it […]

Memories: Tamaqua Back in the Day

I love all the insane amount of windows! Those have been replaced on that side, but im sure the other side still has those windows.

A Great Danza’s Documentry

Remember Danza’s?

After featuring one of Joseph Mikos pictures he invited me to check out his Danza’s documentry that he filmed and edited.

Its a great documentary about about friends, skating and BMX’ing all focusing at what was Danza’s.

He covers the destruction of the building, which may be the only video of […]